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Himolla Furniture

Himolla Recliners & Sofas — Germany’s Finest Furniture available at European Leather Gallery

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himolla furniture

Reliability from Germany

One thing stays firmly at the focus: YOU. Because your total relaxation is what Himolla aspires to. 70 years of experience manufacturing upholstered furniture guarantees not only durability and reliability but also exceptional design quality.

Located just about 30 miles east of Munich, Himolla has developed into one of Europe's largest upholstery manufacturers employing roughly 3000 people. Every day around 1600 customer orders leave the factory to more than 40 countries.

So settle back, and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. Offering an award-winning range of recliners and sofas that will furnish you with the ultimate in practical, luxurious comfort.

Not to mention the style that the modern, design-conscious lifestyle demands.

Quality, Research, and Development

With almost 100 employees the research and development department is the jewel of Himolla's factory. Here they develop new mechanisms and models, constantly striving to improve existing models, test materials and parts.

Before any new components may be used for serial production they have to undergo thorough testing and need to pass strict self-imposed quality requirements that in most cases are much higher than standards set by the German Association of Quality Furniture Makers (DGM).

Moreover, random tests are run on components used in production to guarantee ongoing “Quality from Germany”. While high-quality components are a prerequisite to manufacture a premium product, it is the people that ultimately make the difference!


Himolla is celebrating its 70th year of manufacturing this year! How did a small family enterprise develop into one of Europe's market leaders? Innovation and tradition – Himolla stands for both.

Product Lines

Sofas and Sofa Groups

While Himolla offers a multitude of models in Europe, they concentrate on just a few reclining sofa models for the North American Market. Focussing on design and functionality means they do not compromise in comfort. Relax, recline and leave your everyday worries behind!


Himolla prides itself on more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing state of the art recliner chairs. They have always predominantly concentrated on recliner technologies with integral fold-out footrests, making space consuming ottomans obsolete.

Most models are characterized by completely independant adjustment of footrest, backrest and headrests. Relax in your individually required position and feel at home.

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