Handmade in Finland – Since 1964

In 1964 Pentti Viitala created Luonto with the idea that high-quality furniture should be available at fair prices. While the company has grown substantially in its 53 years of business, this one simple word has been passed from one generation to the next and remains the foundation of everything they do, quality.


Our sustainable manufacturing processes are part of Luonto’s heritage. Finland maintains very strict environmental standards which they have grown to live by.

Roughly 80% of Finland is lake and forest and a big emphasis on sustainability exists in Finnish culture. This is not something Luonto does to be on trend but rather it is done simply because it is where they come from and how they do things.


Pentti Viitala, a father of six, made the most courageous decision of his life; bought a lorry with his friend and began to upholster used sofas in the henhouse on his home farm. Sofas were then sold to door to door.

Pentti, his wife Viola and one employee began manufacturing new sofas at the former Viitala village schoolhouse in Kurikka, Finland. Their products were marketed at sports and youth clubs during sales events that Pentti pioneered.

Their company now exports to 18 countries worldwide through approximately 800 retail fronts. In the US and Canada Luonto is now available in most major cities with 120 retail locations and growing.

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