Himolla Pelican

The true brilliance of the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 rests within the functionality of its simple, yet bold design that encompasses comfort and practicality. From the subtle swoop of the main seat to the built in footrest, the simple elegance of this luxury recliner denotes a classic design, crafted for comfort. The Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 entices the eye with its casual beauty and inviting coziness. The perfect spot for a rainy afternoon reading adventure or a warm and snuggly evening in front of a crackling fire. The Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 adds the perfect touch of style and comfort to any living space.

Designed and crafted by world famous, luxury furniture manufacturers, Himolla, the Pelican is bound to be a true masterpiece of comfortable opulence and artistic visual appeal. The classic design for this luxury recliner has been cleverly engineered to impress from every angle and adapt to every comfort preference. The fully adjustable headrest and mechanical footrest means you can truly lean back and relax in this easy to operate luxury recliner. Owning the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 means that you can experience the best of style and comfort in your very own home.



Check out the Stylish Comfort of our Luxurious Himolla Pelican Recliner

Casual Luxury Meets Engineered Comfort 

The Designers of the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 have created a stunning combination of innovative design features, excellent style, and practical functionality. With a full 360° swivel, adjustable backrest, and neck support, the Pelican makes it simple to find the right position to maximize your personal comfort needs and preferences. The flexibility of adjustable comfort options coupled with the incredibly comfortable seat will make this the recliner that everyone wants to have for every family movie night and gathering in the living area. 

Designed to be both stylish and comfortable, the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 accomplishes this ease and truly goes beyond expectations to deliver a focal point of any living room seating arrangement. Built from the finest quality materials and equipped with sensible functions, this luxury recliner will have you feeling like you are floating over a gently swaying ocean and lull you into blissful relaxation. 

Simple and Stunning

Crafted with surprisingly easy operations, the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 easily reclines into a relaxed position and extends the footrest by gently pushing on the backrest. To return the seat to the upright position, simply push down the footrest for an incredibly smooth return to sitting upright. With the ease of operation and casual design, this luxury recliner is built to impress you with a sense of practicality and stylish elegance. 

Bring Casual Luxury Into Your Own Home

With so much to offer in comfort and style, the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 makes the perfect addition to any living room. Bring a flair of classic design and world famous comfort into your own home. Contact our team today to discuss all your options and get started on ordering your very own luxury recliner. 


  • Recliner chair with integrated leg rest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Headrest hidden in the back, folds out
  • Manuel foldable backrest becames a neck support
  • Manual function
  • 3 base frames: Star-shaped base stainless steel look, anthracite, bronze
  • 360° swivelling
  • Seat height: 17,7 & 18,5 inch
  • Seat depth: 19,7 – 22,8 inch
  • Seat width: 20 inch
  • Seat in: Superlastic soft
  • Workmanship: casual look

Quick and Easy Shipping Options for the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569

With fully insured shipping all over the United States and special accommodations for Canadian deliveries, it can be sooner than you think to have the Himolla Pelican Recliner 8569 in your own home. You can rest easy knowing that your new recliner will be covered from the moment it leaves us and begins to make its way to your door. Please have an adult present to sign for secure delivery on arrival of your new luxury recliner. 

Himolla’s Fantastic Limited 5 Year Warranty 

Every new Himolla luxury recliner comes covered by a limited 5-year warranty. You can truly relax and know that Himolla recliners are built to last and that your investment in luxurious comfort is well placed and backed by Himolla. 

Himolla: World-Renowned Luxury From Humble Beginnings

Himolla began as a small furniture shop in southern Germany in the mid-1940’s. From the very first piece that was crafted and sold by Himolla, the goal has always been to present innovative, luxury furniture that embodies style and comfort. From that small shop to the world-class furniture manufacturer that they are today, Himolla’s vision in design has carried through to every piece that they craft. With this rich history of designer luxury built into every Himolla furnishing, European Leather Gallery is honored to bring such luxury into  your very own home.


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