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The Himolla Office Recliner 8509 brings the ultra-comfort of Himolla design right into your workspace. With a classic look and innovative craftsmanship, this luxury office recliner allows you to work more efficiently while experiencing incredible luxury comfort. Uniquely remarkable in its design, yet classically stylish, you will feel like you are truly at the top of your game and able to take on any difficult task that comes across your desk. Crafted with a lever-operated built-in footrest, an adjustable headrest and reclining seat, you can have the best of both a professional office chair and luxury recliner all in one. 

When you are hard at work and trying to stay on top of your demanding schedule, the last thing you want to worry about is an uncomfortable office chair. World-renowned furniture designer, Himolla, has created the perfect solution in the Himolla Office Recliner 8509. With both a fantastic ergonomic design that supports your spine and a stunningly comfortable cushion, this luxury office chair truly makes the perfect addition to any workspace. 



Himolla Office Recliner 8509—Work in a relaxed fashion

Workspace Innovation Meets World-Class Comfort in the Himolla Office Recliner

Sensationally Supportive

Himolla’s brilliant luxury office chair is built to be impressively supportive with an ergonomic design that adjusts to perfectly support the lower back, lumbar, and neck areas. The effortless reclining motion transforms your workspace into a stressless and relaxing oasis to refocus and continue working. Reclining for a brief time into the stressless design of the Himolla Office Recliner 8509 can help provide a much-needed respite from your intense work day and allows you to realign both your spine and mind. 

The built-in footrest mechanically extends to let you put your feet up for a moment and relax as you think through your next big report or email. With the luxury design and immense comfort of the Himolla Office Recliner 8509, the work day seems to fly by when you can focus on the tasks at hand as opposed to trying to get comfortable in your office chair. 

Just Right For You

The Himolla Office Recliner 8509 truly embodies the essence of personalized comfort and style. With multiple adjustable points such as the backrest, built-in footrest, and height adjustment lever, you can easily find the perfect position to meet your height and optimal seating position. After finding just the right adjustments, simply lock in the brake wheel and it will hold that perfect position for you. Combined with the full 360° swivel motion, this luxury office chair will impress from every angle and point of view. 

Bring Luxury Into your Workspace

With the fantastic design and innovation in ergonomic relaxation, your office space will be transformed by the Himolla Office Recliner 8509 from just the office to a veritable retreat for both ultimate relaxation and focused hard work. Reach out to our team today and learn how you can get the ultimate experience in comfort and luxury in your work environment.


  • Office chair with an integrated leg rest and an adjustable backrest
  • Manual adjustment to reclining position
  • Backrest adjustment by repositioning weight (with brake wheel)
  • Single-level, manual leg rest adjustment using an external lever
  • Height adjustment with a gas spring mechanism (20 – 22,5 inch)
  • Star base with castors in a high-gloss chrome-plated finish
  • Tilt angle adjustment of headrest
  • 360° swivel
  • Seat height: 20 inch
  • Seat depth: 19.5 inch
  • Seat width: 20.5 inch
  • Lumbar support available

Luxury Delivered Right to Your Door

With fast and easy shipping options available for the United States and special accommodations for deliveries to Canada, getting the ultimate luxury reclining office chair will be sooner than you know. From the moment it leaves us, your new office recliner is fully insured for any damages, losses or other issues that could occur during the shipping process. So you can rest easy knowing that your new office chair will be delivered safely and securely. Please have an adult present to sign upon delivery.

Lean Back and Rest Easy With the Himolla limited 5 Year Warranty

With every luxury sofa, recliner, or other piece that is made by Himolla, comes the rich history of luxury and quality.

Himolla: From Small Shop to Furniture Giant

In the mid-1940’s in southern Germany, a small, family-run shop named Himolla opened its doors to sell their very first piece of luxury furniture. While a lot has changed since then, the goals of creating luxury furniture of the highest quality and designing stunning innovation in comfort have remained the pillars of Himolla’s business model. The luxury and quality of Himolla furniture is known around the world and is sure to impress and excite. European Leather Company is proud to be one of the largest distributors of Himolla luxury furniture in the United States.


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