Himolla Prestige

From the moment you begin to rest in the superelastic soft seat cushion of the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568, you can feel your woes and stressors gently begin to dissipate and you will lose yourself in luxurious comfort. This artfully designed, luxury recliner is a true centerpiece of any living area and will leave you in awe of its brilliant design and immense comfortability. The Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 not only looks spectacular, but features multiple adjustments so that you can experience the thrill of luxury comfort that is entirely suited to your specific comfort needs and preferences. This colossus of quality comes from world renowned furniture manufacturer, Himolla, and is designed to be the ultimate luxury recliner for your home.

The artful design of the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 will both impress and inspire as you take in the breathtaking beauty of its geometric lines and relax in the ultra-comfortable seat. With adjustable positions and built in footrest, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing evening at home either in front of a crackling fire reading a new adventure or watching your favorite classic film. Relaxing at home is made easy in the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568.



Getting to Know The Quality and Comfort of Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568

The Himolla Prestige Recliner Inspires Elegance and Sophistication in Your Living Space

All In The Name

Designed to be both uniquely comfortable and stunningly artistic in style, Prestige truly is the perfect name for this incredible luxury recliner from Himolla. Every inch of the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 has been meticulously designed to speak of opulence and sophistication. Only a luxury recliner from Himolla could live up to a name such as ‘Prestige’ and exceed expectations with ease and stunning effect. The name truly says it all for this wondrous display of design and craftsmanship. 

Equipped with multiple adjustments to accentuate personalized comfort, the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 makes finding the perfect position for incredible relaxation simple and achievable. With manual mechanics, you can get the tilt of the backrest, headrest and footrest at just the perfect angles to leave stress behind and experience all that Prestige has to offer in your own home.

Crafted For Your Consideration

Not only is the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 designed to be personally adjustable for unique comfort, it also can be styled to your specific desires for covering in both leather and fabric in several color offerings. This means that our team will work with you to create a masterpiece of art for your very own luxury recliner. Whether you are looking to keep in line with your current color scheme or add a stunning statement piece to spark the imagination, the multiple options for colors and coverings make it so you can choose a luxury recliner as unique as yourself. 

With full swivel capabilities, ultra-adjustable features and brilliant covering options available, the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 makes the perfect addition to your home for a flair of stylish sophistication and an inspiring work of art in the form of furniture. 

Add a Touch of Prestige to Your Home

The best way to experience all that the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 is to own this monument to luxury in your own home. With so much to offer, you owe it to yourself to have the sensation of true prestige. Get in touch with our team today to learn how you can get started on creating your one-of-a-kind luxury recliner and get the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568 in your home.


  • Recliner chair with integrated leg rest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • adjustable backrest
  • Headrest hidden in the back, folds out
  • Headrest can be folded out manually
  • Headrest adjustment in angle of inclination
  • Manual function
  • 3 base frames: Star-shaped base stainless steel look, anthracite, bronze
  • 360° swivelling
  • 2 Seat height: 17.7 & 18.5 inch
  • Seat depth: 21.5 inch
  • Seat width: 20 inch
  • Seat in: Superlastic soft
  • Back: Formasoft Cold foam
  • Workmanship: casual look
  • With fell seam

Easy and Fast Shipping Options for the Himolla Recliner Prestige 8568

With insured shipping options all over the United States and special arrangements for shipping to Canada, you can rest easy knowing that your new luxury recliner is covered for any and all shipping mishaps and instances. Please note that an adult must be present at the time of delivery to sign for secure delivery of your new recliner. 

Relax, You Are Covered

With the Himolla limited 5-year warranty, you can rest in comfort and relaxation. 

Himolla: A History of Luxury

From a small furniture shop in southern Germany in the mid-1940’s to the world-renowned luxury furniture designers that they are today, Himollla has always made quality and luxury their first priority. European Leather Gallery is proud to be among the top distributors of Himolla in the United States and are honored to bring such luxury into your home. 


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