Himolla Stratus Reclining Sofa

Leave the cares of the world far below and lean back in the zero gravity reclining motion of the Himolla Stratus 80 Reclining Sofa. This stylish, luxury sofa will have you feeling weightless as soon as you lean back in the reclining position and let your stress float away. At your first glance you will be awed by the cleverly engineered lines of the cushioned armrests and the cozy seats inviting you to the weightless comfort of designed luxury. This luxury reclining sofa is truly a masterpiece from the world-renowned furniture crafters, Himolla, and will have you reclining and relaxing in no time. Bring the comfort of the clouds into your own home with the Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa.

Whether you are in for a comfortable evening binge watching your favorite television show or gathering to watch the big game, the Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa is the perfect place to comfortably seat the whole crew. The gentle reclining motion is available in both a manual and electronic function, so with the touch of a button, you can start to relax and experience the floating sensation that the Stratus has to offer.


Say Hello to the Luxurious Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa

Himolla has crafted the Stratus to be a truly stunning experience in both style and comfort with brilliant and bold edges and flawless comfort that can be adjusted to meet your individual comfort needs. With separate leg rest and backrest adjustments, the Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa forms perfectly to your preferred seating position and will maneuver to be just right for you. With weightless comfort personalized just for you, the Stratus embodies Himolla’s history of note-worthy design, innovation, and remarkable comfortability.

Available Options for Individualized Comfort

The Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa is available in either an electronic or manual recline, so you choose how you want to lean back and take a load off. With multiple color options, coverings and metal fixtures, as well as options for a singular or a curved sofa, you can easily find the perfect fit for your living room and style profile. Whether you are looking for a singular sofa to go against a wall or a curved sofa to be the center of attention, the Stratus is sure to be a focal point of your living area.

With such innovative options like electronic or manual operations and optional battery pack, no matter where you decide to place your new Luxury sofa, the stratus adapts perfectly to your space.

Sit Among The Clouds in You Own Living Room

The ultimate experience in luxury reclining sofas can be in the heart of your own home. Get the luxury of weightless, zero gravity relaxation by owning the Himolla Stratus 8560 Reclining Sofa. Contact us today and get the best in luxury reclining sofas in your living room.


  • Available as a single or curved sofa
  • Manual or electric reclining function
  • Electric also available with zero-gravity
  • Separate adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Optional: with external battery
  • Curved sofa with a back that opens into a table
  • 2 different metal feet: stainless steel look brushed, anthracite (powder-coated)
  • Seat height: 17.3 inch
  • Seat depth: 21.2 inch
  • Seat tensions: Superlastic soft
  • Workmanship: highly casual look

Simple and Quick Shipping Options for the Himolla Stratus 8650 Reclining Sofa

European Leather Gallery makes it fast and easy to have your new luxury reclining sofa delivered right to your door with fully insured shipping across the United States and special accommodations for Canadian deliveries. From the moment your Stratus leaves our facility until it arrives, it is fully protected from any damages, losses, or mishandling that may occur during its journey to your home. We provide tracking information as soon as it is on the way so that you can monitor its shipping progress and prepare to have an adult present to ensure secure delivery.

Rest Easy With the 5-Year Limited Warranty from Himolla

As crafters of luxury furniture, Himolla is proud to stand by the longevity and quality of their items and provide a limited 5-year warranty with every one of their furniture items. Knowing that your new sofa is crafted to last means that you can sit back and relax with complete peace of mind.

Himolla’s History of Luxurious Furniture

Himolla began as a humble, family-run shop in the mid 1940’s in southern Germany and quickly became a world-wide phenomenon in the furniture industry. From the very beginning, quality, luxury and innovative design have been at the heart of Himolla and are the driving forces of every piece that they craft. Being one of the largest distributors of Himolla in the United States, European Leather Gallery is honored to bring such luxury to you.


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