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Stressless offers a selection of leather ottomans to accompany our leather recliners, sofas and tables.

The first ottomans were brought back to Europe from the Ottoman Empire. During the 18th Century, the ottoman was a central piece of furniture and would often be piled high with pillows for added comfort. As time progressed, the ottoman has transformed into the smaller shape we’re familiar with today. This smaller, more compact design allows ottomans to fit nicely anywhere in a room – whether it’s used as a centerpiece of your room, as a footstool accessory for your luxury sofas, or as an additional chair – the ottoman is a functional and versatile piece of furniture.

Stressless has taken the traditional ottoman design and helped it evolve with new pieces that feature storage functions, table options, and designs to fit into small areas and under the Stressless modern glass tables, such as the Stressless Duo table.

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