Himolla Roy

The ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla is the ultimate choice for luxury recliners to bring the serenity of relaxation into your home. As the adage goes, “there is no place like home.” Where better to have the comfort and splendor of the impeccable recliners from Himolla than right in your living room? With incredible features such as complete adjustability, essential lumbar support, and versatile 360 degree swivel capabilities, the ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla makes the perfect addition to your living room. Whether reclining in front of the television on movie night, diving into a thrilling read, or simply listening to some fantastic music, leave your stress behind in this exquisite and adjustable recliner from Himolla. 



Luxurious Himolla ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla for your living room

Entirely Adjustable

The ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla has been specifically designed to adjust at multiple points in order to be perfectly matched to every personal comfort need. Including an adjustable backrest and a hidden headrest that can be manually folded out, the ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla is the ultimate recliner for individual, luxury relaxation. With a headrest that can be set to any unique position and every angle, individualized comfort and relaxation are a few simple motions away. 

Manual or Electric Adjustments

With the ROY 8566 recliner as a part of your living furniture, you will be well on your way to comfort and relaxation. We offer these with both manual and electric adjustments to provide a luxury recliner that perfectly meets your convenience needs. The electric control options are constantly attached to battery power so there is nothing hindering the relaxation and convenience of graceful adjustment. You will truly be at ease with the convenience of electronic adjustment in a ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla. 

Custom-Designed to Personal Perfection

The intricate design of the ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla has truly brought the sophistication and elegance of artistry and married it perfectly with the serenity of personal comfort. With the fantastic customization options to meet your style and taste, you are able to find the wondrous comfort in a style as unique and individual as yourself. Choose from brilliant colors, elegant hardware finishes, multiple base options and quality fabrics to create the exact look you desire for your ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla. These are offered in both a 17.7-inch height and an 18.5-inch height for a convenient and comfortable height for everyone. With so many design, style, and adjustments that are offered for these luxury recliners, you have the opportunity to create the unique recliner that is the perfect fit for your home relaxation. 

Serenity Awaits

The invitation to total luxury and comfort is open to you with the ROY 8566 recliner from Himolla. True relaxation and restful comfort can be found within your own home when you choose a recliner that can be adjusted to match your needs in prestigious elegance and individualized comfort. Contact us today to start the journey to serenity inside your home. 

Himolla Recliner Roy 8566 Features

  • Recliner chair with integrated leg rest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Headrest hidden in the back, can be folded out
  • Headrest can be folded out manually
  • Headrest adjustment in angle of inclination
  • Manual or electric function (always in connection with a battery)
  • 3 base frames: Star-shaped base stainless steel look, anthracite, bronze
  • Lumbar support cushions
  • 360° swivelling
  • 2 Seat height: 17.7 & 18.5 inch
  • Seat depth: 21.5 inch
  • Seat width: 20 inch
  • Seat in: Superlastic soft
  • Workmanship: casual look

Quick & Easy Shipping Options For the Himolla ROY 8566

You can have your new Himolla ROY recliner shipped right to your doorstep, anywhere in the United States. We can also make arrangements for Canadian shipments, just reach out to our team to start the process. To ensure your brand new Himolla recliner arrives in pristine condition, our shipments include shipping insurance against accident, loss, or damage. 

From the moment the recliner leaves our facilities, you’ll be kept up-to-date with shipping progress via a tracking number delivered automatically to your email. Please note, an adult must be present to sign for your new ROY 8566 once it arrives.

Total Peace of Mind with the 5 Year Limited Himolla Warranty

When you’ve set your mind on getting the best recliner available in your new Himolla ROY 8566, you want to make sure your investment is going to last. To give you an extra layer of protection, Himolla Polstermöbel provides a full five (5)-year limited warranty. 

About Himolla’s Luxurious Recliners & Sofas

Himolla began their journey as a small, family-run furniture maker in southern Germany in the mid 1940’s. Over the next few decades, Himolla’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation is how they were able to fuel massive growth. Today, they employ more than 3,000 workers and are distributed around the world. Because these sofas and recliners truly are some of the best in the world, European Leather Gallery is proud to be recognized as the largest dealer of Himolla furniture in the U.S.


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