Himolla Siegfried Reclining Sofa

The Siegfried combines stunning design innovation with marvelous comfort in a luxury reclining sofa that is right out of a fairytale. With pop-up headrests and adjustable armrests, this stylish reclining sofa perfectly arranges to suit you and lets you feel like royalty. Named for the German fairytale, the Himolla Siegfried will have you feeling like royalty as you lounge back in the reclining position for an afternoon reading your favorite book or sitting down to relax in front of the television. The Siegfries brilliantly embodies the dream lifestyle of comfort and opulence to transform your living space into your luxury fantasy.

Built by German furniture manufacturers, Himolla, the Siegfried illustrates the brilliance of modern design and immense comfort. With the creative, adjustable armrests and headrests, you can recline yourself to the perfect position for maximum comfort and rest. The perfect place to unwind and retreat from after a long day, the Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa invites you to rest in the lap of luxury and treat yourself to a truly royal seating experience. The Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa makes rest and relaxation no longer a fantasy, but a reality you can own in your own living area.



Presenting The Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa

With a sensational and creative design, the Siegfried remarkably combines the best of luxury and comfort with innovation and engineering. Featuring multiple adjustments and integrated headrests, the Siegfried allows for the premium reclining position that exactly fits your preferences. Engineered for comfort worthy of royalty, the Himolla Siegfried boasts individualized seating and is the picture of luxury right in your living room.

Personal Style, Inspiring Design

With multiple options for colors and coverings, the Himolla Siefried 8565 Reclining Sofa will fit perfectly with any decor or style choice. Whether you are looking to match your current color scheme with a subtle, neutral color or present a bold statement with a pop of color, the Siegfried is available in a wide variety of stunning leathers and fabrics in brilliant colors. No matter what your style, you can easily find just the right luxury reclining sofa for your living room.

With the history of Himolla’s visionary design and stunning innovation in the furniture industry, the Siegfried fully incorporates the highest quality of design and materials to make a lasting impression. With multiple options for foot hardware and the numerous covering options, the Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa is the perfect addition to any living space.

Make the Fairytale a Reality

You can own your own fairytale inspired piece of luxury furniture in the Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa. The peak of bespoke design and world-renowned comfort comes together in this spectacular luxury reclining sofa. Contact our team today and learn how you can start the process of bringing the fairytale home and own your very own Himolla Siegfried 8565 Reclining Sofa.


  • Corner solution available with and without practical features
  • seat heights: 17.7 inch
  • Seat depth: 21.5 inch
  • 2 different feet: stainless steel look brushed, anthracite (powder-coated)
  • Upholstered side parts
  • Steplessly adjustable armrest
  • Pull-forward function
  • Fold-down side parts
  • Fold-out headrest
  • Headrest adjustment in angle of inclination
  • Workmanship: casual look
  • With saddler seam
  • Decorative contrast stitching possible

Luxury Brought Right To You Door

European Leather Gallery makes it easy to have your new luxury reclining sofa delivered right to your home. We offer shipping all over the United States and will make special arrangements for addresses located in Canada. From the moment your new sofa leaves our facility, it is fully insured to cover any potential issues that can occur during the shipping process such as damage or loss. We will also provide tracking information so you can watch the shipping process and prepare to have an adult present to sign for secure delivery.

Himolla’s Limited 5-Year Warranty Has You Covered

Himolla is proud to stand by the quality of their luxury furniture and offers a 5-year warranty. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is well placed and will provide comfort and luxury for years to come.

Himolla: From Humble Beginnings tTo World-Renowned Designs

Himolla first began as a small, family-run furniture store in southern Germany in the mid-1940’s. Crafting their furniture to be at the forefront of design innovation and luxury comfort, Himolla quickly gained in popularity and their furniture pieces became highly sought after all over Europe and other parts of the world. After spending years perfecting their designs and craftsmanship, Himolla grew to be a worldwide phenomenon and a household name in the luxury furniture industry. With this rich history, European Leather Gallery is honored to be among the largest distributors of Himolla in the United States.


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