Himolla Cygnet Reclining Sofa

With the stressors of life getting to be an everyday battle, you owe it to yourself to come home to your own corner of comfort to relax and unwind. The Himolla Cygnet is the luxury sofa that provides that small space of relaxation and respite from the rest of the world and all of its problems. Combining the best of innovative comfort and fashionable design, this luxury reclining sofa will have you relaxing and resting from the moment you see its sensationally comfortable cushions and sit back in its effortless reclining position. The Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa brings the ultimate comfortable seating experience into your own home to transform your living room into a private retreat of comfort and luxury.

Equipped with two comfortable seats and individual adjustments for the leg rests and backrests, you can easily find just the exact and perfect position for your personalized comfort needs and unique relaxation. Whether you are sitting down with a mesmerizing new novel or enjoying an evening with your favorite film, the Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa is the perfect place to leave your cares behind and take a refreshing break from all of life’s stresses.



Getting to Know The Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa

Fresh Design and Stunning Comfort Transform Your Living Room Into Your Own Private Retreat with the Himolla Cygnet Reclining Sofa

Cloudlike Comfort Paired with Bespoke Design

World-renowned luxury furniture designers, Himolla, have poured their decades of experience in engineering comfort and stunning design into the Cygnet reclining sofa. Crafted to be comfortable for hours on end, the Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa will have you feeling like you are resting on the softest of clouds and floating in your own world of relaxation. Available in both a single and curved option, the brilliant design of the Cygnet is adaptable to any living area or seating arrangement. Himolla has crafted this luxury reclining sofa to be perfectly suited to your comforts and style.

Convenience and Comfort

The Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa offers the perfect level of convenience and relaxation to satisfy your every seating necessity. With either manual or electronic reclining functions available, the Cygnet makes it surprisingly easy to lean back for a long movie marathon or good and restful nap. With the innovation of an available rechargeable battery pack, there is no need for messy cords or placement limitations to get in the way of your perfect comfort. The Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa brings both luxurious comfort and impeccable convenience

Experience True Comfort In You Own Home

The best way to experience the cloudlike comfort and stunning innovation of the Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa is to own one in your own home. Your own luxurious retreat is waiting for you. Get in touch with our team today and see how you can own the pinnacle of luxury reclining sofas in your living room.


  • Available as a single or curved sofa
  • Manual or electric reclining function
  • Electric also available with zero-gravity
  • Separate adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Optional: with external battery
  • Curved sofa with a back that opens into a table
  • Seat height: 17,5 inch
  • Seat depth: 21 inch
  • seat tensions: Superlastic soft

Shipping Made Simple For The Himolla Cygnate 8505 Reclining Sofa

With fully insured shipping all over the United States and special accommodations for deliveries to Canada, your new luxury reclining sofa is nearer than you think. Luxury is delivered right to your door and is completely insured during the shipping process to protect your new luxury sofa from damages, loss, or any other occurrences in shipping. From the moment the Cygnet leaves our facility, we will send you tracking information so you can monitor and plan to receive your sofa. Please have an adult present to ensure secure delivery of your new ultra-comfortable reclining sofa.

Completely Covered By the 5 Year Limited Himolla Warranty

With the Himolla 5-year limited warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is built to last. You can truly just lean back and relax in impeccable comfort and total peace of mind.

Himolla: A History Of Luxury

In the mid-1940’s in southern Germany, Himolla began as a small, family-run furniture shop. Growing quickly in popularity and being known for creating quality luxury furniture, Himolla quickly became a household name around the world to be innovative in their designs and superb in their quality. Himolla has been at the forefront of designing luxury sofas, recliners, and other seating options for homes, offices and living areas. Because of this marvelous history of innovation and luxury, European Leather Gallery is proud to be one of the largest distributors of Himolla furniture in the United States.


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