Himolla Cygnet 8505 Reclining Sofa


The elegant sofa from himolla does not just stand out thanks to its high-quality design: the patented reclining function ensures that this two-seater is perfect for quiet hours in your living room. You can sit back and read in peace or even fall asleep on this sofa. The modern back design impresses with the fold-down back, whilst the headrest adjustment comes with a convenient mechanism. The model is available with metal runners. The trapezoidal model offers additional comfort – it comes with a fold-down central backrest, which can be converted into a table surface in seconds.

Manual or electric adjustment: the choice is yours

The Cumuly Comfort sofa comes in three different versions: it can be reclined manually or – for added comfort and convenience – electrically. For the ultimate comfort CYGNET is available with electrical zero gravity function. They come with an easy-to-use external battery. The small charging station is easy to use and available in silver or anthracite.


  • Available as a single or curved sofa
  • Manual or electric reclining function
  • Electric also available with zero-gravity
  • Separate adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Optional: with external battery
  • Curved sofa with a back that opens into a table
  • Seat height: 17,5 inch
  • Seat depth: 21 inch
  • seat tensions: Superlastic soft


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