Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa


For Relaxing Moments – Prestige from Himolla.

Himolla’s pop up headrest, fold out arms and silky-smooth manual and powered recliner actions are the perfect way to put your feet up, effortlessly. So you may find that choosing from the colorful range of quality leathers and soft fabrics, is the hardest part of relaxing.

Spellbinding comfort.

Enjoy the quiet minutes of the day on the modern PRESTIGE. The sofa set offers you a high level of comfort and impresses with its high-quality materials and elegant design. Thanks to the wide range of available upholstery fabrics and various available functions, you have numerous options for planning your individual couch set.


  • Variants available with and without practical features
  • 2 seat heights: 17.7 , 18.5 inch
  • Seat depths: 21.5 inch
  • Base: plastic glider
  • Upholstered side parts
  • Pull-forward function
  • Fold-down side parts
  • fold-out headrest


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