Himolla Prestige Reclining Sofa

There are few times in life when you experience true inspiration and indulge in opulent luxury. Reclining in the Himolla Prestige 8567 is one of those moments in which you can truly escape from the woes of the world and lean back in total comfort. This luxury reclining sofa brilliantly brings together the best of Himolla’s design innovation and engineered comfort. From the first time you sit in the ultra-soft cushions seats to when you begin to recline with the effortless adjustment, you will feel that you are being pampered with the relaxation that you deserve. The Prestige 8567 offers the best in both casual style and stunning innovation.

Featuring marvelous innovations in comfort such as electronic or manual reclining, fold down armrests and adjustable headrests, the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa allows you to find just the right position for your individualized comfort. With multiple options for coverings, and seat heights, the Prestige makes it easy to get the perfect luxury reclining sofa just for you. The optimal place to take a load off at the end of a long day, cozy up with a thrilling new novel, or just enjoy an evening of relaxation, the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa brings luxury design and extravagant comfort into any living room.



Getting Acquainted With The Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa

With impressive innovation in design and comfort, the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa thoroughly embodies its name and flies past all expectations with ease. From the cleverly engineered folding armrest to the adjustable, pop-up headrests, the Prestige tells the history of remarkable design and thought that went into this luxury reclining sofa. The Prestige gently reclines with simple motion whether you choose the manual or electronic reclining mechanism. Built with the years of experience in luxury furniture design that Himolla offers, this luxury reclining sofa will have you relaxing and unwinding faster than you can imagine.

Quality Materials, Brilliant Design

Himolla has a rich history of designing luxury furniture with the best materials available and creating stunning pieces that are crafted to perfection. With every stitch on the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa, the craftsmanship and skill is displayed in beautiful handiwork and prodigious skill. Making perfect use of the finest leathers, fabrics and cushioning materials, the Prestige presents a luxury reclining sofa that is designed to make a lasting impression and be a focal point of any living area.

Brilliant Luxury and Unbelievable Comfort in You Living Room

Owning the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa in your own home is the only way to truly experience this marvel of comfort and luxury. European Leather Gallery makes this dream a reality and will ship your new luxury reclining sofa right to your home. Contact our team today and learn how you can own the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa in your own home.


  • Variants available with and without practical features
  • 2 seat heights: 17.7 , 18.5 inch
  • Seat depths: 21.5 inch
  • Base: plastic glider
  • Upholstered side parts
  • Pull-forward function
  • Fold-down side parts
  • fold-out headrest

Fast and Easy Shipping Options for the Himolla Prestige 8567 Reclining Sofa

European Leather Gallery makes it incredibly simple to have your very own luxury reclining sofa delivered right to your door. We will gladly ship your new sofa all over the United States and can make special accommodations on deliveries to Canadian addresses. We will provide tracking information and fully insure your item to protect it from any damages or losses that may occur during the shipping phase. Please note that an adult must be present at the time of arrival to sign for secure delivery.

Himolla Has You Covered With A Limited 5-Year Warranty

With everything on your luxury sofa covered under Himolla’s limited 5 year warranty, you can lean back and relax knowing that your investment will be a staple in your home for years to come.

Himolla’s History Of Creating Luxury

Himolla began as a small furniture shop in the mid-1940’s in southern Germany. Operated by a small family, Himolla designed their furniture pieces to not only be comfortable, but also had a vision of innovation in designing luxury furniture. With this vision leading them, Himolla quickly gained in popularity as brilliant craftsmen and designers all over Europe and around the world. From that small shop to the titan that they are today in the furniture industry, Himolla has kept their vision of designing luxury and comfort. European Leather Gallery is proud to offer Himolla across the United States.


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