The Ultimate Guide to Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Since 1934, Ekornes has been creating high-end luxury furniture. Innovation and quality have been pillars of this remarkable Scandinavian design company. When Ekornes launched the Stressless Line in 1971, the furniture industry was changed forever. 

Today, Ekornes Stressless recliners and sofas are synonymous with luxury and sophistication. The innovative Scandinavian design, paired with high-grade materials, creates a stunning seating apparatus. Regarding comfortable furniture, Ekornes Stressless furniture is the peak of accomplishment. 

ekornes stressless norway

Ekornes Stressless: A History of Excellence

Throughout its long history, Ekornes has been committed to creating luxury and innovation. The 1971 launch of the Stressless Line was met with unparalleled success. Having been in business since 1934, Ekornes had already been established as a forerunner in Scandinavian design. The first Ekornes Stressless recliner was a testament to the labor and creativity of the impressive Scandinavian furniture company. 

Nordic roots lie at the center of the design and inspiration for Ekornes Stressless furniture. Located amidst the beauty of Norway, inspiration for the ergonomic recliners was abundant. The main factory still remains nestled in the small community of Sykkylven, Norway. Surrounded by the legendary Scandinavian beauty, it’s no wonder that the artisan furniture Ekornes Stressless creates is awe-inspiring itself. 

Everyone needs a retreat because life’s stressors can weigh heavy on the soul. Ekornes Stressless furniture is that small oasis of comfort. As the pinnacle of comfortable furniture, a Stressless recliner or reclining sofa is the remedy for a long day. The history of excellence that  Ekornes Stressless furniture has created culminates in leaning back and feeling weightless for a much needed respite. 

What is Ekornes Stressless Furniture?

Ekornes Stressless furniture is a luxury brand of recliners, office chairs, sofas, and more. These elegant seating apparatuses are created using distinct Scandinavian design techniques. The premium product line offers a high level of quality, comfortable furniture. Created to stir the senses and support the body, Ekornes Stressless furniture is intelligently designed. The mid-century inspiration is evident across the entire product line. 

The prevalent theme of the Stressless line is ergonomic intentionality. The Stressless line carefully balances ultra-soft comfort with effective support. Ekornes Stressless furniture is specifically designed with the human body in mind. The powerful support system is created to hold you in all the right places while giving comfort and stability. This comfortable furniture line is created to support the entire body, not just one area. With numerous support points and cloud-like cushions, Stressless furniture has many ergonomic and health benefits. 

The Stressless furniture line includes many features that make them a cut above the rest. While seated, you have intelligent lumbar support that gently fades as you recline. This unique feature is known as the Plus System and is a critical component in the reclining pieces. The gentle adjustments, multiple supports, and durable comfort come together in these fabulous pieces of comfortable furniture. 

Ekornes uses nothing but the finest materials to build its Stressless furniture. With top-grain leather imported from Italy and Brazil, and ultra-soft fabrics, from the moment your skin touches a Stressless chair, you will feel the quality. 

Ekornes Stressless furniture is built using high-grade metals and industrial cushioning designed for longevity. If properly cared for, Ekornes Stressless pieces can last for years to come. The combination of high-end materials and innovative design makes Stressless a long-lasting investment in your comfort and relaxation. 

The Ekornes Stressless Furniture Collection

The Ekornes Stressless furniture collection features a wide range of products. With many unique types of furniture, the Stressless line can be in every room of your home. Using innovative scandinavian design, Ekornes Stressless furniture is available in the following options:

Luxury recliners:

As the first Stressless product, the recliners that Ekornes offers are top of the line. The luxurious single seats are available in a wide array of designs and purposes. Although every Stressless recliner is built to be ergonomic and comfortable, you have the option to choose which design suits your needs best. You can choose from both manual and electronic recliners, unique bases, and sizes. Every Stressless recliner is available in small, medium, and large to accommodate your size.
These sensational chairs are ideally suited for a living room space, seating area, or family room.

Stationary sofas:

While non-reclining, the stationary sofas in the Ekornes Stressless furniture collection offer incredible comfort and dependable support. Available in a wide array of designs, Stressless stationary sofas are intended to provide comfort and class to any living room, library, or sitting room. These splendid sofas are available in two and three seats to suit your needs best.

Reclining sofas:

To provide more seating options with the same level of comfort as the recliners, the reclining sofas by Stressless are a brilliant option. These magnificent sofas are available in multiple styles and designs. Each option highlights the ergonomic design and effortless reclining motion for which Ekornes Stressless furniture is known.

With numerous seating options available, the Stressless reclining sofas can be perfectly tailored to fit your seating needs.
These reclining sofas are excellent for unwinding with the family or relaxing on a movie night. The subtle recline and ergonomic innovation bring a high level of comfort to any living area.

Office Chairs:

Ekornes Stressless furniture doesn’t just belong in living areas, however. The luxury office chairs from Stressless bring ease and relaxation to your work environment. Whether you have a home office or commute, a Stressless office chair can be a valuable asset at work. You have the option to choose multiple designs, sizes, and features to make your work life more comfortable.

These fantastic office chairs are perfectly at home in an office space, boardroom, or meeting space. With a Stressless office chair, you’ll have your own private retreat every time you sit down to work.

Dining room chairs:

Dining room chairs by Ekornes Stressless create the ultimate dining experience. With unique support and comfort, these luxury dining room chairs help you stay ergonomically comfortable as you enjoy your food. Using the same quality materials as their other products, the dining room chairs created by Stressless are dependable and long-lasting. These chairs are ideally suited for a formal dining room or a casual eating space.

Home theater seating:

Enjoying a film at home is about to become more luxurious. The complete home theater seating options by Stressless make for a fabulous movie-watching experience. With multiple options for design and seating number, these theater seats can be tailored to your space. Whether you’re sitting down with the family to enjoy your favorite movie or binge-watching an entire season, Stressless theater seats make movie-watching more comfortable. 

Everything that is included in the Ekornes Stressless furniture collection is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. With options for every room in the home, everywhere you sit down can feel comfortable and indulgent. 

What Makes Ekornes Stressless Furniture Unique?

Each piece that Stressless creates is designed for the utmost innovation and convenience. The brilliant Scandinavian design is intended to create exceptionally comfortable furniture. Stressless’s unique systems inspired by Nordic roots help create an awe-inspiring seating option. The patented Plus and Glide systems are pivotal to making these chairs the height of innovation and uniqueness. 

The Glide System: Stressless’s effortless reclining is due to the Glide system. This unique feature utilizes brilliant physics to recline. The innovative ball and tube engineering seamlessly work together to create a smooth reclining motion. This feature allows each person to adjust the tension in their chair just the way they like it.
As you recline, the Glide system uses your body weight to hold the chair in place. This perfect balance of tension and ease makes it simple to recline and return to an upright position. The Glide system also allows your body to relax entirely without fear of suddenly returning to an upright seated position. This thoughtful design makes Stressless recliners ideal for napping or those with sensitive spines.

The Plus system: Closely related to the Glide system, the Plus system intelligently adjusts your seat as you recline. While seated in the upright position, Ekornes Stressless chairs offer lower back support and neck support. As you recline, the Plus system adjusts the supports to accommodate your new position. By gently moving the lumbar support and neck supports, the Plus system keeps you supported and comfortable no matter how upright your seat is.
A carefully designed Plus system is an essential part of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Because you do not have to think about manually adjusting your support, all you need to do is lean back and relax. 

Each patented system in Ekornes Stressless Furniture pieces is designed to maximize comfort and optimize support. With the brilliant cooperation of the plus and glide systems, your chair moves as you move. While everyone has personal preferences, Ekornes Stressless furniture is designed to accommodate your specific comfort needs. 

How to Choose the Right Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Just as every person is unique, each piece of Ekornes Stressless furniture has a specific purpose and design. Choosing the right piece for you and your home depends on several factors. While every chair or sofa in the Stressless line will have outstanding comfort and luxury, you will want to take into consideration some of the following elements:

  • Style: Most Ekornes Stressless Furniture pieces are in the classic Scandinavian design. However, each one presents unique options to complement or contrast the other furniture in your home. With dozens of unique designs, choosing the one that best fits your aesthetic often comes down to personal preference.
  • Color and Material: Stressless shares come in a myriad of unique colors and materials. You will want to consider materials and colors that match the existing design in your home. There are many options to choose from, so you can find a color and material you like best.
  • Size: Stressless recliners are available in small, medium, and large. Because everyone has a different body type, getting a chair that is optimized for your size category can help maximize your comfort.
  • Budget: Everyone has a price they’re comfortable spending. While Ekornes Stressless furniture is a luxury item, it is also an investment. When considering your budget, calculate the fact that these comfortable Furniture pieces are designed and built to last. When you buy Stressless, you are making an investment in your future self.

Of course, the staff at European Leather Gallery is here to help you make the perfect decision for your home. You are welcome to contact our team with any questions you have. 

Caring for Your Ekornes Stressless Furniture

One of the benefits of buying Ekornes Stressless furniture is its endurance. With thoughtful Scandinavian design and top-notch materials, Ekornes Stressless Furniture requires little maintenance. Of course, with any furniture piece, there are some measures you can take to increase its longevity. Properly cleaning and conditioning the leather or fabric will help keep your comfortable furniture vibrant and in good condition. 

Ekornes creates specific accessories for its Stressless line. With the help of these products, you can maintain and clean your luxury Stressless recliners and sofas. 

Discover the Wonder of Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Yourself

One of the best ways to experience the true comfort and luxury of Ekornes Stressless Furniture is in your own home. Picture yourself reclining in cloudlike comfort, listening to your favorite song, or reading an invigorating novel. This picturesque scene can be more than imagination. Contact our team to bring the wonder of Scandinavian design into your own home. 

A Guide to Scandinavian Design: A Look at the Fjords Hjellegjerde Line

Scandinavian design has become increasingly popular in the last few decades. People are drawn to the minimalistic design, breezy decor, and clear lines and borders. When decorating in the style, you may not be sure what kind of furniture will fit in.

When looking for sleek furniture that still offers maximum comfort, look no farther than Fjords furniture. Founded by the Hjellegjarde brothers, Fjords has been in the furniture business since 1941. They’ve perfected the art of creating comfortable, beautiful furniture pieces.

Fjords offer furniture to fit any lifestyle and budget. If you want to start filling your home with these unique Norwegian pieces, read on to find out how to pick the perfect piece. You’re ready to utilize all that Scandinavian design has to offer.

The Basics of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design encompasses much more than trendy IKEA shelving. There’s a distinct aesthetic to Scandinavian design that’s appealing to many people.

In its essence, Scandinavian interior design is based around minimalism and clutter-free living spaces. Interiors in this aesthetic use natural, earthy colors against white and cream. Blonde wood and exposed brick are staples.

Since being introduced to the Western world at large, Scandinavian design has remained popular to this day. It’s currently having a resurgence thanks to the new minimalist movement, and the popularity of “hygge” and the Kon Marie method.

This style started to become more popular around the globe in the 1950s, as people longed for attractive, modular furniture that still functioned well. The Scandinavian design relied on three main principles: simplicity, beauty, and modernism.

No brand encapsulates this better than Fjords.

History of Fjords Hjellegjerde Furniture

This furniture line has strong connections to its homeland. Fjords Hjellegarde takes inspiration from the environment and nature; not what’s trending.

Fjords Hjellegjerde has been in business for over eighty years. Founded in 1941, Fjords has been a brand focused on comfort and simplicity since its inception. Fjords is a family-run company that has always sought to create stunning, comfortable pieces,

In Sykkylven, a fjord community in Norway, Otto, and Mindor Hjellegjerde began constructing furniture in the cellar of their home. Their goal was to create a line of furniture that did not sacrifice comfort for beauty, and sell to their neighbors and friends. The company quickly gained popularity, and sales were great from the beginning.

By 1946, a third Hjellegjerde brother, Ingvald, joined the team as they moved out of the cellar. They named their furniture brand “Hjellegjarde”, and began selling to other members of their community. This is where they really began to refine their goal for the brand.

Since then, the company has expanded to selling on four different continents. They own several state-of-the-art furniture factories and rebranded as “Fjord” in 2006 to appeal to an international market. However, care and quality have never disappeared from their work.

The Nordic Inspiration

The Hjellegjerde brothers took their inspiration from the beauty of Norwegian nature. This mindset guides Fjords as a brand: everything inside is inspired by the outside.

The modern Fjords company draws inspiration from the lightness and darkness present in nature. Especially in Norway, a region that boasts both mountains and coasts, the balance of dark and light is vital.

Therefore, Fjords furniture balances the dark, such as leather materials, and sturdy construction, with light: intensely comfortable furniture with ergonomic design. Their furniture is pleasant to look at, without sacrificing craftsmanship.

Another unique feature of Fjords furniture is the customization factor. They offer multiple bases for most of their chairs and recliners, so you can create your perfect seat. Their furniture also comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes to match your home.

Finally, Fjords goes the extra mile when it comes to comfort. The Active Release System in their recliners gives active neck support—something often overlooked in furniture design. They also combine cold-molded foam with traditional springs to give optimal support.

The Importance of Ergonomic Furniture

What’s the point of having a gorgeous interior if all the furniture makes you uncomfortable? The biggest strength of furniture designed in the Scandinavian method is that it’s meant to be used. The Hjellegjarde brothers understood that the best furniture must not only look good, but you must also feel good while using it.

Using uncomfortable or unsupportive furniture can lead to a host of issues. Without proper lumbar and back support, you can experience chronic pain, lethargy, and migraines. It’s important to invest in furniture that guides you into the proper position.

If you’re one of the millions of people now working from home, choosing ergonomic furniture is more important than ever. Even your comfy sofa should properly support your spine! This is where Fjords furniture comes in.

Fjords Hjellegjerde: A Buyer’s Guide

Alright, so you’re thoroughly impressed with the history of Fjord furniture. But how do you know which pieces are right for you? All furniture produced by Fjord is top-notch, but some are suited to better purposes than others.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a shortlist of all our favorite Fjord pieces. These recliners, chairs, and sofas will look good in any home and will support your back perfectly. Read on to see our recommendations.

1. Minimalist Beauty: Atlantis Recliner

The Atlantis Recliner is a work of great engineering. This recliner is reduced to perfect function, with a plush seat and a well-placed headrest. It’s reminiscent of the American mid-century modern style, while its visible seams add a rustic touch.

The Atlantis recliner is available in black and brown leather. It’s a rocking chair, and you can choose either a motorized or mechanical recliner. This allows for a good amount of customization; you’ll be getting a chair you truly love.

The Atlantis is perfect in any setting. Its demure color palette and attractive design make it the perfect choice for any room. From the living room to a home office, the recliner will look right at home.

2. Style and Function: Wall Saver Series

One of the most unique features of Fjords’ reclining sofa series is the Wall-Saver feature. This technically isn’t a piece of furniture itself, but a feature available on one line of sofas. However, we’re so impressed by this intuitive mechanism that we’ve chosen to spotlight it.

The Wall Saver is a feature on Fjords’ motorized reclining sofas. In order to prevent any scuffing or sudden bumps, the wall-saver keeps a distance between the sofa and the wall. 

This way, you can keep your sofa closer to the wall without worrying about damaging the fabric or the paint. Fjords have truly thought of everything.

3. Ergonomic Design: Hans Recliner

This recliner is as comfortable as it is impressive. The Hans’s plush design is pillow-soft, allowing you to really sink in after a long day. This contemporary easy chair has a 360-degree swivel and unique molded armrests.

You have a lot of options when looking to buy this chair. It comes with a standard brown base, but you can choose between two sizes to maximize your experience.

The Hans is a great centerpiece recliner. If you’re looking for dream-like comfort with a sleek design, this is the perfect piece for you.

4. Modern and Stylish: Axel Recliner

The Axel recliner is another piece reminiscent of the mid-century modern style. The wingback is attractive and intriguing, and it comes in a muted Robin’s egg blue. Axel’s design is contemporary yet timeless.

At first glance, the Axel recliner looks like an average swivel chair. However, the footrest and headrest are both motorized, allowing you to lay back and chill. It even comes with a matching head pillow to offer extra neck support.

This modern chair is great for stylish rooms. It’s simple and understated enough to not take attention away from other design elements, but unique enough to be intriguing.

The Axel is also available in two sizes, medium and large. It does swivel in place, making it an excellent choice for living rooms and home offices. It’s a gorgeous, versatile chair that still offers comfort.

5. Ultimate Comfort: Stockholm Recliner

Once you sit in the Stockholm recliner, you won’t want to get up. This recliner is upholstered in premium leather, and its pillowy-soft seat will allow you to relax completely. If you’re looking for a recliner with a bit of heft to it, Stockholm is a great choice.

This recliner comes in both manual and motorized options. The motorized recliner does sacrifice some swivel: it only rotates 170 degrees, compared to the manual recliner’s 360. Or you can choose a model that forgoes swiveling entirely!

The Stockholm recliner is a glider as well. This chair could work well in a living room or a new nursery. Available in black, brown, and white leather, it will perfectly match any color scheme.

6. Cushy and Roomy: Sydney Recliner

Perfect for a living room or home theater, the Sydney recliner is ready to make its way into your home. Made from soft, sumptuous leather, this relaxer has glide and rock features so you can move with comfort. The chair can also lock in place, allowing you to sit back and not have to move.

Though the Sydney recliner is only available with a black base (standard for Fjords gliders), you can choose between navy and brown leather. Both allow for understated beauty. This relaxer will be perfectly at home in your living room, next to a coordinating ottoman.

The Sydney has a manual reclining feature, allowing you total control over angle and support. This adds an undeniable note of elegance to your sofa. The chair also swivels 360 degrees, so you’ll still have a full range of motion.

This relaxer is the closest to maximalism that Fjords will get. Outfitted in simple brushed leather, its understated elegance will certainly draw eyes. But the lines and construction are still simple enough to make it subtle.

7. Simple Elegance: Nordic Modular Sofa

If you want a sofa that does one job perfectly, the Nordic sofa is your best bet. This three-seat sofa comes with a chaise lounge at one end, allowing you to comfortably recline while still sharing the couch. This sofa has no recliners, just a sleek upholstered base, and plush cushions.

Despite its streamlined construction, the Marie couch is still elegant and luxurious. The cushions are stuffed with feathers and topped with down, allowing for pillowy support. This couch is available with all leather and fabric options provided by Fjord, so you can match it to an accent chair or coordinating recliner.

You can customize the placement of the chaise lounge as well, placing it on either the left or right. You can decide which leg pieces you want, and customize multiple other aspects of this sofa. If you want something moduler and fuss-free, go Nordic!

8. Subtly Cozy: the Finn Recliner

If you want a chair that will look just fine in a home office or at a desk, check out the Finn recliner. This chair is minimalist and utilitarian, but still allows you to sit back and put your feet up at the end of a long day. The base allows for full swivel as well, so you can examine your space from all angles.

The Finn comes in multiple colors of leather offered by Fjords. This way, you can choose a hue that complements your existing color scheme. If you like Fjords design but aren’t sure where to begin, the Finn is a great starter piece.

The customization possibilities of the Finn make it the perfect utilitarian chair. You can create a chair that fits your needs perfectly while still being comfortable. After all, you spend so much time working: why not sit in style and comfort?

Relax in Style With Norwegian Design

We hope this guide to Fjords Hjellegjerde furniture has pointed you towards your new favorite recliner or sofa. If you weren’t already a Scandinavian design enthusiast, you will be after trying a Fjords recliner. See what the Hjellegjarde legacy has to offer!

For more information about Scandinavian furniture and minimalist design, check us out at Stressless European Leather Gallery. We’re experts in classic, timeless furniture. Read through our stressless blog for more!

10 Reasons Stressless Furniture Is Worth the Price Tag

We all know the feeling of spending hours looking for a good deal, only to end up with something that doesn’t last. That’s why you should invest in Stressless furniture!

Ekornes Stressless products are made from high-quality materials and designed by world renowned designers – so not only do they look great now but over time, these pieces will only get better! Because the quality of Stressless chairs and recliners doesn’t decline significantly. Even when being used constantly day after day without repairs or maintenance needed.

One of the most amazing things about Ekornes Stressless furniture is how they almost become heirloom pieces. We’ve heard of families that pass down their favorite Stressless furniture pieces to younger generations and keep these luxurious and stylish pieces of furniture in the family.

But you’re here to better understand if Stressless furniture is worth the amount of money you spend on it. So without delay, here are our 10 great reasons Stressless furniture is worth every penny.

1. Your Comfort Is Their #1 Priority

We all care about your personal comfort. It’s what makes us the best in our industry! We use internal technology and plush cushioning to allow you complete relaxation, no matter whether you’re at home or work.

2. Customizable Options

Furniture shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. With Stressless, you can customize the leather, upholstery, and wood tone to match your style and preference.

3. Healthy Back, Happy Life

The Stressless chair does more than just make you feel good, it has thetechnology and ergonomic support many other furniture makers don’t offer. As soon as your sit upright or glide into position, this sturdy seat stays focused on ensuring proper back comfort for all hours of use – which means everyone can enjoy their time in an authentic sitting experience without worry about how they’re sitting!

4. Luxurious Genuine Leather

One of the customization options you can pick from is high-quality genuine leather. The look, smell, touch, and feel of Stressless genuine leather is a sight to behold and something you must experience for yourself.

5. Stressless Stands the Test of Time

You won’t be getting rid of these chairs any time soon. They’re built to last and are so comfortable, you may hold on to them for decades! If some point down the road you feel it’s time sell your Stressless furniture (or better yet) switch out for newer models; Stressless chairs maintain their value at a high rate due in large part because they remain long lasting while still being fashionable – something everyone needs nowadays!

6. Just the Right Style

No matter your style, Stressless has you covered. As a forward, innovative company, they have gorgeous, modern styles to choose from. More of a fan of traditional styles? You can find just what you need with Stressless.

7. Norwegian-Inspired Designs

Crafted in Norway, Stressless designs are inspired by Norwegian styles with a simplistic, minimalist flair. Reclining chairs have an open, airy feeling with a swivel base and the fine lines of their sofas inspire sophistication and relaxation at its finest.

8. High-Quality – Guaranteed

Stressless stands by their work, guaranteeing the products and materials against failing from regular wear. All parts are made of high-quality materials that make for sturdy steel construction throughout your sofa or chair!

9. Back Support When Sitting or Reclining

Whether you’re sitting all day at the office or relaxing in your easy chair, Stressless offers support at all angles. You should be protected any way you choose to relax, which is why Stressless technology reads your body position and automatically adjusts for the best fit.

10. You’ll Love How It Looks in Your Home

Stressless recliners, sofas, and sectionals are beautiful additions to any home, condo, or apartment. If you’re looking for a wow-factor piece that delivers on its promises, you’ll discover Stressless furniture does not disappoint.

Conclusion paragraph: We know that investing in high-quality furniture is a big decision, but Stressless furniture will last you for years to come. They are an investment worth making because they offer ergonomic support and maintain their value over time. Plus, these chairs will fit perfectly into any interior design plan! If you want beautiful new pieces for your home or office space, check out our selection of Ekornes Stressless chairs today!

Visit the European Leather Gallery showroom today or browse Stressless recliners  and other furniture lines online to find the perfect fit for you.

The Most Comfortable Leather Stressless Recliner in the World

The recliners created by Ekornes Stressless have been known to promote Nirvana-like states of comfort and relaxation. Here, in the Ultimate Guide to Ekornes Stressless, we’ll show you why.

If you’re wondering what ultimate comfort feels like, this is it. Ekornes Stressless recliners are truly the most comfortable seating of all time. That’s a pretty strong claim to make, so we’re here to explain why.

We Don’t Just Make Claims…We Back Them Up

Ekornes Stressless recliners go far beyond any other recliner you’ve ever known in terms of comfort, style, and craftsmanship. But don’t take our word for it. Smart shoppers always need to know more about a product before they commit… and we totally understand.

Because let’s face it, luxury recliners like this aren’t found at the big box stores. That’s because they’re engineered with the finest precision to create the most comfortable seating on earth. Plus, superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials mean these beauties are built to last a lifetime and therefore carry a premium price. So it’s true: Ekornes Stressless isn’t for everyone.

That’s why we’re offering you this guide to understanding the Ekornes Stressless brand and their iconic reclining sofas and chairs. Welcome to Ekornes Stressless… and get ready to be transported to the most heavenly comfort zone you’ve ever experienced!

relax stressless recliners adjust to movements

What Makes Ekornes Stressless Recliners Better Than Any Other?

That unmistakable Scandinavian style. Those surprisingly convenient features. The unmatched quality of construction. The unbelievable comfort that almost seems extravagant. What is it about Ekornes Stressless furniture that sets it above the rest?

Truth be told, it’s all of the above and more.

That’s the quick answer. But if you really want to dig deeper and find out why so many homeowners are in love with their Ekornes Stressless sofas and recliners, you’ll find the answer here…

Ultimate Stressless Recliners Review

1. Highly-Engineered Ergonomics

Engineers who design high-end furniture know they have tough standards they have to adhere to.

Like the elite engineers who are responsible for making famous German luxury cars the best in the world, Ekornes engineers have a similar role. If they don’t do their job right, nothing else matters. From the very beginnings of the company back in 1934, when German machines were imported to create the very first line of Ekornes furniture, the brand has always signified the ultimate in quality engineering.

But what does that mean for you? Cloud-like comfort like you’ve never experienced before in any chair or sofa. Combining the latest in ergonomics research with solid principles of anatomical design to accommodate the mechanics and scale of the human body at rest, the engineers who design the foundation and structure of Ekornes furniture set the highest standards for themselves. Only the best will do, and perfection is the goal.

2. Effortless Reclining System That Responds to Your Body

The craftsmen who engineer Ekornes furniture have done their job so well they’ve created recliner chairs that adjust automatically to your body weight. Imagine shifting positions and hardly moving a muscle. Your recliner responds to the movement of your body weight and automatically adjusts to the position you desire. No levers to pull. No buttons to push. It’s like having a recliner that reads your mind.

How does it work? Each Stressless recliner comes with Stressless Glide® wheels that can be adjusted to the setting you desire. Once you’ve chosen your setting, the recliner does the rest.

First, the ErgoAdapt™ system will automatically position the seating angle the instant you sit down.

Then, the Plus® System kicks in. This is what enables your Stressless recliner to automatically position the seat to support your head and neck. It also moves into the correct lumbar position so you feel almost as if you’re floating on water. It’s why this incredible line of sofas and chairs is called “Stressless”. Using the natural form and movement of your own body, the seating system responds to provide support and comfort on a whole new level.

3. Dreamlike Comfort

Once you’re settled in, you won’t believe how comfortable Stressless recliners really are. Part of the reason is the effortless reclining system but it’s also the construction of the furniture. The craftspeople who design and produce Stressless recliners are considered innovators of comfort. Form follows function, and the function of a recliner is to make you as comfortable as you’ve ever been.

It’s not just the ergonomics. It’s not just the effortless reclining action. It’s also the trademarked Comfort Zones™ in each piece made by Stressless. The seat features perforated, super-thick foam cushions that guide you to the most comfortable position for your body. The result: you sink into perfect comfort every time you sit in your Stressless recliner.

4. Unbeatable, Timeless Style

These premium luxury recliners aren’t just heavenly to sit in… they’re exceptionally beautiful as well. The refined design of an Ekornes Stressless piece hearkens back to the company’s Scandinavian roots, where simple lines and streamlined silhouettes set the tone. It’s a clean, modern look that fits into any decor, any home, and style and any taste.

5. Premium Materials

With all that goes into creating the most comfortable chair on earth, it would be an unfortunate oversight if Ekornes used anything but the absolute best in materials for their furniture.

That’s why you’ll find nothing but gold-standard components from top to bottom:

  • Top-grain leather. For many high-end products, the outermost layer of cowhide is the most desirable type of leather. Top-grain leather is supple, it holds its color, and has a uniform look that’s so important in the design of Scandinavian furniture.
  • A strong base made from solid beech. One thing that really distinguishes top quality furniture is the use of solid wood in the structure of each piece. Ekornes Stressless furniture is constructed of solid beech plywood, which gives a strong, long-lasting wood frame.
  • A rock-solid interior support system. The strength of a Stressless piece is made possible by a single steel rod frame. No welding and no screws on this frame: just one single steel rod that’s expertly formed to the perfect shape by the Ekornes unique cold bending process.
  • Individual springs. Like a premium quality mattress at the finest hotel or in the most amazing homes, Ekornes Stressless is characterized by an internal system of individual springs. These springs are what make possible the superior lumbar support you’ll come to love.

6. Long-Lasting Value

High-quality materials are great features to have in your furniture, but how does that translate to value for you? It’s simple, really: long-term value, the kind that creates legacy pieces for new generations.

That single steel rod in every Ekornes Stressless chair or sofa is part of why these pieces last so long. The result of those premium materials like beech, top-grain leather, and steel is furniture so strong and durable. you’ll be able to hand it down for many generations. No matter how much stress you put on the frame, it will hold up and continue to provide amazing comfort.

Top grain leather also adds to the long-term value of your Ekornes furniture. It’s incredibly durable, possesses amazing elasticity, and it’s more stain-resistant than other types of leather. You’ll be able to pass your piece down to subsequent generations and it will look practically like new.

And the solid beech frame? It’s typical of high-end furniture that’s built to last for generations. It’s part of the reason why you’ll see vintage Ekornes Stressless pieces for sale on eBay at prices well over a thousand dollars!

7. Options Galore

Not only can you find seemingly endless styles to match your home decor and your taste, you can also find design options to match your body’s needs. From all the exciting options for leather to the thoughtful custom features, there are a lot of choices to make. Here’s a quick run-down to help you get started so you’re ready when you visit our showroom.

Types of Leather

  • Batick Leather (13 different colors). For families who desire a touch of practicality along with style, comfort and value in their furniture, there’s Batick Leather. The protective lacquer coating means clean-up is a breeze. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll appreciate this option for its affordability.
  • Cori Leather (16 different colors). Style mavens, this one’s for you! The tip-shine of Cori Leather offers a degree of depth to the surface while the substantial quality of the leather means a luxurious feel and long-lasting value. Our craftspeople have worked their magic to correct the leather and improve the pigment for a stunning look that offers an exclusive look that you’ll love. Cori Leather is always uniform in color so your decor dreams always come true. The durable pebble-like grain and the lacquer coating mean Cori Leather is not only beautiful but also practical.
  • Noblesse Leather (7 different colors). If only the best will do, Noblesse Leather is Ekornes’ most luxurious option. Known for its heavy, rich qualities and its soft, breathable texture, it won’t disappoint. To retain its rich, luxurious look, it’s dyed all the way through. It has minimal top coating so it possesses a natural softness found in only the highest quality furniture around the world. As such, it requires a tad more maintenance than the other leather options… but it’s worth it!
  • Paloma Leather (29 different colors). Paloma Leather is only slightly corrected leather so you get a natural variance in appearance that imparts a casual, yet luxurious style. It’s natural-looking and of course it’s oh-so-comfortable. It’s also amazingly soft to the touch so you always feel like you’re wrapped in luxury.

Types of Fabrics

Stressless fabrics are of the same superior quality as the leather. Textiles that are durable but which also offer timeless beauty are tested endlessly in the Ekornes labs to ensure strong, beautiful results. Here’s a summary of the fabric options:

  • Calido. Soft, flexible wool felt that’s naturally water-repellent and breathable.
  • Crocus. Affordable, durable, and strong. Made of 100% polyester that comes in a wide variety of pleasing colors.
  • Iris. For a style upgrade, Iris offers a boucle effect that, like tweed, blends a range of colors into the weave for a multi-dimensional effect.
  • Karma. If your decor calls for a brighter palette, the Karma fabric is a good option. It’s easy to clean and super soft.
  • Silva. Another wool option, Silva is a good option if you desire a classic look.
  • Umbra. Silky velour with a noticeable shine for a modern look.
  • Verona. Lots of modern colors that work in any decor.
  • Siena. For the ultimate in durability, Siena is resistant to almost anything you and your family can throw its way: stains, sea water, sweat… even chlorine and acid!
  • Luna. Like Verona, Luna is soft and suitable for any decor since it comes in a wide array of colors.
  • Dinamica. Sleek modern look due to the ultra microfibre textile. Looks like suede, feels soft to the touch, and is extremely comfortable. It’s also washable and is made with recycled fibers.
  • Ultrasuede. For furniture made in our North Carolina factory, customers may choose Ultrasuede

Custom Features

  • For the base of your recliner, choose from the Classic Base or the Signature Base
  • Choose from a variety of styles for the feet of your recliner or sofa
  • For furniture with visible wood, choose from eight different colors. Beech can be left in its natural, light shade or stained to accommodate any number of styles:
    • Oak
    • Teak
    • Brown
    • Walnut
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Wenge

8. To Top it all Off: Customized Sizing

Ekornes knows people come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why they produce their recliners in three sizes. But that’s only the beginning. Stressless recliners can also be customized with two-way adjustable headrests that can be set to match the angle and the height of your body.

The best way to find your true fit is to visit our Ekorne Stressless showroom and try them all for yourself. And of course we’re here to help answer any questions so you can find the Ekornes Stressless recliner that’s perfect for you in every way.

5 Tips for Holiday Decorating in Scandinavian-Themed Homes

This has been another year where relaxation and calm has come at a premium—and this holiday season looks to be a little extra stressful with uncertainties all around us. Hopefully, we can still step back and enjoy this holiday season, especially for those of us looking to go a little minimalist this year.

Scandinavian design, with its focus on minimalism is a great way to embrace the ideas of Hygge this holiday season.

Scandinavian design has mastered the art of being simple without being austere. For holiday décor, you’ll find neutral colors with small touches of holiday cheer in place of traditional Christmas clutter.

Decorating your Scandinavian-themed living room is a matter of selecting the touches you want to emphasize.

Choose a Neutral Holiday Color Palette

Frontgate Photo by FRONTGATELook for traditional living room pictures

Your staple colors will be white, silver, and some gold. White lights, simple ornaments, and neutral throw pillows will create a tasteful holiday feel. From there, you can add occasional reds, greens, and even blues that evoke the azure tones of snowy landscapes.

Stressless furniture is the perfect backdrop for holiday decoration. With simple lines and neutral colors, it provides the framework of simplicity that you can embellish as needed.

Mix in Splashes of Color

67 Adorable Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Photo by ComfyDwelling.comDiscover home design design ideas

Mixed in with neutrals, splashes of bright colors add interest without overwhelming you with holiday fervor.

A red, wool blanket, green wreaths, brightly colored bulbs for the tree, and candles add holiday cheer while remaining relaxed. Complete the feel with a few throw pillows that have simple, natural designs (snowflakes, trees, rain deer, and the like).

Adding candles to glass surfaces that reflect the light is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of one simple embellishment. Red candles on one of our Jazz glass tables will glow warmly on dark evenings.

Make Good Use of Light

Photo by Louise de MirandaHouzz

Light plays an important role in Scandinavian design. First and foremost, natural light is a striking element. You don’t have to remodel your home if you have small windows. Using lightweight curtains instead of heavy drapes will give the light, airy feel of Nordic design.

Candles and accent lamps are another way to invite good lighting in your home. For Christmas especially, the glow of flickering candles and strings of light creates festive cheer without requiring tons of decorating.

Use Natural Themes for Decoration

Photo by ComfyDwelling.comHouzz

Scandinavian design celebrates nature. Sprinkle your home with greenery and pine cones to create the feel (and smell) of winter. This may be in the form of a few simple, natural wreaths or a centerpiece on the mantel or coffee table.

Natural materials are popular: wool blankets, wicker baskets, wooden figurines. A red wool blanket folded in a wicker basket next to your Stressless Manhattan 3-Seater adds the perfect holiday touch for a cozy evening.

Fur has also been popular in Scandinavian design although faux fur is replacing authentic pieces for ethical and environmental reasons.

The Underlying Theme: Simple and Stylish

A perfectly pale interior with Nordic influences Photo by Louise de Miranda

As you search out inspiration for Scandinavian decorating, you’ll see a theme emerge – simplicity. Whether you’re going after traditional or modern Scandinavian designs, the simple lines, neutral colors, and stylish appeal remain the same. Keep holiday decorating simple by adding a few, well-chosen accessories to celebrate the season.

You’ll find the beauty and simplicity you’re looking for in Stressless furniture. Instead of busy patterns, you’ll discover the clean lines and solid neutrals you’ve come to love in Scandinavian home décor.

If you’re interested in a mid-century design and beautiful minimalistic, Scandinavian styled furniture for your living room, come visit our showroom. Our ergonomically designed furniture will create a welcoming center in your home.

5 Simple Tips for Creating a Stressless Dining Room

If you’re like us, you can get enough of Scandinavian designs. Its clean lines and functional pieces offer a simplistic elegance that is hard to match.

Thinking about changing up your dining room? Follow these five simple tips to create the ultimate Scandinavian dining room.

Scandinavian Dining Room Design 

Every few years a new design takes over. We’ve tons of designs come and go. Yesterday’s rustic farmhouse is today’s modern elite.

But Scandinavian interior design has real staying power. We’re not saying those other designs are out of fashion, but we can’t get enough of Scandi decor.

Nothing looks better than a Scandinavian style dining room. It provides a simplistic, clutter-free space for elegant dining and entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite Scandinavian dining room ideas that you can replicate.

Choose a Simple Color Palette

What colors come to mind when you think of Scandinavian designs? A quick Google search will show you lots of Scandi dining rooms that are white, grey, or off-white.

These colors are at the heart of Scandinavian style but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of color in your dining room. Trying adding a pastel or blush color for a subtle hint of color.

Color doesn’t necessarily have to come from your walls. Add a splash of color by hanging art or putting new throw pillows on your couch. Even a simple colored lampshade can do the trick.


People who live by Scandinavian design usually opt for a monochrome palette in their dining room to achieve a clean, more put-together look. While black and white may seem boring it can provide a pretty bold statement if done correctly.

Try leaving all your walls a crisp white and accenting them with black and white framed photographs. You can also lean into the monochrome look by using all black hardware such as knobs, curtain rods, and the base of light fixtures.

Add Warmth With Textiles

Once you have the color palette down for your Scandinavian dining room design, add warm with textiles. Blankets and pillows can help soften the look of your monochrome room and make your home look inviting.

Play With Fabrics

In the dining room, opt for textured dining room drapes. Keep the color of the drapes in your color palette and focus on the feel of the fabric. This will help play up the drama of your design.

Add seat cushions on your chairs to make your dining room appear more comfortable. Bonus: they will also help keep your chair’s cushions from getting stained in case of an accident. Or even go all in and get upholstered dining rooms chairs made to match your color scheme.

Hang a tapestry of a woven macrame piece on the wall for extra flair. Play with animal skins by adding a sheepskin or cowhide rug to your nordic living space.

 Bring the Outdoors Inside

One of the common features of the Scandinavian style is using natural elements in the design. This could be as simple as opting for a solid wood dining table that is finished with a light-colored stain to bring out the natural knots in the wood.

Find a buffet table or China cabinet in natural wood and display your minimalist dishes in it.

Add a Few Potted Plants

Bringing in a few minimalist plants that can survive indoors is another great idea. A simple orchid or succulent will add to the Scandi look. Place larger plants on the floor and arrange smaller plants on plant stands or tables.

Bringing plants inside your home will also help keep your home’s air purer, particularly in winter. This is because plants breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb and you’ve killed every plant you’ve met you can achieve the same results with a few high-end silk plants. Just be sure to dust them. There is nothing worse than a dusty silk plant!

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the star of Scandinavian design. Whenever you can design your dining room around the closest natural light sources. This could be an open window or a skylight. Leave your curtains open during the day so your dining room can soak up the warm glow of the sun.

Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

A key element in a Scandinavian dining room is for it to appear very minimalist. This doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It can be achieved through careful organization and strategy.

Get Rid of Excess Junk

Seriously, let it go! If it’s been a while since you’ve used your Keurig machine, maybe it’s just not for you. Why let it continue to take up space in your home.

The same goes for pieces in your dining room. Do you have a bunch of random wall hanging or collectibles? Donate them or give them away to someone who can use them.

This will allow you to make space for the items you truly care about.

Things like decorative items and fancy serving pieces that you got as a wedding gift can easily be stored in the bottom of a cabinet if you are not ready to part with them yet. But remember, they are taking up valuable space for things that you would actually use.

Choose White Flooring

The flooring that you choose for your dining room could be the biggest way to bring the Scandinavian design aesthetic to light in your room. Scandinavian spaces are defined by their white wood or concrete floors.

Choose a pinewood floor and give it a rustic whitewash to bring in more organic touches. If you don’t feel like taking on this project yourself you can always buy wood that comes pre-stained.

White tile or concrete floors add to the stark minimalist look and will help to highlight your furniture instead of the flooring. You can always add a rug under the dining room table to bring in some warmth.

Create a Dining Room You Love

You don’t have to live in Norway to enjoy the look of Scandi design. A Scandinavian dining room adds a flair of elegance and sophistication to your space. Follow these 5 tips to create a beautiful Scandinavian styled dining room today.

If you have any design questions be sure to contact us. We’d love to help you with your room’s design.

How to Create a Productive Home Office Setting

Working at home has its benefits, but also its challenges. In the not-too-distant past, working from home was pretty much a luxury, but since 2020 and the global pandemic hit work from home has become the “new norm” for millions of workers. 

A comfortable home office which allows you to be productive in your work is key. Consider these important tips to create an organized and productive home office setting.

Get the Right Equipment

Speed and efficiency are critical in home office equipment. Only invest in equipment you’ll use daily. If you print a document once a month, save yourself the money and space by running down to the nearest copying/printing shop.

Don’t constrain yourself to the limits of only working at your desk. Keep your options open to work from a laptop at a table, desk, or chair. Give yourself options to work at both sitting and standing heights.

Embrace Natural Light – Supplement with Lamps

In a home office, you’re not limited to the dim lighting of a cubicle, so avoid hiding your desk in a dark corner.

Take full advantage of your window and natural light by moving your desk near the window and parallel to the panes. This gives you energizing natural light and a view to enjoy. Supplement lighting with lamps where needed.

Photo by Stressless – Courtesy of

Be Creative with Storage/Organization

Clutter and disorganization can induce stress and make it difficult to focus. Follow the rule “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Limit your desktop to items you use daily and organize your laptop, papers, and supplies to promote productivity and fewer distractions. Visit Ikea, Target, or The Container Store for office storage organizers and storage ideas.

Keep it Private

Pets, noise and other distractions can keep you from being productive in a home office setting. Make sure you home office has doors to close and reduce noise.

If you deal with personal and private information, keep your workplace secure. The office door should have a lock with additional locks on important file cabinets with documents. Keep the door secured when you’re not working to keep guests, children, or pets from gaining access to your office.

Create a Comfy Space

Not all your time will be spent behind a desk. Use any additional space to create a reading corner with a comfy chair, lamp, and side table. Make your office space inviting to encourage productivity, critical thinking, and comfort.

comfy productive home office setup ideas

Add Fresh Greenery

Keep your home office from becoming stale with fresh, green plants. If you struggle to keep plants alive, choose succulent plants which need less water and are an inspiring green addition to any office.

Ergonomics Are Important

Taking care of your body and your posture is important at work and at home. Choose ergonomic office furniture to make sure your back, neck, and spine are fully supported while you work.

One of the drawbacks to working from home is you’re never very far from your work and it’s tempting to work even longer hours than normal. This means sitting and hunching over your computer even more. 

Ekornes Stressless office chairs offer customized support to reduce lower-back and neck pain. Modern designs and innovative technologies make Stressless chairs the best investment you can make to improve your health while you work.

ekornes office chair

Use these tips to design and organize your office for maximum productivity. Start by visiting European Leather Gallery for a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs, recliners, and sofas to improve your back and neck health.

7 Home Office Setup Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

As more people are working from home, researchers are noticing an exciting trend:

Workers are more productive.

According to a survey by Airtasker, working from home can “increase productivity and leads to a healthier lifestyle.”

One of the most effective ways to boost productivity working from home is by properly setting up your home office. For example, studies have shown that plants can boost productivity by 15 percent.

If you are working from home and would like to boost your productivity, keep reading to discover seven common home office setup mistakes to avoid for beginners.

1. Too Much Clutter

Having too much clutter is never a good thing, but especially when it comes to your home office. Clutter can get in the way of your work and can limit your creativity as well.

Organization is critical when it comes to designing your home office. To start, it is recommended to limit the number of personal items on your desk to three, anything over seems to be too distracting.

Another thing to keep in mind for your office is storage. Having a place to store office essentials properly will create a more comfortable and visually pleasing office. Simple bins and baskets can be used to keep essential items within reach and still out of the way.

2. Wrong Office Chair

Having the right office chair can make or break your home office. Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 8, 9, 10 hours, or longer a day.

Purchasing a comfortable Stressless office chair will be worth the investment. Having the right office chair will not only help you feel better at the end of your shift, but it can also boost productivity and work satisfaction.

The perfect office chair will vary depending on the worker’s height and preferred style. It is recommended to look for something comfortable but not too much so to where you will just want to relax in it, remember you will be sitting in it for 8+ hours a day.

When shopping for an office chair for desks, it should have a good balance between being supportive and comfortable.

3. Too Dull Lighting

Have you noticed a difference in your work on days when its sunny out compared to those dark and dreary days? That’s because natural sunlight has been shown to improve your mood and ability to focus.

According to a study on employee health conducted by the University of Twente in conjunction with VU Amsterdam and CBRE, when participants were introduced to the right lighting:

  • 71% felt more energized
  • 76% felt happier
  • And 50% felt healthier

It is best if you can utilize natural sunlight for your home office lighting but, if not, there are a few things you can consider. Avoid using direct light sources as they can create glare and distract you. You can also create different “layers” of lighting by using various sources of light for tasks and the general lighting of the room.

4. Near Too Many Distractions

When working from home, it is no secret that there are more distractions around you. Distractions are everywhere, but you can do your best to limit them and avoid letting them get to you.

Some of the most common home distractions that people experience when working from home include:

  • Kids
  • Cell Phones
  • Background Noise
  • Other Duties
  • Checking Email
  • And Clutter

However, the number one distraction reported by remote workers was the television, according to a study by Porch. To avoid this as a distraction, it is recommended to keep your office space and personal space separate. This way, you won’t have the temptation to turn on the TV.

Another way of avoiding distractions is by choosing an area of your house that isn’t as busy, the fewer people walking past, the fewer distractions you will have. Also, if you are easily distracted, avoid placing your desk right in front of a window if the scenery tends to be busy.

5. Ignoring Ambiance

When talking about ambiance for your home office, it is crucial to consider what you are looking for. The ambiance is all about having character and what feel you want the room to have.

The ambiance of your home office will include many things like lighting, design, layout, and accessories.

An important thing to keep in mind when considering the ambiance is having space for desks and how you will utilize that space. It is recommended to create a space that is fitting for you. There is no “one size fits all” for the design of your home office.

Some people prefer having a classic office style setup and others like the look of a modern home office setup. You will have to decide what works best for you and in what setting you are most comfortable.

6. Not Having Enough Space

Sure, when working in the office, you are typically confined to a cubicle or a smaller environment. But when working from home you will want to adequately utilize your space and make it as useful as possible.

To start choose a room that is sufficient enough to get work done in. This means having space away from distractions that will be big enough to work in.

Avoid having a desk in your bedroom if at all possible. You will want to separate where you work, from where you sleep. It’s best to have a dedicated workplace that you can go and be fully plugged into work.

7. Failing to Consider Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to doing what is necessary to increase productivity and efficiency, while at the same time reducing discomfort.

Important things to keep in mind while considering ergonomics include:

  • Desk height
  • Chair height
  • Chair design
  • Where your computer is sitting
  • And your posture

Setting up your home office to make it ergonomically correct, along with making sure you purchase ergonomically correct office chairs, will give a significant boost to your productivity as well as your health.

Need Help With Your Home Office Setup?

Working from home has its perks like having more freedom, no commuting, and less workplace drama. But to be able to do your job effectively, you must have a proper home office setup.

If you are looking for furniture or accessories for your home officecontact us today, and we can help answer any questions you may have.

8 Tips For Minimalism In Home Design: What Sparks Joy?

Maintaining a clean home isn’t just about keeping up appearances. It’s about comfort, relaxation, and even mental health. Did you know that your environment can contribute to stress and anxiety?

When we’re trying to exist in a space full of clutter, it can be distracting. Staring at a mess can overstimulate our minds, make us feel guilty, and inhibit us from being able to relax or focus on a task.

This is why so many people are drawn to learning about tips for minimalism. The fewer items you have, the less you have to worry about keeping clean. 

Want help turning your home into a stress-free paradise? Keep reading for everything you need to know about minimalist design.

1. Keep It Simple, But Be Creative

Obviously, when we’re talking about minimalist interior design, we need to keep your plan simple. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity in your decor. The best thing about interior design is the individualism expressed in every space.

It’s important to remember the true essence of minimalism, but not at the cost of your creative nature. Feel free to express yourself through colors, unique pieces, textures, and layouts.

This may also mean investing in top-of-the-line fixtures of design, such as elite modern furniture.

2. Make Storage An Extension Of Your Design

One of the most important tips for minimalism is finding a way to store your possessions in a creative manner. Naturally, converting to minimalist living means owning fewer possessions. However, that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of everything that’s not currently in use. 

For example, you probably have supplies for various hobbies, keepsakes, equipment for outdoor activities, family board games, and more. Living a minimalistic lifestyle doesn’t require you to abandon these important items. Instead, come up with decorative and creative storage solutions that don’t infringe on your minimalist interior design. 

3. Clear Out Your Clutter

As noted above, clutter can cause stress. Not only that, but clutter also creates a sense of uncleanliness and disorganization. Though you make pick things up in a hurry before guests come over, you shouldn’t have to live like that in between.

Fortunately, cleaning out your clutter can benefit you in multiple ways. Aside from having a tidier, stress-free home, you can also make money off your unwanted items.

Host a big garage sale and get the neighbors involved to drive in more traffic. You can also sell your items online using social media, Craigslist, and other listing platforms. Worst case scenario, you can donate whatever you can’t sell.

4. Live By The “One In, One Out” Rule

Minimalism in home design isn’t just about decor, it’s also about controlling your consumer habits. As consumers, we have way too much stuff. For example, studies show that most of us only use about 50% of our wardrobes.

Instead of clogging up your closets, dressers, drawers, and storage units with clothes you’ll never wear, take an alternative approach. Use the “one in, one out” rule. Only buy new pants (or shoes, or shirts, etc.) when replacing another one.

Use this principle for the entirety of minimalist living. This includes everything from creating a productive workspace to decorating your living room.

6. Invest In Good Lighting

One of the best things about minimalist room designs is how much space it seems to add to a given area. The fewer items there are in a room, the bigger and more open it feels. However, an exquisite minimalist design also incorporates quality lighting. 

The warmth and brightness of the lights in your rooms will play a significant role in the overall feel or ambiance of that space. You don’t want it to feel like a hospital with overly-bright lights, but you also don’t want your rooms feeling dark and dingy. 

We recommend increasing the natural light in each room as much as possible. You can do this by using high-gloss paints on your walls. It’s also important to use light, bright colors for your walls and ceilings.

If a room has limited natural lighting options, you can either install a skylight or invest in lamps and lights that create the illusion of natural lighting.

7. Keep Things Interesting By Using Different Textures

Some people worry that incorporating a minimalistic design into their homes will leave things feeling cold and boring. If executed improperly, this fear can become a reality. However, this undesired outcome is relatively easy to avoid.

One of the best tips for minimalism is learning how to use textures to your advantage. While a hodge-podge of colors can make any room feel cluttered (even a minimalistic room), a myriad of textures adds depth and intrigue.

However, you must adhere to a few simple rules:

  • Use warm textures (wool, felt, rugs, knitted throws, pillows, etc.)
  • Balance out with cold textures (metals, woods, etc.)
  • Stay within the same color tone
  • Be conservative with color-pops

With minimalism, less is more, except when it comes to textures.

8. Focus On Function

Finally, remember that one of the most important elements of minimalist living is functionality. This applies across the board to your lifestyle, decor, wardrobe, and more.

There’s no point in making great efforts to downsize your possessions and declutter your home if it’s left in a state of dysfunction. If anything, the minimalist design should increase the functionality and efficiency of your home, not make it worse.

Everything in your home needs to have a purpose. For extra points, find ways to make things have multiple purposes. 

Are you looking for minimalist furniture inspiration for your home? European Leather Gallery carries Ekornes Stressless and Fjords Hjellegjerde—the best and most famous Nordic design furniture in the world.

Hygge Your Home: American Home Design With A Nordic Twist

There’s nothing better than a comforting living space. The old phrase “home is where the heart is” speaks volumes.

Not only does your home provide shelter, but it also plays a huge role in your mood and overall well-being. According to studies, your environment can improve depression, agitation, and sleep.

If you’re looking for ways to soften the American home design in your home, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn the art of hygge and nordic design.

What Is Hygge?

The word hygge may be a bit difficult to pronounce, but its concept is simple. It’s enjoying the little things. According to the Danish, the word translates to coziness. It’s snuggling on the couch to read a book, putting on comfy socks, or drinking a warm beverage.

You know that feeling you get when the simplest things make you happy? That’s hygge! Even if you’re not from Denmark, chances are you’ve unknowingly practiced hygge for many years.

But, it’s not just a cozy feeling. It’s a way of life and it’s the environment around you. That’s right, you can even create hygge through your home decor!

American Home Design Reloaded

While bright colors and contemporary furniture is trendy in American home design, there’s something about nordic design that’s still alluring.

As the minimalist lifestyle has continued to grow in popularity, so has hygge. Here’s how to give your home interior a Scandinavian twist.

Use Neutral Colors

Nordic interior design is all about creating a calming atmosphere. Colors like beige, gray, brown, and cream are perfect for setting the mood.

Think about it. If your living room is full of bright colors or uncomfortable furniture, you’ll feel uptight. Bold interior is primarily for display. Although it’s nice to look at, it’s not inviting.

Decorate With Comfy Furniture

Nothing says relaxation like nice, cushioned furniture. After a long day of work, what feels better than sitting in your favorite recliner?

If you’re going to decorate with nordic design, the furniture has to be right. Stressless recliners and Stressless sofas are the perfect combinations of chic and comfort.

Bring Nature Inside

There’s something about nature that soothes the soul. But even if you live in a noisy, busy city, you can create serenity around you. By filling your space with plants, it changes the entire ambiance.

Also, using rocks or pebbles to decorate your home adds to the nature theme.

Decorate With Candles

Not only do candles smell good, but they create an amazing feeling of hygge. When you want to wind down from a hectic day, candles are the answer.

The soft, twinkling glow that they provide creates a calming effect. You can use candles just for decoration or for lighting.

Play with Natural Light

Nordic interior design should make you feel good during the day and the night. By using sheer or soft-colored curtains, it lets the sunlight shine through. Beautiful sun rays can light up a room, making mornings feel magical.

Make Your Decor Speak to You

Surround yourself with things that you love. For instance, if you enjoy coffee, use decorative pictures with mugs on them. You can also put a book and a teacup on a side table as decor. When it’s time to get cozy, it’ll be ready for you.

Decorate With Wood

There’s something about wood that makes a person feel good. Maybe because it comes from trees or reminds people of a log cabin.

Whatever the case, it works well for creating hygge. Decorating with a wooden coffee table or bookshelf adds a special touch to the atmosphere.

Since nordic interior design is all about neutral hues, wooden items fit right into the color scheme.

Use String Lights

String lights create the coziest of all cozy atmospheres. You can hang them in your bedroom, living room, or an outdoor sitting area.

Imagine sitting in your favorite chair and drinking hot cocoa while the flickers from the string lights twinkle in the room. Does that sound amazing?

If you want to create a relaxing ambiance, this is the way to do it.

Add a Layer of Softness

Blankets are a huge part of nordic design. Laying a fleece blanket over the edge of your bed or couch makes a world of difference. Not only that, but it also sets the mood.

While you’re snuggling on the couch on Friday night and watching a movie, all you need is a warm blanket to make it complete. Therefore, it can double as decor and a little bit of hygge.

Use Texture

Speaking of blankets, another big part of nordic interior design is texture. Fabrics like fleece and wool are a great accessory. Knitted materials work well too. You can also decorate with textured pillows.

Decorate with Rugs

As you go to sit down on your plush furniture, nothing feels better than a soft rug under your feet. Faux fur or shag rugs are the perfect complement to nordic interior design. They look amazing, and provide warmth and coziness to the environment.

Do What Makes You Happy

The art of hygge means creating happiness for yourself. There is a certain “style” to nordic design, but the interior of your home should look the way you want it to. So if that means adding in a splash of bright color to your decor, do it!

Hygge Your Home

Doesn’t the thought of hygge make you want to curl up under a soft blanket? With all the chaos that everyday life brings, everyone needs solace. What better way to find your happy place than to create it in your home?

If you’re ready to change the American home design decor in your house, look no further. European Leather Gallery has a large inventory of Ekornes Stressless, Himolla, Fjords, and Luonto furniture that’ll give your place that nordic feel you’re looking for.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to give your home a cozy makeover!