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best ekornes stressless furniture collections

Known worldwide for its ergonomic design and Scandinavian inspiration, Ekornes Stressless furniture is the picture of decadence and style. Each of these artfully designed pieces offers superior comfort, unique style, and ultimate relaxation. As a global standard, you can expect each Stressless furniture collection to bring unique factors to the table.

At European Leather Gallery, we offer nothing but the best Ekornes Stressless models to bring luxury into your living space, office, or dining room. Here are our top selections for the best Ekornes Stressless recliners and collections.

The Significance of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

In 1971, Ekornes launched the Stressless furniture line. In a matter of months, this revolutionary recliner became a household name. As the first chair designed specifically for relaxation and watching television, the Stressless recliner boomed in popularity.

As the forerunner to what would be known as the pinnacle of luxury, this first recliner in Ekornes Stressless history was equipped with a full swivel and gentle reclining motion that came to be called the patented Glide system.

Since that very first recliner, Ekornes has grown into a luxury furniture phenomenon. Today, Ekornes Stressless collections are a treasured possession, sought after by the most distinguished and discerning luxury furniture connoisseurs.

Top Ekornes Stressless Furniture Collections

Throughout the decades, Stressless recliners have evolved and elevated in style, features, and innovative comfort. Today, there are dozens of models to match your living space, aesthetic, and preferences.

As Stressless furniture has produced new collections, they’ve highlighted innovative features and stylish fashionings and created designs to pique the interest of their clientele. With each addition to the Stressless line, luxury meets functionality in every stitch, design choice, covering, and feature. Each Ekornes Stressless furniture collection member pushes the boundary of what high-quality design and attention to detail can accomplish.

Naturally, different collections have unique features and style options. Below, we will highlight three of the most popular Stressless recliners.

1. London

First on our list is the Stressless London collection. This stylish armchair takes inspiration from the hustle and bustle of the 1960s London streets. With classic Scandinavian design fused into English style, this armchair sacrifices nothing on comfort and relaxation. With a distinct star base and ottoman, the London is available in both a high and low back option. With a myriad of ultra-fine leathers and premium fabrics, the London can be truly personalized to fit any color scheme or covering preference.

The London is available in a medium size option, which stands 43.75 in. high and 31.5 in. wide. The seat height reaches 18 in. and the depth measures 29.25 in.

As one of the most popular options in the Stressless furniture collection, the London is a top-tier choice for any choosy shopper.

2. Mayfair

Second on our list of the best Ekornes Stressless recliners is the Stressless Mayfair, a classic option. Perhaps one of the most quintessential Stressless designs, the Mayfair features a relaxed and elegant style. A key element of the Mayfair is the ultra-comfortable pillow top covering, which provides a soft and supportive cushioning system. Wooden features help enhance the classic style of these remarkable armchairs. Meanwhile, the patented Glide system is standard for effortless reclining.

This high back armchair is available in multiple base options, including the cross base, signature base, and classic base. The Mayfair features a wealth of options for luxurious leathers and fabulous fabrics. The Mayfair is available in small, medium, and large options to best fit your body type for personalized comfort. You can’t go wrong with the top-selling Stressless Mayfair.

3. Sunrise

Classic Scandinavian design meets modern Stressless innovation with the Stressless Sunrise. This highback armchair is packed with patented features and luxury options that supply both comfort and functionality. Like many options in the Stressless furniture collection, the Sunrise is equipped with the innovative Glide system, patented Plus system, and personalized style options. You can choose from multiple wooden bases, as well as a range of fine leathers and luxurious fabrics.

The personalized comfort of the Stressless sunrise goes far beyond mere aesthetics, however. In fact, these timeless recliners are available in small, medium, and large to accommodate your specific height and body type. The Stressless Sunrise embodies classic Scandinavian design with all the modern bells and whistles—yet another reason this is consistently rated among the best Stressless furniture collections.

Selecting & Buying Ekornes Stressless: Which Is Right For You?

Like any investment, buying Ekornes Stressless furniture is an important decision. You may need help choosing the right option for your living space. Of the three collections listed above, a number of factors could help you consider your options. Here are some helpful comparisons for buying Stressless furniture:

Price: Your price range is a significant factor in determining which Stressless recliner is right for your home. Of our top three options, the Sunrise is the most economical option, followed closely by the Mayfair, then the London.

Style: Your decor may also sway your decision. While the London boasts a mid-century English style, the Sunrise and Mayfair feature more classic Scandinavian designs. Your chair style can depend heavily on what best suits your space.

Options: If features and variety are paramount to you, the Mayfair and Sunrise may be more attractive options than the London. While the London is a stunning design, it is only available in a medium size and star base, which might not work for everyone.

Of course, Ekornes furniture comes in all shapes, styles, and sizes. You may find one of our other Stressless recliners best fits your needs.

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