4 Incredible Benefits of Stressless Furniture

Have you ever tried sitting in a piece of Ekornes Stressless furniture? If you haven’t, you have to go try it out now. Trust us when we say it is an amazing feeling.

But what makes this furniture so much more comfortable than other types? Let’s look at 4 benefits to show you why this furniture is so amazing.

Proper Support

Hands down Stressless furniture offers amazing head, neck, and lumbar support. Proper ergonomics in an office chair is vital. Around 33% of all work injuries are musculoskeletal disorders. These result largely from sitting incorrectly for hours on end.

The back support and headrest are both completely adjustable. Choose whether you want to be upright or in a reclining position. It’s easy to get into a comfortable position. Simply make easy hand adjustments to get there.

360 Degree Swivel

You are not confined to one direction while seated in our chairs. We know that once the chair envelopes your body you won’t want to stand up again anytime soon. But with the 360-degree swivel base, you can easily change directions. All it takes is a gentle push with your foot.

The bases feature a double stem design that makes them super stable. In fact, these are the most stable of all swiveling recliners.

Easy Adjustment

Stressless furniture uses a unique system called the Glide. The system adjusts the position of the chair with ease.

On either side of the chair, you’ll find a rod with a tension knob or wheel. Simply set the knob when seated in the chair. This will set the tension for your particular body weight.

Now all you have to do is lie back and the chair will move with you. It is the same for coming back upright again. Simply shift your body weight and the chair will move. It’s completely handsfree which is so helpful in many cases.

To ensure authenticity, check for the Stressless logo on the little wheel.

Customization and Durability

Another awesome thing about Stressless is how the furniture looks. There are several materials that you can choose from. All are of the highest quality and rest assured they will last for years.

Ekornes chooses only top-grain leather hides. Each has to pass their strict quality control tests. They come in a variety of colors so you are not restricted to only a few options. You can also choose any of the microfiber or woven fabrics they offer.

The company makes the base from European beech. But there is a variety of stains you can choose from. This gives you flexible design options so you can create your favorite look.

Ready to Buy Stressless Furniture?

Are you starting to see Stressless furniture in your future? With all these amazing benefits and the furniture’s affordability, it only makes sense.

Take a look at our virtual showroom or better yet come visit our store! Once you sit in a Stressless recliner you will be ready to buy one. When you do, your back, neck, and shoulders will all thank you for it.

Interested in seeing pics from our satisfied customers? Check out our Video Here