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Stressless Dining Collection

Ekornes Stressless® iconic seating is available in styles for the dining room, too. Find out what the ergonomic engineers at Stressless® can do for your dining area.

Your Dining Room is a Haven in a Chaotic World

In a fast, chaotic world, it makes more sense than ever to carve out a peaceful haven where you can connect face-to-face, on a human scale. The togetherness we enjoy around the dining room table can never be replaced nor can it be substituted. For dining together, for inspirational conversation, for life’s important moments — there’s a central place in every home where everyone wants to be: together, around the dining room table.

Stressless® Comfort & Luxury for Where You Want to Be

Stressless® seating for your dining room or your great room table provides unimaginable style and luxury for the heart of your home. And with seating so comfortable, every gathering becomes an experience to remember.

Here’s how the inspired comfort of Stressless® dining chairs can not only create a beautiful spot but also transform your home life in ways you probably never imagined.

Stressless® for Your Dining Room, for Living

Today’s lifestyle calls for a different type of dining chair. A chair that offers the flexibility and to provide more options for the way you live your life.

Make no mistake: modern families still gather around the table for meals, even if it is less frequently than a generation ago. But more often than not, they also find themselves gathering for more of life’s moments, outside the traditional hours of mealtime.

From school projects to impromptu family meetings to business brainstorming to poker night, the dining table serves as the activity hub of your home. It’s where we gather our thoughts and share them with one another. It’s where we get work done and it’s where we plan our futures. It’s where we expand our horizons.

Stressless® dining chairs are a natural choice for all those times you spend around the hub of your home.

Spend More Time Doing the Things You Love

Laughter, good food, your closest friends, and family gatherings. Your dining room sets the stage for the best times in life. Don’t you want those precious moments to last forever? Stressless dining enables endless enjoyment of the one room in your home that’s reserved expressly for enjoying the company of others.

The BalanceAdapt system of each Stressless® dining chair is designed to move with your body as you shift positions throughout the evening. From enjoying your meal to sitting back and relaxing afterward, the system transforms from an upright position to a slightly more relaxed posture for those after-dinner conversations that inevitably take place when friends and family dine together.

Here’s how it works.

Ergonomic Engineering, Decades in the Making

It all starts with the concept of balance. When your body feels balance, it’s at its most comfortable. Whether you’re walking down the street, climbing stairs, practicing yoga or standing in your kitchen, your body craves balance at all times.

That’s even true when you’re seated. Your body yearns to feel centered, appropriately balanced no matter what you’re doing: working at your desk, enjoying a meal, or sitting back and relaxing with friends. Ekornes knows that today’s lifestyle calls for a rethinking of the dining room table. It also necessitates new ways of keeping people together in a fast-paced world. What if your dining room seating was so comfortable, so adaptive and responsive that everyone started spending more time together?

The Stressless® System, Re-Imagined for Your Dining Room

Spending the best moments of life at home with your family and friends — that’s what drives the folks at Ekornes. They took their famous Stressless® system, the technology that made their recliners so popular and applied the same concepts to the dining room chair. The result is a totally new kind of seating for your table.

It’s seating that moves with you as you change position… without the use of levers, handles, or buttons. It simply senses your movements and quickly and easily adapts to your body’s needs. All you do is relax comfortably and enjoy yourself. The chair does all the work to provide you a comfortable sitting position at all times, no matter how you are enjoying your dining space at the moment.

The Stressless® System Works for Work-at-Home, Too

How many of today’s modern workers spend time on their laptops at the dining room table? Whether you’re searching for recipes or finishing up that big project for work, the dining room table is an inevitable choice for getting things done online. The problem is, the ergonomics often couldn’t be worse: chairs are rigid and uncomfortable.

Stressless® dining chairs won’t solve all your home-office needs but it’s nice to know that when you do find yourself at the dining table and working on your laptop, your chair moves with you and provides the comfort and support you need.

Sitting upright is supported by the forward-leaning position of the Stressless® system. Sitting puts pressure on your spine and your legs. When the pressure points on your legs become constrained, your circulation can suffer. Poor circulation can lead to swelling in your ankles and, in some extreme cases, deep vein thrombosis. The Stressless® system takes the pressure off your legs using the BalanceAdapt and the Glide systems that are built into every Stressless® dining chair. We’re not saying Stressless® can prevent serious health problems but everything you do during your day to provide stressless comfort to your body can add up to make a difference.

And when you sit back, the chair slides forward and the back tilts slightly. That enables you to keep a comfortable position without putting a strain on your neck. Try it some time — in a rigid dining chair, lean back and try to get comfortable. Your head is forced to move forward into an awkward position which, over time, can become extremely uncomfortable, even painful. The Stressless® system allows the chair to move with you, supporting your back and your neck for a more comfortable relaxing position.

Ergonomics: How Stressless® Works in Your Dining Room

When you’re dining, you lean forward and the Stressless® system supports an upright position. The seating angle adjusts to support your back and relieve pressure under your legs. The result is a surprisingly comfortable chair for enjoying the best kind of meals: those cooked at home and served around your own table.

When you’re done eating but you’re not ready to leave the warmth and good vibes around the dining room table, you want to relax. You want to lean back. Again, the Stressless® system senses your movements and automatically slides forward. You experience a more relaxed seating position, perfect for spending more time at the table with family or friends, in complete comfort.

It’s called the BalanceAdapt system and it’s combined with Ekornes’ Glide-system to create the Stressless® dining experience!

A Uniquely Designed Chair for Your Unique Lifestyle

The Stressless® system is unique. No other furniture brand is this dedicated to incorporating the science of ergonomics into the furniture of everyday living. Since 1971, Ekornes Stressless® has designed recliners, sofas, home theater seating, and now dining chairs for the most beautiful homes in the world. There’s a style for every decor to fit your unique lifestyle.

Style: Design that Hails From the Fjords of Norway, Delivered to the Heart of Your Home

With a style that’s as sophisticated as the design, Stressless dining can become the centerpiece of your entire home. Clean, sharp lines combine with elegant design for furniture that’s worthy of being called art.

For your Ekornes table, choose a wood or steel base. All Ekornes tables can expand and contract to fit the moment. There’s an integrated pull-out system that expands the table. You may also choose the two separate leaf inserts, which can be stored underneath when not in use. The tables are made from natural wood: oak or walnut. The topcoat is a matt-varnished style that fits in with any decor.

Chairs come in a range of luxurious and functional materials — all the materials Ekornes develops for their recliners are available for dining chairs, too.

Finally, choose from high back dining chairs or low-back chairs and two types of legs.

Invite Comfort and Luxury Into Your Dining Room – We’re Here to Help

For a brand that’s known for its iconic recliners, it’s only natural that they’d eventually turn their attention to the dining room. We’re so glad they did and we think you will be, too. Based on the same highly-engineered and thoughtfully crafted technology that made the Stressless® recliner one of the most popular lines of luxury seating ever, Stressless® dining will transform your experience of sitting at the table.

For a complete look at the Stressless® line of dining chairs and tables, contact us for a brochure. To get started now on re-imagining your new dining room, click here for a glimpse at the styles we offer.

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