5 Reasons Scandinavian Furniture Is So Iconic

scandinavian furniture design

What is it about Scandinavian furniture that makes it so iconic? Besides standing out with unique designs, are there other elements that make Scandinavian furniture different?

Scandinavian design brings with it a rich heritage of modern, minimalist thought and design with a focus on centuries-old values and quality craftsmanship. This makes Scandinavian furniture functional, practical, and oh-so-elegant in your home.

Learn more Scandinavian furniture and why these unique furniture designs are truly iconic.

A Modern Flair for Design

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Scandinavian furniture designers believe natural beauty should be a part of our everyday lives. They’ve taken a fresh spin on creating eye-catching furniture designs with a modern flair for everyday home accessories.

The unique angles and soft cushions are designed for beauty and personal comfort as each piece of furniture is both functional and stunning in your home. The modern designs of most Scandinavian furniture pieces make them truly iconic.

They Implement Elements of Nature

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Scandinavian furniture designs are rich with elements of nature. Many pieces combine elements of wood, metal, and genuine leather, tying in their love for nature and the outdoors.

These natural elements and gentle organic contours are just a few of the features that make Scandinavian furniture designs easy to spot and iconic in the furniture world.  

Innovation Is at the Heart of Scandinavian Furniture Design

ekornes stressless sofas interior design

As minimalists with a modern flair, Scandinavian designers create furniture that enhances your everyday life. They’re innovators in the shape and design of furniture while focusing on how the furniture responds to the human form.

A Stressless sofa or a chair is never just a piece of furniture. Each is designed with purpose and meaning with innovation at the heart of everything they do. When you choose Scandinavian furniture, you receive advanced technology and quality designs you can’t find anywhere else.

Focus on Quality Craftsmanship

ekornes sofa and chair modern living room

Scandinavian furniture designers adhere to centuries-old beliefs that furniture should be well-built with quality materials. When you choose the highest quality leather, wood, and materials available, your furniture will last longer and offer more long-term benefits.

This value holds true today for Scandinavian designers and furniture companies. They forgo using cheap materials and instead choose durable, high-quality materials and quality craftsmanship for all of their furniture collections.

The Perfect Blend of Ergonomic Design and Elegance

ekornes home theater seating scandinavian design

Can technology and elegance unite in furniture design? Yes, and Scandinavian furniture does it well.

Scandinavian designers believe beauty should enhance even the humblest accessories in your everyday life. They unite advanced ergonomic technologies with elegant, modern designs to create the perfect balance of elegance and function in furniture you can use every day.

You can’t go wrong when you choose beautiful Scandinavian furniture for your home. Modern and natural influences combined with their values of technology and quality craftsmanship make this furniture one-of-a-kind. It pairs stunningly in your home and is an investment in quality that will last for years to come.

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image credits: Ekornes US—Look Book

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