How Stressless Furniture Promotes Back Health

stressless furniture promote posture and back health

Have you ever left work with a sore back only to get home, ready to relax and experience the same ache from your sofa?

If you spend much of your day sitting, your back may suffer from unsupportive office chairs or generic chairs and sofas built to standard sizes. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Ekornes understands good back health is important for living a happy, healthy life. That’s is why they designed their innovative line of Stressless furniture to promote back health.

Learn more about why a healthy back is so important and how Stressless furniture can help.

Happy Back, Happy Life

Healthy Back-Happy Life

Did you know sitting in an improper position could damage your health? Poor posture can cause chronic back pain, circulation problems, and digestive issues.

If you’ve experienced debilitating back pain, you know just how much a happy back is important for a happy life. Persistent mild to severe back pain makes it difficult to enjoy everyday activities, let alone do everyday tasks necessary for daily survival.

That’s why it’s important to choose ergonomic office chairs and furniture which support correct back positioning to avoid overworking your back.

Built with Unique Comfort Technology

image courtesy: Ekornes Our Story - Making it Better
image courtesy: Ekornes Our Story – Making it Better

Stressless furniture is designed with you in mind. While your spine and back may differ from your friends or significant other, the innovative comfort technology in Stressless furniture is intuitive to support your specific body shape and size.

Not just one, but three built-in technologies race to your rescue:

  • Plus System – cradles the back, neck, and head for much-needed support in an upright or reclined position.
  • Comfort-Zones Technology – allows you to sink deeply into the chair in the most comfortable position.
  • Balance-Adapt System – offers select Stressless recliners a slight motion to simulate rocking.


Never has sitting or reclining felt so good. With the support you need, where you need it, your back pain can vanish.

Furniture Shouldn’t Be One-Size-Fits-All

ekornes stressless furniture in small medium and large sizes

Most furniture comes one-size-fits-all. Unfortunately, we’re not all a 5’10” male weighing 165 pounds (the average furniture design). In fact, only 2% of the population matches this size!

What about the rest of us? Stressless understood the issue and solves the problem with three recliner sizes: small, medium, and large. This allows you to find the best fit possible to get the comfort and support your body size needs.

Sit Comfortably and Protect Your Back at Work

ekornes stressless office furniture promotes back health
image courtesy: Ekornes US

If you’re like many Americans, you may spend much of your day sitting at a computer. Whether in a home office or corporate office space, your desk chair should be friendly to the human frame.

Unsupportive office chairs may not only lead to back pain and body dysfunction, the lack of support can make it difficult to focus on tasks. Stressless office chairs offer the comfort your body craves with ergonomic support right where you need it for a full day of work.

Don’t stress your back by sitting in uncomfortable positions at work or home. Stressless furniture does the hard work of supporting your back and neck in proper positions so you can relax. Check out the Stressless furniture collections available for your home or office today.

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