Decorating Tips for a Scandinavian-Inspired Home

Need more Nordic style in your life? Some designers would say, “Everyone does!”

It’s no surprise Scandinavian furniture designs are taking American homes by storm. Their “less is more” approach, simplistic designs, and focus on innovation is a breath of fresh air and causes everyone to stop and notice.

Whether you’re a minimalist, or just fascinated by Scandinavian-inspired home design, the following are a few decorating tips to give your home a Nordic vibe.


You will rarely (if ever) see wall to wall carpet in Swedish or Scandinavian design. While it’s hugely popular in America, in Nordic countries that style has never taken off. True Scandinavian interior design relies on wood floors or—usually simple white or light colored wood, birch and pine are great options here. You can also use light grey stone or slate tiles.

This type of flooring is popular in Swedish design because it makes rooms appear more open and airy feel.

scanidinavian design wood floors

Fresh Blue Accents

While Scandinavian design is well known for it’s white, neutral colors it does rely on accents to bring out the design choices. If Scandinavia could have a favorite accent color – it’d be blue. They love bright blue area rugs, lighting, anddécor that stands out effortlessly against wood and black or white surroundings.

Accenting with bright blue adds a fresh pop of color and is quickly becoming the new trend in home design in the U.S.

blue accents

Let There Be Light!

Norwegian countries can have more than two months of ‘polar nights’ — when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. So lighting needs is an essential design component.

Aside from Alaska, the rest of the United States doesn’t have to worry about continuous darkness, but we can still adopt their mentality behind lighting. To combat the long, dark winter nights their design is built on lots of lights to illuminate rooms as much as possible.

In addition to electric lighting, Scandinavian design relies heavily on natural light via plenty of large windows. This is a great way to bring the outside lights in. Homes in Scandinavia do not generally close up their windows either, so window treatments are at a minimum. Everyone needs some form of privacy though—so light, sheer fabrics such as linen are good for drapery and window coverings. This type of drapery can be expensive so always use a reputable fabric cleaning service to keep your drapes in their best condition.

55684517 - modern living room interior design. 3d rendering concept


Live Plants

A recurring theme in Scandinavian design is a connection with nature. This is seen through the open views from large windows, but also in the use of fresh plants and botanicals

In addition to beautifying a room, live plants play a role in well-being. Plants have a positive affect on our health and happiness and have even been shown to increase productivity and creativity.

Along with fresh flowers and green plants such as ferns, succulents have become popular décor pieces for homes and offices. And decorating with cacti is a new favorite choice. Whether you choose little or big cacti, any size will add a cheerful, green burst to your living room, kitchen, or home office.

Gray Walls

The majority of Scandinavian design trends are centered around stark, black and white aesthetics. This gives their design a neutral, blank canvas to start with and is a timeless approach to design.

We’re happy to see gray is now making a comeback as an additional wall color of choice. It offers the same neutral, monochromatic appeal, but with a softer approach. It also provides homeowners and designers with opportunities to use bright and bold accent colors to play off the neutral tones of the walls and floors.

gray walls

Wood and Metal Materials

Natural elements are a key to Scandinavian design. But along with wood and nature elements it uses metal accents also. So don’t be afraid to use solid wood materials and metals throughout your home. Copper and brass, along with chrome also offers eye-catching looks within Scandinavian design.

Wood materials could be used on walls and ceilings—including exposed beams—to add texture and warmth. It can also be combined with metal effectively in tables, around window-sills and with artwork. Incorporating natural elements into your design and combining it with color and spacious views is crucial to Scandinavian design.

This combination of wood and metal creates almost ‘work of art’ pieces throughout your design.

wood and metal

Livable Space

This style of design relies heavily on the ‘form follows function’ philosophy. Scandinavians like their homes livable and fully functionally. Furniture isn’t chosen to merely “look pretty.” Each piece holds a purpose and typically offers multiple functionality features.

Smooth, clean lines and boxy looks are a big part of the mid-century look that Scandinavian design aims for. This produces a truly minimalist look. When you embrace the ‘less is more’ approach to design you have to make sure everything counts and is functional first.

modern minimalist interior for young family. modern apartment interior in scandinavian style

Modern, Innovative Furniture Styles

Speaking of livable space, their furniture designs are both innovative in design and modern in style. They believe furniture should be beautiful and built for human comfort.

Ekornes Stressless furniture is a prime example of uniquely comfortable furniture designed and built in the heart of Norway. Our modern Stressless sofas and recliners offer innovative, ergonomic technology to support you where your body needs it.


Less Is More!

We’ve already mentioned how the focus is on minimalism, but it needs to be emphasized more. Scandinavian designers would shudder at English Victorian-style interiors filled with knick-knacks and boxes containing little boxes of clutter. It’s time to declutter!

When it comes to accessories, be selective and only choose a few. Scandinavians prefer clean, open space with a focus on quality versus quantity. Simplify your life by reducing clutter and sticking to the essentials. Not only will your home look great, you’ll feel better too!


Use these decorating tips for a beautiful and simple Scandinavian-inspired home. Need modern and comfortable ergonomic furniture direct from Norway? At European Leather Gallery, we offer a wide range of Stresslessrecliners,sofas,sectionals,tables, andoffice furniture. Don’t ignore your health and comfort. Check out the beautiful furniture options available to enhance your living room, home theater, or office.

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