When Less Is More – 6 Easy Minimalist Design Tips

Life is busy enough. Cleaning and taking care of the stuff in your home shouldn’t need to take up all your precious time.

The new era of minimalist design aims to reduce clutter and offer an open, clean space that’s both inviting and comfortable. If you’re interested in reducing the clutter and stress in your life and home, consider these six easy minimalist design tips.

1. Keep It Simple

The underlying tone of minimalism is simplicity. “Keep it simple” should be the philosophy for all your design techniques and finishing touches. Tone it down, strip it back, and stick to the less is more approach.

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Minimalist design can be warm, inviting, rich, and beautiful. When you’re finished, you’ll have a clean, calm, and clutter-free space to relax and enjoy.

2. Choose Quality vs. Quantity

The challenge of paring back your belongings is realizing how little you have to work with. This makes choosing furniture trickier than usual. Each piece must be considered carefully.

That’s why it truly pays to buy quality over quantity and invest in classics that will stand the test of time. Trendy, impulse buys that you tire of quickly don’t belong in your home. Select well-made pieces built to withstand daily use and reduce waste in landfills.

3. Implement the “One In, One Out” Rule

Isn’t it crazy how much stuff one person can acquire in a short period of time? Empty drawers and cupboards when you first moved in are suddenly filled with non-essential items collecting dust.

Pare down your belongings by reducing the non-essentials and implementing the one in, one out rule. For every new item you bring into your house, you must get rid of another.

4. Stick to a Natural Color Palette

White, black, beige, and metal hues – these are the natural tones to live by. Go simple and natural with shades that invite comfort and relaxation with an occasional (very occasional!) pop of color with a throw or pillows.

5. Invest in Stylish and Functional Storage

Even though you’ve decluttered and invested in quality over quantity, there may still be a few things you want to hold onto. Stylish storage keeps the chaos inside while it appears sleek and chic on the outside.

6. Change Up Textures

Sticking to all neutral tones can feel cold or boring. The trick? Add in plenty of texture. Improve the mood with soft throws, velvet pillows, sheepskin rugs, and a genuine leather sofa and chair.

Too many textures, tones, and color can be headache-inducing. Opt for similar white, beige, or gray tones like those you’d see in nature.

While you don’t have to get rid of everything to adhere to minimalist design, the less is more approach can help reduce stress and improve your quality of life. At European Leather Gallery, our Scandinavian designed furniture offers the quality, design, and value that’s perfect for minimalist styles. View our ergonomic sofas, recliners, and chic ottomans with storage online or in store.

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