Tips for Designing a Home Theater

ekornes stressless home theater seating design tips

Home theaters offer the convenience of inviting your family and friends over to enjoy great movies in the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home to include a home theater, consider these important features when designing a personalized theater experience.

Flat Screen TVs and Projectors

What is the most important element in a home theater? The screen! Most home theaters use an overhead projector or a large flat screen TV.

Formerly, projectors were the method of choice for all home theaters. Today, flat panel TVs come in larger sizes while maintaining bright, dazzling images.

LED, LCD, or plasma TVs offer quality picture with sharp resolution, vivid colors, and brightness for all lighting conditions. Screen sizes for these TVs may be limited and larger screens can be expensive.

Projection TVs have a large, variable-size screen with flexible positioning. Mounting and installation can be expensive for ceilings, walls, or on a pedestal.

Projectors still offer the largest screen size for large home theaters, though flat panel TVs are a great choice for smaller spaces.

Comfortable Theater Seating

Perhaps the second most important feature for home theaters are the seats and furnishings. Seats should be comfortable and the viewing angle just right.

The best home theater seating provides each individual their own seat with personalized support. Options like the Ekornes Stressless Arion home theater seating allow you to mix and match individual seats, loveseats, and sofas with connecting pieces to hold drinks and popcorn.

Each seat offers innovative, ergonomic technology which caters personalized support to each individual. This means your family and friends are supported in the best ergonomic position as they enjoy the movie.

Quality Speakers and Audio Systems

Sound quality will set your home theater apart. The receiver and speakers are two necessary elements so it’s important to do your research. A great movie can’t be fully enjoyed without clear sound throughout the room.


Quality sound is only the beginning. Soundproof the room to keep the sound inside so you can avoid disturbing other rooms in the house (or your neighbors!).

There are typically three ways to soundproof a home theater:

  • Install acoustic sound-deadening drywall.
  • Install sound dampening materials such as sound drapes, panels, or carpeting.
  • Mount acoustic panels on your walls.


It’s suggested that new homes use sound-deadening drywall for best results. It’s thick and absorbs sound the best. Remodeled homes may benefit from sound dampening materials or acoustic panels.

Remote Control Lighting

Good lighting contributes to a personalized movie experience. Remote control lighting saves you from getting up and dimming the lights or turning the lights on or off.

Lighting in a home theater should be subtle with a theater-like atmosphere, yet have the option to fully illuminate for cleaning or other activities. Choose fixtures that can be dimmed and remote controlled.

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