Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Small Spaces: Tips and Ideas

When furnishing a smaller living space, every square inch counts. For those who appreciate the finer things in life but find themselves limited by the dimensions of their environment, the Ekornes Stressless furniture collection offers a stylish and practical solution. This blog explores how you can make the most of your compact spaces with the best Stressless furniture options, ensuring luxury and comfort without compromising on style.

Maximizing Comfort in Minimal Spaces

Choose Smart, Space-Saving Designs

The beauty of Ekornes Stressless furniture lies in its intelligent design. Models like the Stressless Mayfair and the Stressless Wing, with their slim profiles and adaptable footprints, are perfect for smaller living rooms, offices, or nooks. The innovative Glide system in Stressless recliners adjusts to your body’s slightest movements, ensuring optimal support and unparalleled comfort, which is a boon in any space-limited setting.

Opt for Versatile Pieces

In small spaces, functionality is as crucial as style. The Stressless Metro Recliner not only adds a touch of modern elegance but also serves multiple purposes. Its swivel base makes it easy to rotate, facilitating conversation and allowing for different viewing angles, which is particularly useful in open-plan living areas. By choosing versatile pieces, you make an investment that enhances your living space flexibly and elegantly.

Use Lighter Colors and Streamlined Shapes

Lighter colors make a room feel bigger and airier. Ekornes offers a range of lighter shades that can help brighten up a small space and give an illusion of more room. Pieces like the Stressless Sunrise in Paloma Sand or Silver Grey leather can lift the aesthetics of your space, making it look more expansive and inviting.

Furthermore, furniture with streamlined shapes can make your area look less cluttered. The low-profile design of the Stressless View recliner, for instance, pairs seamlessly with minimalistic interiors, maintaining a fluid and unobtrusive presence.

Strategic Placement for Enhanced Functionality

Position with Purpose

Positioning your furniture wisely is key to making the most out of your small space. A Stressless recliner placed strategically in a corner with a view can create a personal relaxation nook, maximizing floor space while providing the comfort Ekornes is known for. Similarly, placing a Stressless sofa facing towards natural light can help make the room feel larger and more open.

Double Duty Furniture

Consider furniture pieces that can serve more than one function. The Stressless Duo table not only complements your recliner but also offers built-in storage solutions—ideal for keeping living areas tidy and spacious. Its modern, clean lines ensure that it enhances, rather than overwhelms, the space.

Emphasizing Personal Style

Personalize Your Space

While the functional aspects are crucial, infusing personal style into your home decor makes it truly yours. Choose from Ekornes’ wide range of leathers and fabrics to match your personal taste and interior design style. Whether you’re leaning towards a bold, statement color or a more subdued, classic look, Stressless furniture can be customized to meet your desires.

Accessories and Accents

Accessories can transform a space. Consider pairing your Stressless recliner with a stylish ottoman or a designer lamp. Not only do these additions serve practical functions, but they also allow you to showcase your unique style and enhance the overall feel of your luxury furniture setup.

Creating a luxurious and comfortable small space with Ekornes Stressless furniture is all about smart choices and strategic placement. With the right pieces, even the most compact areas can become a haven of style and relaxation. To explore more about how to choose the right Stressless furniture for your needs, check out our guide on the best Stressless furniture options.

By embracing the principles outlined above, you’ll ensure that your home not only looks great but feels wonderfully welcoming, no matter its size. Whether you’re outfitting a cozy studio or a petite home office, Stressless offers solutions that bring together luxury, innovation, and smart design, proving that small can indeed be beautiful.

How to Choose the Right Ekornes Stressless Furniture for You

In the constant hustle and bustle of the world, finding moments of true relaxation is a rare commodity. So, when you shop for a luxury recliner to create a private escape from life’s ebb and flow, selecting the right chair for you is a big decision. To secure your tranquility, the clear option is to choose a recliner from the Ekornes Stressless furniture line.

These Scandinavian-style recliners and sofas offer the best of clean, mid-century modern design and comfort. Choosing the right Stressless furniture option for your home goes beyond aesthetic appeal; it incorporates selecting furniture that enriches your lifestyle and speaks to your soul.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right Stressless furniture.

Stressless Style Options

Stressless furniture embodies classic Scandinavian design features, such as simplicity, ergonomic intentionality, and minimalist structures. Without sacrificing aesthetics, Stressless furniture creates a stunning seating apparatus.

From subtle curves to sleek silhouettes reminiscent of the Nordic landscape, Stressless furniture feels like a breath of fresh air. Natural elements play an essential role in the design inspiration of these luxurious recliners.

Within the Ekornes Stressless furniture line, style and originality reign supreme. From the timeless simplicity of the Stressless Mayfair to the wingback reminiscence of the Stressless Magic, Stressless offers a style for every personality and home scenery. The beauty of choosing Stressless Furniture is that you have options to express your personal style. When making your selection, find a Stressless recliner that fits your home decor and fills you with delight every time you look at it.

Color and Material Selection

Ekornes Stressless offers a diverse range of color and covering options, allowing you to personalize your recliner with your unique style preferences. From soft and subtle to bold and bright, Stressless furniture incorporates every hue in the spectrum. Naturally, Ekornes Stressless offers countless classic color options for effortless styles that can be incorporated into any living space. On the other hand, choosing a bright tone to enlighten your home or throw a splash of color into your decor can make a significant difference in your aesthetic design.

Colors aren’t the only customizable factor Stressless offers. With premium leathers and comfortable materials to choose from, your luxury recliner will feel and look precisely how you want it. From soft-to-the-touch fabrics to top-grain leathers, every customer can express their unique style and create a stunning showpiece.

Whether you choose a classic option like charcoal leather or a brilliant blue fabric for your Ekornes Stressless recliner, you can be confident that your chair will be as personal and stylish as you. As you choose your covering, be certain it will compliment your current home decor and style. While a radiant red leather chair may sound appealing, ensure you are confident it will not clash with the other items in your home.

Size Considerations

Unlike other luxury brands, Ekornes Stressless incorporates size and stature into its design options. One of the many benefits of Ekornes Stressless recliners is that they accommodate different body types of individuals who enjoy sitting in them.

With three size options on many Stressless Furniture models, each customer can select the appropriate size for their height and body type. This is truly personalized comfort at its finest. Instead of a one-size-fits-all option, Stressless furniture offers genuine bespoke comfort.

Another reason size consideration is important for Stressless buyers is spatial constraints. Consider the area of your home where your Stressless recliner will live. If you need to save space, a smaller recliner size or style might be necessary. On the other hand, choosing the appropriate size for large areas can help prevent your Stressless recliner from being too small for your living space.

Budget for Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Price and budgeting can significantly influence your decision. While Stressless furniture represents a considerable investment for many consumers, the benefits of this furniture line may far outweigh the price.

The first consideration is Ekornes’ commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Every Stressless recliner includes a factory warranty that ensures longevity and durability. These chairs are built to endure life’s challenges and remain vibrant and comfortable year after year. While other chairs may offer comfort for a short time, Stressless recliners are one of the only options with an unparalleled lifespan.

Each Stressless recliner is made with premium materials, from hand-hewn woods to top-of-the-line metals and quality coverings. Stressless chairs are made for life’s unexpected incidents and everyday use.

With their longevity and durability, Stressless recliners go beyond your average living room furniture. Considering their enduring engineering, Stressless recliners are an investment you’ll love throughout life.

Ekornes Stressless vs. Other Recliner Brands

Choosing between Ekornes Stressless vs. other recliner brands can be difficult without proper guidance. Of course, it’s important to do your research to find the perfect recliner for your home, style, and budget. While other recliners may offer similar designs, Stressless recliners have become synonymous with true luxury and comfort. From high-level accolades to a rich history of design innovation, Ekornes Stressless furniture has stood the test of time.

Other luxury recliner brands are undoubtedly worth considering. However, many will not boast the same awards, reviews, or level of luxury. Although it is often imitated, the original Scandinavian design of Stressless recliners has never been matched by knockoff or off-brand options.

If you want authentic mid-century modern designs from the premier luxury furniture company, your clear choice is Ekornes Stressless furniture.

Benefits of Owning Ekornes Stressless Recliners

When you buy Stressless recliners, you know you’re purchasing the height of luxury. There are countless benefits to investing in your comfort with an Ekornes Stressless recliner, such as: 

  • Ergonomic design: As one of the only recliners endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, Ekornes Stressless recliners offer an ergonomic design that cradles and supports your spine, legs, shoulders, and neck.
  • Top-notch manufacturing: Since its inception in 1971, the Stressless line has been committed to impeccable manufacturing and innovative engineering. Stressless patented multiple designs to ensure the highest quality recliners and sofas.
  • Premium Materials: One way to ensure a quality product is to begin with quality materials. Stressless uses only the best woods, leathers, fabrics, metals, and electronics to construct its luxury recliners.
  • Durability and longevity: Because Ekornes Stressless furniture is made from top-notch materials, each piece is designed for life’s hiccups. With innate durability, these luxury recliners stand the test of time and life.
  • Bespoke style: The sleek lines of the mid-century modern aesthetic bring the natural beauty of the Nordic Alps into your living space. With numerous styles, colors, coverings, and finishes to choose from, these recliners truly reflect your personal style.

These incredible recliners offer many benefits for those considering incorporating Stressless furniture into their homes.

How to Incorporate Stressless Furniture into Your Decor

From the first design stages to delivery, discovering how to incorporate Stressless furniture into your home decor is a beautiful journey. Because Stressless offers many unique options and customizable design choices, integrating a Stressless piece into your home can be seamless and simple.

Once you’ve chosen your design, it’s up to you to be creative with how you display your new showstopper. Try rearranging your current furniture to explore new orientations for your Stressless recliner. Instead of centering the focus on the TV or gaming systems, orient your furniture to be a focal point in itself. After all, conversations, warm gatherings, and evenings shared with friends and family can be more meaningful than an evening surrounded by the noise of the television.

However, if your home decides to integrate your Stressless recliner into your living space, be sure you create a space in which you are most comfortable.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Small Spaces

Arranging furniture in small spaces can be challenging and frustrating. Fortunately, Ekornes Stressless furniture offers many options to help solve small space issues. Many Stressless models come in multiple size options to suit your stature and living space best. For example, consider the Stressless Sunrise, which offers medium and small sizes.

Other options, like the Stressless Mike Power, include an ingenious design that conceals the footrest within itself, leaving a smaller footprint. With style options and innovative technology, Stressless makes a living with smaller square footage more luxurious.

Choose European Leather Gallery as your Stressless Furniture Store

Ekornes Stressless furniture is the height of luxury with unique style, customizable comfort, and superior manufacturing. With a rich history of creating unparalleled comfort and ergonomic innovation, Ekornes Stressless remains a pinnacle of interior design.

The best way to experience the immense comfort and relaxation of a Stressless recliner is in the comfort of your own home. European Leather Gallery makes that dream a reality with nationwide transportation, extensive Stressless inventory, and unmatched customer service. Contact us today to begin the process of enhancing your comfort.

Stressless Furniture FAQ

What makes Ekornes Stressless furniture different from other recliner brands?

When considering Ekornes Stressless vs. other recliner brands, it’s essential to look back at the history of luxury that Ekornes has embodied. Since 1971, the Stressless brand name has been synonymous with ergonomic design, luxury style, and unparalleled comfort.

While countless other options for luxury recliners, like Himolla or Fjords Hjellegjerde, are certainly worthy of consideration, for many, Ekornes Stressless remains the premiere option for customizability and comfort.

Are Ekornes Stressless Recliners worth the investment?

A key feature of Ekornes Stressless furniture is its longevity. While the cost is certainly something to take into account, investing in a Stressless recliner is an investment in your future. Unlike other brands that wear out before you know it, Stressless recliners are built to last through the stages of your life.

Saying that Stressless Furniture is built to last is more than just talk. Ekornes Stressless furniture is built with premium materials, sustainable intentionality, and impeccable engineering to create a piece that remains stable year after year. With the Ekornes Stressless manufacturing warranty, you can be sure your recliner is crafted to perfection. When you look at it long term, investing in a recliner that will last for years to come makes a significant difference in your decision.

How do I know which size of Ekornes Stressless Recliner is right for me?

A lot goes into choosing the right recliner for your home. Whether style is the most important or you’re all about the design features, you have nearly endless options. We recommend beginning with your current home decor and finding a style that matches your personal aesthetic. From there, it’s a matter of choosing material, color, and size. Once you’ve determined these factors, browse the many Stressless styles available at European Leather Gallery to make your decision.

Of course, one of the best ways to find the perfect fit is to experience it for yourself. If you’re a local to Jacksonville, swing by our Ekornes Stressless furniture store to try them out for size in person. We’ll be happy to guide you to the ideal recliner for you.

Can Ekornes Stressless furniture be customized to match my existing decor?

Most definitely. One of the many benefits of Ekornes Stressless recliners is their customizability. From leathers and fabrics to colors and natural elements, your recliner can be nearly entirely customized to suit the personal flare of your home decor.

Stressless customizability grants you the freedom to mix and match, contrast, and complement. The classic Scandinavian design embraces simplistic beauty inspired by the natural richness of the Nordic landscape. The style transcends time to become a centerpiece of any living space.

Do Ekornes Stressless Recliners work well in small apartments or rooms?

While the sizes can vary by style, there are multiple styles of Ekornes Stressless furniture for small spaces. A few options may be the Stressless Paris High Back or the Stressless London—two classic options for compact areas.

Additionally, many Stressless recliners offer size options to suit your stature and living space. Where space is limited, a small or medium option may be best. The good news is there are multiple options for Ekornes Stresses furniture for small spaces.

The Importance of Quality Materials in Ekornes Stressless Furniture

When it comes to furniture, few brands have captured the essence of comfort, style, and durability as Ekornes Stressless Furniture. Renowned for its innovative designs and unparalleled comfort, Stressless furniture has become a hallmark of quality in the industry. But what exactly sets Stressless furniture apart? The answer lies in the meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium materials in every piece.

Leather: The Foundation of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

At the heart of every Stressless piece lies the finest leather. Ekornes utilizes various types of leather, each carefully selected for its quality and texture. From supple aniline to durable corrected grain leather, every variant is chosen to enhance both the comfort and aesthetics of the furniture. To experience the luxury of Stressless leather firsthand, explore our collection of Stressless recliners at European Leather Gallery.

Comfort and Durability: The Role of Premium Materials

Premium materials not only contribute to the luxurious feel of Stressless furniture but also play a crucial role in its durability. The use of high-quality leather and other materials ensures that Stressless furniture retains its shape and comfort for years to come. With proper care, Stressless pieces become cherished heirlooms, offering unparalleled comfort and support throughout their lifespan.

Design and Aesthetics: Enhancing the Appeal with Quality Materials

In addition to comfort and durability, quality materials elevate the design and aesthetics of Stressless furniture. From sleek lines to intricate stitching, every detail is accentuated by the premium materials used. Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary flair, Stressless furniture is designed to complement any interior style with its timeless appeal.

The diverse range of leather options offered by Ekornes allows customers to choose the perfect texture and finish to complement their interior style. Whether it’s the soft and supple feel of aniline leather or the durable yet elegant corrected grain leather, each variant is crafted to perfection. The intricate stitching and attention to detail further accentuate the premium quality of Stressless furniture, adding a touch of sophistication to any living space.

Moreover, Stressless furniture is designed with versatility in mind, seamlessly blending classic elegance with contemporary flair. The sleek lines and timeless appeal of Ekornes pieces make them the perfect choice for both traditional and modern interiors. Whether you’re furnishing a cozy den or a chic urban loft, Stressless furniture effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Craftsmanship: The Art of Working with Quality Materials

At Ekornes, craftsmanship is at the core of everything they do. Their skilled artisans painstakingly work with premium materials, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and precision. From the initial design phase to the final touches, every step of the process is infused with a passion for excellence, resulting in furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

One of the hallmarks of Ekornes craftsmanship is their commitment to working with premium materials. Whether it’s the luxurious leather upholstery or the robust wood components, every material is carefully selected for its quality and durability. Our artisans painstakingly work with these materials, utilizing traditional techniques combined with modern innovation to create furniture that is both beautiful and functional.

Sustainability: Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Impact

Beyond quality and craftsmanship, Ekornes is deeply committed to sustainability in material sourcing. We recognize the importance of preserving our planet for future generations and strive to minimize our environmental footprint in every aspect of our operations.

When it comes to leather, Ekornes adheres to strict guidelines for animal welfare, health, safety, and environmental sustainability. All our leather is manufactured in compliance with current laws and regulations, ensuring that ethical practices are upheld throughout the production process. Additionally, we work closely with recognized international institutions to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in sustainable leather production.

In addition to leather, Ekornes also offers a range of sustainable fabrics that meet the furniture industry’s strictest requirements. Our fabrics are produced in accordance with stringent environmental standards and are treated for heavy-duty use and flameproofing. With a wide selection of colors to choose from, customers can enjoy both style and sustainability in their Stressless furniture.

Furthermore, Ekornes prioritizes the use of renewable resources in its furniture production. The wood components of Stressless furniture are crafted from rotary-cut beech veneer and lightly-steamed beech, both of which are sourced from sustainable forests. The hardness of European beech makes it incredibly durable, ensuring that Ekornes furniture stands the test of time while minimizing its impact on the environment.

By choosing Ekornes Stressless Furniture, you’re not just investing in premium quality; you’re also making a conscious decision to support ethical practices and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The importance of quality materials in Ekornes Stressless Furniture cannot be overstated. From the luxurious feel of premium leather to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every piece, Stressless furniture embodies the epitome of quality and comfort. If you’re ready to experience the unparalleled luxury of Stressless furniture, we invite you to explore our collection of Stressless furniture at European Leather Gallery. Your journey to ultimate relaxation begins here.

Scandinavian Design vs. Mid-Century Modern vs. Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

With so many great design styles to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? And are they really that different?

If you’re confused about where to begin, we’ve done the research for you and are explaining three popular design styles: Scandinavian design, mid-century modern, and contemporary.

Scandinavian Design Style

What is it?

Scandinavian design can be explained in three words: simplicity, utility, and beauty. It emerged as early as the 1930s from the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden before peaking in the 1950s. A range of designers who started the movement inspired the tangible values of durability, reliability, and functionality, including those less tangible values such as simplicity, joy, and courage through simple forms.

Scandinavian design believes beauty, functionality, and comfort should be available to all. A strong relationship between nature and abstract, natural shapes exist. Natural materials such as wood, leather, hemp, and more are used to create nature-inspired pieces. Scandinavian design styles seek to improve daily life through the unique design of furniture, textiles, lighting, dishes, etc.

Design Tips

  • Go Natural – Don’t be afraid of wood walls, floors, and accents on furniture. To take the yellow hue out of pine or oil, many use gray oil for a cooler tone.
  • Function – Scandinavian interior designs are very livable. Beautiful furniture becomes storage to hide belongings from sight.
  • Eco-Friendly – Swedish families are quick to add eco-friendly aspects to their homes. Proper insulation, solar, and large windows with natural light.
  • Keep it Simple – Scale back on accessories and declutter your interior.

Read More about History of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Mid-Century Modern Design Style

What is it?

Mid-century modern describes design styles from the mid-20th century, roughly 1933 to 1965. The term often refers to mid-1950s architecture and design. These designs were born during the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 19th century and included the post-World War I period.

Mid-century modern made its debut in 1984 when author Cara Greenberg titled her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. According to Greenberg, she just “made that up as the book’s title.” Lucky for her, the title stuck.

Design Tips

  • Furniture – This era featured clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles. Rarely you’ll find fancy ornamentation or upholstery. You may find wood construction, fiberglass, or metal creations.
  • Lighting – Floor or table lamps are straight-lined or have a round, curved contour. The contrast in shapes creates a bold statement for lighting in a room. Most pieces are made with finished metal.

Contemporary Design Style

What is it?

Contemporary design is defined as current or present designs. Many people use the words “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably, but modern design actually refers to the mid-1990s.

Contemporary designs change with each passing year. Designs once considered contemporary in the year 2000 could now be considered vintage. Those created a decade from now will also be referred to as contemporary designs. Therefore, contemporary designs are ever changing due to new ideas, materials, and availability of resources.

Design Tips (2017)

  • Texture – We spend plenty of time looking at screens, so it’s time to engage on the textural level. Furniture, pillows, blankets, and décor – don’t be afraid to increase the comfort of texture in your home.
  • White with Off-White – There’s something refreshing about a room bathed in white. But a stark white tone can feel clinical. Balancing a white palette with creamy off-whites and linen creates a calming richness.
  • Artisan Over DIY – Experienced craftsmanship is in. Glass blowing, porcelain, and even woodworking are now on display.
  • Technology – Voice-activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are the popular smart home devices. These devices can be placed throughout the home and activated at your command to dim your lights or power up the hot tub.

So, What’s the Difference?

All styles have a few similarities with unique differences inspired by their era and cultural background. At the core of each style is your comfort, with alternating focuses on simplicity, splashes of color and pattern, and the ever-evolving contemporary styles which can change with each passing year.

At European Leather Gallery, we specialize in Scandinavian-inspired furniture and modern furniture at our showroom in Jacksonville, FL. We believe in offering furniture that is designed with your comfort in mind. Preview our gallery online to find your new home interiors.

Discover the Finest Ekornes Stressless Furniture Collections at European Leather Gallery

Known worldwide for its ergonomic design and Scandinavian inspiration, Ekornes Stressless furniture is the picture of decadence and style. Each of these artfully designed pieces offers superior comfort, unique style, and ultimate relaxation. As a global standard, you can expect each Stressless furniture collection to bring unique factors to the table.

At European Leather Gallery, we offer nothing but the best Ekornes Stressless models to bring luxury into your living space, office, or dining room. Here are our top selections for the best Ekornes Stressless recliners and collections.

The Significance of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

In 1971, Ekornes launched the Stressless furniture line. In a matter of months, this revolutionary recliner became a household name. As the first chair designed specifically for relaxation and watching television, the Stressless recliner boomed in popularity.

As the forerunner to what would be known as the pinnacle of luxury, this first recliner in Ekornes Stressless history was equipped with a full swivel and gentle reclining motion that came to be called the patented Glide system.

Since that very first recliner, Ekornes has grown into a luxury furniture phenomenon. Today, Ekornes Stressless collections are a treasured possession, sought after by the most distinguished and discerning luxury furniture connoisseurs.

Top Ekornes Stressless Furniture Collections

Throughout the decades, Stressless recliners have evolved and elevated in style, features, and innovative comfort. Today, there are dozens of models to match your living space, aesthetic, and preferences.

As Stressless furniture has produced new collections, they’ve highlighted innovative features and stylish fashionings and created designs to pique the interest of their clientele. With each addition to the Stressless line, luxury meets functionality in every stitch, design choice, covering, and feature. Each Ekornes Stressless furniture collection member pushes the boundary of what high-quality design and attention to detail can accomplish.

Naturally, different collections have unique features and style options. Below, we will highlight three of the most popular Stressless recliners.

1. London

First on our list is the Stressless London collection. This stylish armchair takes inspiration from the hustle and bustle of the 1960s London streets. With classic Scandinavian design fused into English style, this armchair sacrifices nothing on comfort and relaxation. With a distinct star base and ottoman, the London is available in both a high and low back option. With a myriad of ultra-fine leathers and premium fabrics, the London can be truly personalized to fit any color scheme or covering preference.

The London is available in a medium size option, which stands 43.75 in. high and 31.5 in. wide. The seat height reaches 18 in. and the depth measures 29.25 in.

As one of the most popular options in the Stressless furniture collection, the London is a top-tier choice for any choosy shopper.

2. Mayfair

Second on our list of the best Ekornes Stressless recliners is the Stressless Mayfair, a classic option. Perhaps one of the most quintessential Stressless designs, the Mayfair features a relaxed and elegant style. A key element of the Mayfair is the ultra-comfortable pillow top covering, which provides a soft and supportive cushioning system. Wooden features help enhance the classic style of these remarkable armchairs. Meanwhile, the patented Glide system is standard for effortless reclining.

This high back armchair is available in multiple base options, including the cross base, signature base, and classic base. The Mayfair features a wealth of options for luxurious leathers and fabulous fabrics. The Mayfair is available in small, medium, and large options to best fit your body type for personalized comfort. You can’t go wrong with the top-selling Stressless Mayfair.

3. Sunrise

Classic Scandinavian design meets modern Stressless innovation with the Stressless Sunrise. This highback armchair is packed with patented features and luxury options that supply both comfort and functionality. Like many options in the Stressless furniture collection, the Sunrise is equipped with the innovative Glide system, patented Plus system, and personalized style options. You can choose from multiple wooden bases, as well as a range of fine leathers and luxurious fabrics.

The personalized comfort of the Stressless sunrise goes far beyond mere aesthetics, however. In fact, these timeless recliners are available in small, medium, and large to accommodate your specific height and body type. The Stressless Sunrise embodies classic Scandinavian design with all the modern bells and whistles—yet another reason this is consistently rated among the best Stressless furniture collections.

Selecting & Buying Ekornes Stressless: Which Is Right For You?

Like any investment, buying Ekornes Stressless furniture is an important decision. You may need help choosing the right option for your living space. Of the three collections listed above, a number of factors could help you consider your options. Here are some helpful comparisons for buying Stressless furniture:

Price: Your price range is a significant factor in determining which Stressless recliner is right for your home. Of our top three options, the Sunrise is the most economical option, followed closely by the Mayfair, then the London.

Style: Your decor may also sway your decision. While the London boasts a mid-century English style, the Sunrise and Mayfair feature more classic Scandinavian designs. Your chair style can depend heavily on what best suits your space.

Options: If features and variety are paramount to you, the Mayfair and Sunrise may be more attractive options than the London. While the London is a stunning design, it is only available in a medium size and star base, which might not work for everyone.

Of course, Ekornes furniture comes in all shapes, styles, and sizes. You may find one of our other Stressless recliners best fits your needs.

Why Choose European Leather Gallery

For years, European Leather Gallery has been a staple in the Jacksonville community for purchasing high-end furniture and luxury decor. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you bring peak decadence into your home or office. Whether you can stop by our showroom or need us to ship to your door, we can make your style dreams come true.

Explore More Ekornes Stressless Furniture Options At European Leather Gallery

When you’re ready to bring the style of Stressless London, the comfort of Stressless Sunrise, or the classic design of the Stressless Mayfair into your living space, you can rely on European Leather Gallery to make it happen. We are your home for high-end furniture that expresses your style and passion. Get in touch with our team to begin your journey to elegance.

Why is Scandinavian Design So Popular? 

Scandinavian furniture has been the envy of many since the early 1950s (and Ekornes Stressless history goes back to the 1930s). Companies like Ekornes Stressless furniture and Fjords Hjellegjerde helped create the distinct look and style now recognizable around the world. Scandinavian design trends are globally recognized furniture phenomena known for clever angles, intuitive functionality, and opulent comfort.

Just what is it about Scandinavian design that is so appealing to become synonymous with luxury and taste? The answer to this question is multifaceted and combines compounded layers of reason and thoughtful engineering. Let’s explore why Scandinavian design is so popular. 

Classic Style Inspired by the Beauty of Nature

Like many popular design choices, Scandinavian design trends were born out of the stunning beauty of nature. When creating the Ekornes Stressless Furniture line, Nordic designers took inspiration from the soaring heights of Norway, the icy depths of frigid fjords in Sweden, and the untouched meadows of wild foliage in Denmark to craft their ergonomic seats. Looking closely at their offerings, the images of nature are subtly yet clearly present in the gentle curvature and natural structure of their luxurious recliners and sofas

Being born from nature, Scandinavian furniture helps bridge the gap between humanity and the natural world. This connection with nature speaks to a higher emphasis on the importance of thoughtful design paired with natural comfort.

High-Grade Materials Create a Lasting Impression

Another staple of Scandinavian design is the use of top-tier materials that are built to last a lifetime. For many Scandinavian furniture companies, the materials used are just as important as the design itself. By using natural top-grain leathers, sturdy wooden materials, and high-end metal frames and feet, Scandinavian furniture companies create a design for the ages. After all, quality never goes out of style. 

The difference high-grade elements make in luxury furniture is astounding. Everything from the feel of the material to the support of the cushion and structure is affected by the quality of the materials with which it is made. Staying true to their connection with natural elements, using high-end, sustainably sourced materials is an uncompromisable standard in Scandinavian design. 


Simplicity is Timeless

There is remarkable beauty to be found in simplistic, unobtrusive design. With clean-cut angles, uncomplicated design elements, and thoughtful attention to detail, the simple design of Scandinavian furniture remains a truly timeless style. Although incredible engineering is used to create luxury furniture, the overall effect is reflective of simple beauty and classic comfort. 

This minimalist approach to design creates a sense of calmness and simplicity In living spaces. Cultivating a welcoming and calming atmosphere is often highly attractive to those with busy lives. It is as if the unassuming design creates a private oasis where owners can take refuge from the constant hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. By creating a personal respite from busyness through the straightforwardness of Scandinavian design, people can enjoy their downtime and de-stress for a few moments. 

Thoughtful Innovation

With many luxury furniture companies, thoughtful design is an essential element to the success of their pieces. The thoughtful innovation that goes into Scandinavian design is meticulously planned to provide aesthetically pleasing beauty while creating an incredibly comfortable seating experience. The engineering and craftsmanship necessary to build a luxurious recliner or sofa is both impressive and revolutionary. 

With Scandinavian design, the same old same old simply will not do. Furniture companies must create carefully thought-out modernizations to revolutionize and delight their patrons. These innovations include such measures as ergonomic attention, intuitive mechanisms, natural motion, and careful support. 

Function Paired with Fashion

Of course, luxury furniture must not only look agreeable but supply creative functions as well.  The importance of functionality is a key emphasis of Scandinavian design. Reclining should be effortless, support should be intuitive, and footrests should be practical additions to any Scandinavian seat. 

The functionality of Scandinavian design serves important purposes for those enjoying them. This focus on usability in Scandinavian furniture is a core aspect of what makes them attractive and globally popular. Functionality accentuates the performance and value of luxury furniture brands and amplifies the user’s enjoyment. 

Global Notability

Scandinavian design began gaining popularity in the mid-20th century. After the end of World War II, the remarkable increase in demand for Scandinavian furniture exploded as people became more exposed to the innovative designs and luxurious furniture options Europe had to offer. It wasn’t long before Scandinavian design became the envy of everyone who saw it. 

Now, Scandinavian furniture is known worldwide as the gold standard of luxurious living space furniture. This global notability comes with the dignity and prowess of high-quality, stunning craftsmanship. Owning one of these luxury furniture items elevates the tone and style of any living space.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture: A Picture of Perfect Scandinavian Design

A prime example of this thoughtful innovation is in Ekornes Stressless recliners. These pillars of Scandinavian design are created with wellness and comfort in mind while boasting a timeless aesthetic allure. Focusing on comfort and innovation, Ekornes Stressless recliners first came on the scene in the 1970s and changed the furniture landscape forever. 

Since its introduction, the Ekornes Stressless recliner has continued to innovate and adapt to fit various styles and seamlessly integrate into nearly any living space. 

Bring Scandinavian Luxury Into Your Home

European Leather Gallery is the premiere home for luxurious Scandinavian furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. We are proud to provide opulent furniture, innovative designs, and personalized comfort with our inventory of designer furniture. When you’re ready to enhance your living space, we are here to help. Contact our team to bring the beauty of Scandinavian design into your home.

Why We’re Proud to Represent Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Since being introduced to Ekornes Stressless products in 2001, the owners & management staff behind ELG have had a passion to spread the word about this genuinely unique furniture line.  ELG considers it a privilege to represent a manufacturer who reaches and exceeds the expectations of the ever growing cautious consumer.

Ekornes, being the only furniture maker to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Associationhas built a solid reputation for being the answer for those who simply have a difficult time being comfortable on conventional furniture.

The Stressless line provides more than comfort as it offers a wide variety of styles, from casual to formal, in over 500 color & wood accent combinations. The Ekornes Stressless brand, which began in 1934, has seen amazing growth over the past 3 decades and continues to be the leader in contemporary furniture innovations.

Some History of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

2010 — Present

In 2010, Ekornes was the first company to win two categories of the British interior design awards for “Best Overseas Furniture Manufacturer” and “Best Marketing Support”. Stressless turned 40 in 2011 with over 6.5 million seat units sold since 1971. Ekornes won more awards in Britain, Japan, and Hong Kong. The Svane mattress brand celebrated 75 years in 2012, the same year the new Stressless Office line launched.

In 2014, the Stressless City and Stressless Metro launched with new designs and steel/aluminum bases. Presently, Ekornes continues to automate production, innovate products and deliver high-quality furniture pieces all over the world!

Check out Ekornes’ latest Stressless models at our European Leather Gallery recliners page.


In 2002, the Stressless factory became Norway’s most robotized and automated production business. Sofas and chairs were presented as product families. The new Stressless factory opened in 2004 with the most advanced furniture equipment making 2,000 chairs per day. Ekornes expands by opening showrooms in Las Vegas and Paris and markets to Russia, Spain, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Brazil, and more.


In 1994, the company turned 60 years old and manufacturing plants were reduced to four locations in Norway. Ekornes launched a new child chair concept called KIDDO and a new mattress series called Svane Goldline in 1998. The following year, the Stressless Senator was chosen by the Consumer Digest as the “Best Buy” in the US.


Marketing to the USA began which became the largest export market for Ekornes. Various companies under the Ekornes umbrella and ownership structure were reorganized to enable one generation to pass on to the next. In 1984, the company turned 50 years old. By 1985, eight Ekornes factories existed in Norway and they acquired a company in West Germany.


Ekornes applied for a patent and launched Stressless chairs in the Norwegian market. In 1975, revenue of the Ekornes Group exceeded NOK 100 million. The following year, the Fetsund plant was destroyed by a fire. A new factory was built 1976-78. During this time, Ekornes group became the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. In 1978, Ekornes entered the computer age with an online computer system for order processing, invoicing, statistics, and production control.


Ekornes launches their first collection of lounge furniture. They began marketing their brand and products with newsletters to every household in the country followed by an Ekornes catalog every year. At the end of the 1960s, mattress production moved from Ikornnes to Fetsund and they launched their first leather lounge furniture.


Mattress production began. They also produced foamed plastic which became an important element in the manufacturing process of Ekornes’ mattresses and furniture, including on the open market.


Jens Ekornes traveled to the USA and worked in a mattress factory to learn about the trade. His brothers, Martin and Leif, looked after the business while he was away. Jens Ekornes bought American machinery to produce upholstered spring mattresses at a more reasonable price. The factory also started manufacturing wooden components for sofa beds and mattress bases.

1935 — 1938

Jens Ekornes presented his idea for internal springs at a major furniture exhibition in Ålesund. His springs linked together by steel coils and could be used in mattresses and furniture cushions. Three versions of Svane mattresses launched on the market.

The Beginning (1934)

J.E. Ekornes Fjærfabrikk started production in 1934 with three employees and German-made machines. Furniture manufacturing was new to Sunnmøre which gave the founder, Jens Ekornes, his first customers. Soon after, springs were used in furniture and mattresses throughout Norway. Jens Ekornes developed an interest in springs and mattresses, but he wanted them to differ from the heavy steel-spring mattresses on wooden frames. Once he understood how the springs worked, he went back to his factory and built the first Svane mattress. New products and factories followed with a steadily increasing workforce.

How Ekornes Stressless Furniture Can Help Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment that can significantly impact our daily lives. Not only does it limit your movement, but it can also have an affect on your overall well-being. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you know firsthand how critical finding a reliable solution can be.

Ekornes Stressless is a revolutionary line of ergonomic furniture designed to provide comfort, support, and relief to individuals seeking relief from back pain. 

Let’s dive into the world of Ekornes Stressless furniture and explore how it effectively relieves back pain and offers a path to a more comfortable and pain-free life.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain can stem from a variety of different factors, including poor posture, too much sitting, and inadequate lumbar support. These issues can exacerbate discomfort and even lead to chronic pain. That’s why the importance of quality ergonomic furniture for individuals suffering from back pain cannot be overstated. 

Ergonomic design plays a pivotal role in mitigating the adverse effects of back pain, and that is truly where Ekornes Stressless furniture shines.

The Science Behind Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Ekornes Stressless furniture boasts a range of features that make it a standout choice for back pain relief. 

One of its key design elements is the incorporation of optimal lumbar support. The furniture’s lumbar support feature is engineered to maintain a healthy spinal curvature, promote proper alignment, and reduce lower back strain.

Furthermore, the customizable comfort offered by Stressless furniture is a true game-changer. With adjustable headrests, recline settings, and other personalized features, individuals can tailor their furniture to their unique needs, ensuring maximum comfort and pain relief.

Reducing Pressure Points

Pressure points are a common contributor to back pain, especially for people who sit for long periods of time.

Stressless furniture’s innovative design minimizes these pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight. This even weight distribution helps prevent the development of uncomfortable pressure areas, enhancing the overall comfort of Stressless furniture while helping to alleviate back pain.

Benefits of Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Back Pain Relief

Optimal Lumbar Support

The lumbar support feature in Ekornes Stressless furniture is a true game-changer. 

By maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, this feature provides crucial support to the lower back, effectively reducing strain and discomfort. Whether you’re working or lounging after a day of work, Stressless furniture’s lumbar support ensures your spine stays in a healthy alignment, promoting comfort and back pain relief.

Customizable Comfort

We realize no two individuals are the same and neither are their comfort preferences. 

Ekornes Stressless also understands this, and their furniture offers a range of customizable features that allow you to tailor your sitting experience. Adjust the headrest, recline angle, and more to find your sweet spot. A personalized approach to comfort is essential for back pain sufferers.

Reducing Pressure Points

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Say goodbye to uncomfortable pressure points with Stressless furniture. 

Its innovative design distributes body weight evenly, preventing the development of pressure-related discomfort. This unique feature is a testament to Ekornes’s commitment to providing holistic relief for back pain sufferers.

Where To Find Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Exploring Purchase Options

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of Ekornes Stressless furniture alleviating your back pain, you’re in luck. 

You can explore a wide range of Stressless furniture options online and in person at European Leather Gallery. We offer a full range of Stressless furniture, and our sales staff are knowledgeable in all things Stressless. We’re more than happy to answer your questions online, over the phone, or in person at our showroom and gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.

Comparing Models and Prices

Visit our virtual showroom to see and compare the array of models available from Ekornes Stressless. 

Each Ekornes Stressless piece has its own set of features and benefits. From Stressless recliners to Ekornes Stressless sofas and Stressless office chairs, there’s a diverse selection to choose from. Take the time to compare models and prices, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. 

With options tailored to different needs, you’re bound to discover the ideal furniture piece to alleviate your back pain.

Back pain doesn’t have to be a constant companion in your life. With Ekornes Stressless furniture, you have a powerful ally in your quest for back pain relief. The combination of optimal lumbar support, customizable comfort, and pressure point reduction makes Stressless furniture a leading choice for those seeking a more comfortable and pain-free lifestyle.

Investing in ergonomic furniture is an investment in your well-being. By considering Ekornes Stressless furniture, you’re taking a step toward enhancing your comfort, alleviating back pain, and improving your overall quality of life. 

Don’t hesitate to explore European Leather Gallery’s offerings further, and visit their store to experience firsthand the transformative benefits of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Your back will thank you for it.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Office Spaces: A Guide

Understanding Ekornes Stressless Furniture

Ekornes introduced the Stressless line in the 1970s, at the height of the modern Scandinavian design era. Before long, the luxurious, ergonomic furniture became a global sensation. Ekornes created their Stressless chairs with spinal support, luxurious comfort, and health and wellness in mind. These elegant chairs offer superior comfort and bespoke ergonomic design.

Since the 1970s, Ekornes has continued to evolve their Stressless line to innovate and push the limits of luxury furniture. Not only has Stressless furniture occupied countless living spaces, but now are found in offices around the world. Ekornes Stressless furniture for office spaces brings the ergonomic support of their famous recliners into the workplace.

Overview of Ekornes Stressless Office Chairs

Features and ergonomic design

Throughout their product’s history, Ekornes has consistently created high-quality furniture with innovative design. A few features truly help Stressless office furniture stand head and shoulders over other office furniture options. Here are some of the very best features Stressless office chairs bring to the workplace:

  • The Glide System: Perhaps the most notable feature within Ekornes Stressless office chairs is the patented Glide System. This mechanic enables the office chair to recline effortlessly while maintaining proper support and tension. A staple in Stressless recliners, the Glide system is ideally suited for laying back at the office.
  • Comfort Zone technology: As you recline, Ekornes Stressless office chairs make minute adjustments to provide continuous support in all the right places. This mechanism perfectly balances cushioning and support for maximum ergonomic benefit.
  • Convenient height and swivel:  One of the many benefits of Stressless office chairs is the ability to adjust height as needed. Additionally, the 360° swivel provides all-around visibility.

Benefits for posture and comfort

Like other members of the Stressless furniture line, the office chairs feature an ergonomic design to support and encourage positive posture. Ekornes constructed its office chairs to aid in supporting the entire body from the head down. With thoughtful amenities to provide lumbar, spinal, and neck support, Ekornes Stressless office chairs help users maintain the correct posture in comfort.

Stressless office chair models of note

There are several models to choose from when it comes to Stressless office furniture. While each one offers unique features and capabilities, each model can tailor-fit your unique style, stature, and preferences. Some of the most popular models include the following:

Naturally, there are several other options to suit your office furniture needs. Each one offers spectacular design, thoughtful cushioning, and outstanding support.

Creating an Ergonomic Office Space

Ergonomics don’t just belong in the living room but should be integrated into every aspect of healthy living. This concept holds true for office spaces as well. Office furniture doesn’t have to be one-dimensional or merely functional. Creating a healthy work environment with ergonomic office furniture is an important step in maintaining a healthy posture and spinal system.

Importance of Ergonomics in Office Settings

Typical office settings are unfriendly to posture and back health. Traditional office chairs provide little support or comfort. When you consider how much time you spend in the office and sitting at your desk, uncomfortable or unsupportive office chairs can be a detriment to your overall health. Because traditional office chairs fail to support the spine and promote negative posture properly, they can have an ill effect on your chiropractic wellness.

Creating a workspace that provides spinal support and promotes proper posture is important to consider when shopping for office furniture. Furthermore, investing in employee health and wellness helps improve morale and productivity, reports Forbes.

How Ekornes Stressless Furniture Supports Ergonomics

Ekornes Stressless office furniture seamlessly combines innovative engineering with modern comfort amenities to create truly ergonomic-inspired furniture. By blending high-grade materials, such as supportive foam and top-grain leather, Stressless office chairs are the pinnacle of comfort and health promotion. In addition to the overall comfort, Stressless office chairs feature effortless reclining motion to help you unwind in the optimal position.

Work environments can be stressful enough; your office chair shouldn’t be. Bringing together the effortless reclining motion with the ergonomic engineering results in a comfortable office chair that promotes your well-being. When the workplace becomes overstimulating, Ekornes Stressless office furniture can provide the serenity you need to take a moment to relax.

Design and Aesthetics of Ekornes Stressless Furniture

The classic Scandinavian design of Stressless furniture has been synonymous with luxury and comfort. When Ekornes expanded the line to office furniture, they incorporated the same timeless elegance.

Ekornes Stressless Office Chairs: Aesthetics and Style

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Nordic landscape, Ekornes designed their Stressless office chairs based to reflect nature’s elements. The stunning craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal are reminiscent of towering mountains, stunning fjords, and snow-covered meadows. The beauty of the mid-century modern design is clearly demonstrated throughout the entire Stressless line.

One reason to buy Ekornes Stressless office chairs is the immense range of styles and options available. Each chair can be customized with unique colors, distinct mechanical features, and stylistic preferences. The customization means every chair is tailored to the most exacting detail.

Complementing Office Spaces with Ekornes Stressless Furniture

One of the benefits of Ekornes Stressless office chairs is their iconic design and aesthetic. A Stressless office chair elevates the decor of any workspace with a sophisticated style. With their distinct aesthetic, Stressless office chairs make an excellent centerpiece for any workplace.

When you shop for Ekornes Stressless office chairs, you can select the style and model best suited for your workspace. With myriad options, customizable features, and a range of sizes, personalized comfort can become a reality.

The Benefits of Choosing Stressless Office Chairs

There are countless benefits of Stressless office chairs, the first being ergonomic design. Naturally, high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship closely follow the ergonomic design on the list of benefits. However, several advantages may not be the first to come to mind. Here are a few of the many ways an ergonomic, Stressless office chair can improve your quality of life.

Enhanced Productivity and Focus

With traditional office chairs, you often have to readjust to find a comfortable position or stand to readjust your posture. Not so with a Stressless chair. The ergonomic support promotes spinal wellness while holding you in the optimal position. This means your workday can continue without the constant need for breaks or readjustment. Additionally, the effortless Glide feature allows you to lean back and relax for a few moments without standing to reposition yourself. This can save you time and help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Improved Health and Well-Being

As any chiropractor will tell you, a healthy spine is essential for a healthy body. When you make an investment in your chiropractic health by using an ergonomic option for your office furniture, you promote overall well-being. Furthermore, the ergonomic structure of Stressless office chairs relieves stress points on your spinal column, bringing much-needed respite from backaches.

Choose Ekornes Stressless Furniture for Your Office Space

If you’re ready to enhance your office life, European Leather Gallery is the best place to buy Ekornes Stressless office chairs. Contact our team for the best price on Stressless furniture and bring luxury into your office.

What Makes Ekornes Stressless Furniture So Comfortable?

In 1971, Ekornes added the Stressless furniture line. Since then, Ekornes Stressless recliners and sofas have become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Made with high-quality materials and top-of-the-line craftsmanship, these luxury seats go beyond expectations. The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture is cutting edge.

But what contributes to Ekornes Stressless furniture’s exceptional comfort? Why have they become so immensely popular? Ekornes Stressless furniture is known for its appealing design and industry-leading comfort. We’ll cover everything that makes Ekornes Stressless furniture so comfortable and how to bring luxury into your home.

Ergonomic Design and Support

One of the most notable benefits of Ekornes Stressless furniture is its ergonomic design. Ekornes revolutionized what ergonomic design could be in furniture when they introduced their Stressless line. Ergonomic means the furniture contours to and supports the legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Sitting in a Stressless chair helps relieve tension so you can truly relax. The ergonomic design within Ekornes Stressless furniture is thoughtfully engineered to envelop the human form.

Ekornes developed noteworthy ergonomic furniture as the pinnacle of comfort and opulent support. With thoughtful backing and physiological applications, the Stressless Furniture line embodies proper ergonomics. Every cushion, adjustment, and support has been meticulously planned and designed to provide the body with sumptuous comfort and ultimate support. You will feel weightless yet supported as you recline in an Ekornes Stressless chair or sofa.

Some of the best Ekornes Stressless Furniture features contribute to the ergonomic design. Not only are these luxurious seats comfortable, but they adhere to your specific position and seating needs. The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture features adjustable headrests and lumbar support to fit you precisely. With personalized comfort and adjustments, you will find Ekornes Stressless furniture well-suited for a comfortable seating option.

Innovative Reclining Mechanism

Since introducing the Stressless line, Ekornes has been at the forefront of innovation and ingenuity. The creative reclining solutions Ekornes has created have revolutionized the luxury furniture industry worldwide. Stressless furniture features cutting-edge reclining systems to support you in an effortless recline.

Every Stressless recliner features the patented Stressless Glide® and Plus® systems in addition to the ErgoAdapt® system. Each performs a unique function to create the ultimate seating experience.

  • The Stressless Glide system: The Stressless Glide system is responsible for effortless reclining motion. This system enables your Stressless chair to maneuver to the perfect position for optimal reclining. As you use your body weight to press on the recliner, the Glide system moves with you to lean back and relax.
  • The Plus system: Stressless furniture’s Plus system simultaneously adjusts to support your head and neck as you recline. This engaging system adapts to seamlessly support your lumbar as well. Although the subtle changes are unassertive, the slight adjustments will significantly affect your reclining comfort and support.
  • The ErgoAdapt system: As your body reclines, the ErgoAdapt system helps ensure you are seated at the right angle. This innovative system contours to your frame to suspend and cradle your body with gentle support.

The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture creates a truly personalized seating experience. Each system works cohesively to adjust to your preferred position.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

For the Stressless line, Ekornes uses only premium materials and high-end components. Using natural lumber, top-notch metals, premium leathers, and high-grade fabrics, Ekornes Stressless furniture is a testament to the level of engineering they design. The feel of the supple, top-grain leather or fabric paired with the gentle curvature of natural woods and metals combine to create a stunningly functional piece of furniture.

Because Ekornes uses high-grade material in their Stressless furniture, you will notice a significant difference in comfort and durability. Dedication to high-end materials and craftsmanship are just a few benefits of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Using quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, Ekornes creates durable furniture to last for years.

Technology and Innovation

From its inception, Stressless furniture has been dedicated to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovating ergonomic design. With a commitment to comfort, Ekornes revolutionized luxury recliners and sofas with their unique systems and technological advances. While the manual reclining systems are phenomenal, Ekornes added seamless electric reclining and adjustments to enhance the experience.

At the touch of a button, your recliner will sink into a relaxed position and adjust to support and cradle your body. Ekornes was a trendsetter in this innovative reclining technology. Though many other furniture companies have attempted to replicate the Stressless innovation, they have yet to come close to the original.

ekornes stressless recliners super comfortableEkornes Stressless furniture features intelligent technology to enhance the seating experience. Every component within a Stressless chair or recliner has a specific purpose. The revolutionary technology serves its users well in creating an indulgent seating apparatus with cloudlike comfort.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture Reviews

Consumers worldwide have experienced the luxury and comfort of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Stressless Furniture customer reviews have praised the luxury furniture manufacturer for the innovative design and ergonomic support that Stressless provides. With numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot, its consumers highly applaud and recommend Ekornes Stressless furniture.

Troy H. had this to say about his Stressless Max Power Recliner, “For me, this is the first recliner I’ve owned where the neck position is adjustable such that it doesn’t force my neck forward and cause pain.”

John B. said this about his Stressless Mayfair chair, “I purchased a Stressless Mayfair with Signature base in Paloma leather, and it is the most comfortable chair I have ever owned.”

Our own customers at European Leather Gallery love their furniture as well:

Jim M. left this review: “Shopped at the store to purchase a “Stressless” chair, (which we did). Leather selection is outstanding and we found a complimentary small recliner which exceeded our comfort expectations. Chris was exceptionally helpful and such a pleasure with whom to work.”

Lindsey B. said, “My entire experience with European Leather Gallery was wonderful. Chris took the time to listen to what I was looking for in both comfort and style and encouraged me to try out different chairs while educating me on each piece. He was attentive, kind and very knowledgeable. My Stressless chair was delivered to my upstairs office in Downtown Jax and the process was stress-free. Communication with Josh was smooth and professional.”

Shop for Ekornes Stressless Furniture 

In short, Stressless furniture is so comfortable because of a commitment to design innovation, ergonomic quality, and high-end materials and manufacturing. With these benefits working together, consumers will find Ekornes Stressless furniture the height of fine furniture.

Of course, the best place to experience the difference is in your own home. European Leather Gallery is the best place to buy Ekornes Stressless furniture. We make it easy to bring luxury into your living room. Contact our sales team to shop for Ekornes Stressless furniture today.