What Makes Ekornes Stressless Furniture So Comfortable?

What Makes Ekornes Stressless Furniture So Comfortable?

In 1971, Ekornes added the Stressless furniture line. Since then, Ekornes Stressless recliners and sofas have become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Made with high-quality materials and top-of-the-line craftsmanship, these luxury seats go beyond expectations. The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture is cutting edge.

But what contributes to Ekornes Stressless furniture’s exceptional comfort? Why have they become so immensely popular? Ekornes Stressless furniture is known for its appealing design and industry-leading comfort. We’ll cover everything that makes Ekornes Stressless furniture so comfortable and how to bring luxury into your home.

Ergonomic Design and Support

One of the most notable benefits of Ekornes Stressless furniture is its ergonomic design. Ekornes revolutionized what ergonomic design could be in furniture when they introduced their Stressless line. Ergonomic means the furniture contours to and supports the legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Sitting in a Stressless chair helps relieve tension so you can truly relax. The ergonomic design within Ekornes Stressless furniture is thoughtfully engineered to envelop the human form.

Ekornes developed noteworthy ergonomic furniture as the pinnacle of comfort and opulent support. With thoughtful backing and physiological applications, the Stressless Furniture line embodies proper ergonomics. Every cushion, adjustment, and support has been meticulously planned and designed to provide the body with sumptuous comfort and ultimate support. You will feel weightless yet supported as you recline in an Ekornes Stressless chair or sofa.

Some of the best Ekornes Stressless Furniture features contribute to the ergonomic design. Not only are these luxurious seats comfortable, but they adhere to your specific position and seating needs. The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture features adjustable headrests and lumbar support to fit you precisely. With personalized comfort and adjustments, you will find Ekornes Stressless furniture well-suited for a comfortable seating option.

Innovative Reclining Mechanism

Since introducing the Stressless line, Ekornes has been at the forefront of innovation and ingenuity. The creative reclining solutions Ekornes has created have revolutionized the luxury furniture industry worldwide. Stressless furniture features cutting-edge reclining systems to support you in an effortless recline.

Every Stressless recliner features the patented Stressless Glide® and Plus® systems in addition to the ErgoAdapt® system. Each performs a unique function to create the ultimate seating experience.

  • The Stressless Glide system: The Stressless Glide system is responsible for effortless reclining motion. This system enables your Stressless chair to maneuver to the perfect position for optimal reclining. As you use your body weight to press on the recliner, the Glide system moves with you to lean back and relax.
  • The Plus system: Stressless furniture’s Plus system simultaneously adjusts to support your head and neck as you recline. This engaging system adapts to seamlessly support your lumbar as well. Although the subtle changes are unassertive, the slight adjustments will significantly affect your reclining comfort and support.
  • The ErgoAdapt system: As your body reclines, the ErgoAdapt system helps ensure you are seated at the right angle. This innovative system contours to your frame to suspend and cradle your body with gentle support.

The technology in Ekornes Stressless furniture creates a truly personalized seating experience. Each system works cohesively to adjust to your preferred position.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

For the Stressless line, Ekornes uses only premium materials and high-end components. Using natural lumber, top-notch metals, premium leathers, and high-grade fabrics, Ekornes Stressless furniture is a testament to the level of engineering they design. The feel of the supple, top-grain leather or fabric paired with the gentle curvature of natural woods and metals combine to create a stunningly functional piece of furniture.

Because Ekornes uses high-grade material in their Stressless furniture, you will notice a significant difference in comfort and durability. Dedication to high-end materials and craftsmanship are just a few benefits of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Using quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, Ekornes creates durable furniture to last for years.

Technology and Innovation

From its inception, Stressless furniture has been dedicated to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovating ergonomic design. With a commitment to comfort, Ekornes revolutionized luxury recliners and sofas with their unique systems and technological advances. While the manual reclining systems are phenomenal, Ekornes added seamless electric reclining and adjustments to enhance the experience.

At the touch of a button, your recliner will sink into a relaxed position and adjust to support and cradle your body. Ekornes was a trendsetter in this innovative reclining technology. Though many other furniture companies have attempted to replicate the Stressless innovation, they have yet to come close to the original.

ekornes stressless recliners super comfortableEkornes Stressless furniture features intelligent technology to enhance the seating experience. Every component within a Stressless chair or recliner has a specific purpose. The revolutionary technology serves its users well in creating an indulgent seating apparatus with cloudlike comfort.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture Reviews

Consumers worldwide have experienced the luxury and comfort of Ekornes Stressless furniture. Stressless Furniture customer reviews have praised the luxury furniture manufacturer for the innovative design and ergonomic support that Stressless provides. With numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot, its consumers highly applaud and recommend Ekornes Stressless furniture.

Troy H. had this to say about his Stressless Max Power Recliner, “For me, this is the first recliner I’ve owned where the neck position is adjustable such that it doesn’t force my neck forward and cause pain.”

John B. said this about his Stressless Mayfair chair, “I purchased a Stressless Mayfair with Signature base in Paloma leather, and it is the most comfortable chair I have ever owned.”

Our own customers at European Leather Gallery love their furniture as well:

Jim M. left this review: “Shopped at the store to purchase a “Stressless” chair, (which we did). Leather selection is outstanding and we found a complimentary small recliner which exceeded our comfort expectations. Chris was exceptionally helpful and such a pleasure with whom to work.”

Lindsey B. said, “My entire experience with European Leather Gallery was wonderful. Chris took the time to listen to what I was looking for in both comfort and style and encouraged me to try out different chairs while educating me on each piece. He was attentive, kind and very knowledgeable. My Stressless chair was delivered to my upstairs office in Downtown Jax and the process was stress-free. Communication with Josh was smooth and professional.”

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In short, Stressless furniture is so comfortable because of a commitment to design innovation, ergonomic quality, and high-end materials and manufacturing. With these benefits working together, consumers will find Ekornes Stressless furniture the height of fine furniture.

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