Modern Black Marble Dining Table



St. Laurent Modern Black Marble Dining Table

Envision meals with the ones you love most with everyone seated around this St. Laurent modern black marble dining table. A testament to luxury, this fabulously crafted dining table is sized just right to instantly create drama in your modern dining room, with its sharp lines and geometrically inspired style. The top of this luxury marble dining table is made from beautiful black marble for a chic and sleek finish that’s hard to ignore. The table rests solidly on top of a dual-columned base, adding to its artful look. 

Nothing Compares

Prepare for compliments galore when you bring home this St. Laurent modern black marble dining table. No natural stone in the world compares to the luxurious look and feel of real marble. Its beauty is beyond measure, with its naturally occurring veins and exquisite colors, including this rich ebony black marble slab that tops the St. Laurent table. Marble meshes well in all types of decorative settings and meets nearly all style preferences, whether your tastes run to the contemporary or linger in the traditional. But this marble table is more than just a pretty face in the crowd. It’s also super durable. When given consistent care, this black marble dining table lasts for generations, creating an heirloom presence in your home that is hard to match with tables made from other materials. 

Seating for the Whole Family

Families can easily gather around the St. Laurent luxury marble dining table. It accommodates up to eight people, making it a centerpiece attraction for family meals and holiday feasts. Combine the table with your choice of dining chairs to customize its look for your space, and pair it with a buffet for a total room makeover.

Eco-Friendly Luxury Marble Dining Table

Marble is one of the most eco-friendly stones on the planet, so it’s a naturally green choice for home furnishings. The process of harvesting marble from the earth requires very little processing and does not require the use of toxic materials and chemicals, nor does it add to the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases. And since marble lasts and lasts, this St. Laurent dining table may be the last table you ever buy, which keeps materials out of the landfill. 

A Timeless Addition to Your Home

Marble endures for the long haul, making this St. Laurent marble dining table a timeless addition not just to your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also to its functionality. No matter how much time passes, this beautiful dining table will still be a relevant force in your home—it never goes out of style. And should the table become damaged, marble is easily restored by a professional. 

Bring home this St. Laurent luxury marble dining table to give your formal dining room an upscale makeover in an instant and elevate dining to a whole new level. 


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