Palissandro Marble Dining Table



Palissandro Classico Luxury Italian Marble Dining Table

Gather around this Palissandro Classico luxury Italian marble dining table for meals large and small. An impressive marble top and sculptural base are the hallmarks of this exceptionally styled table, which is part functional dining table, part fine work of museum-quality art. This fabulously crafted luxury dining table seats from eight to 10 guests with elbow room to spare, so guests feel comfortable from the first course through dessert.

Palissandro Classico Marble – Global Appeal

The table’s eye-grabbing Italian marble top derives from marble taken from the Palissandro quarry, one of the most beloved and heralded in the modern world. Located in the Western Alps in Piedmont’s northern Province of Verbana-Cusio-Ossola, this light-brown-veined dolomitic calcium silicate marble quarry is a rich source of marble that’s sought after for crafting everything from European monuments and ornamental stones to sinks, floors, and high-end furnishings. Marble from the Palissandro quarry is known across the globe for its distinctive veining and one-of-a-kind colors as well as its tensile and compressive strength.

Bronzetto Type Palissandro Classico Marble

Four main types of Palissandro marble are taken from the earth in the quaint province in Piedmont, including Classic, Onix, Tiger, and Bronzetto. It is Bronzetto, distinguishable by its horizontal veining and striated color scheme, that is used for this incredible luxury marble dining table’s fabulous top. Characterized by its stunning veining and its bold look, the top of this beautiful table features earthy tones with bronze in linear lines that traverse the surface, leaving behind an exquisite trail of sophistication and regality.

An Artful Base

Although the Palisandro Classico Italian marble top is a gem in itself, it’s not the only star of the show here. It’s hard to ignore the beauty that lies below in the gorgeous base of this fascinating dining table. The base is crafted from stainless steel, giving it the tough demeanor required to hold the marble top safely in position without taking anything away from its attractive look—Herculean strength meets Adonis-like beauty. A sculptural design featuring three angled ellipses resting on a rectangular platform gives the table a dramatic, edgy foundation and forms a stark contrast with the lovely marble top. A striking rose gold finish on the stainless-steel base adds to its unexpectedly artful presentation while giving it a chic boost of glam for an elegant vibe.

Upscale Heirloom Design

This well-made luxury marble dining table is destined to become the centerpiece of your dining room, causing a visual stir and adding elegance and sophistication to your home. An instant focal point itself, this table sets the tone for the rest of your room’s furnishings and decor. Pair this handsome table with eight to 10 dining chairs of your choice to create an inviting space for memorable meals with your favorite people. 

The epitome of fine living, this Palissandro Classico luxury Italian marble dining table brings an upscale look to your room and is bound to garner its fair share of accolades at every dinner party.


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