Himolla Recliners Chester 8532

Himolla Chester 8532 Recliner — Armchair with Flexible Dimensions and Immense Comfort


Himolla Recliner Chester 8532 Armchair – Comfortable, Inviting, and Luxurious

This ergonomic chair is sure to get you excited: with the CHESTER armchair from himolla, you can transform your living room into your own personal oasis of calm. The high-quality recliner can be conveniently moved into the desired position. And the truly special thing is that CHESTER is available to suit different body sizes – made-to-measure furniture, including a backrest and leg rest adapted to your size and an additional seat height adjustment.

An armchair to fall in love with

After a short while, you won’t want to have to do without the excellent seating comfort of the CHESTER recliner. The ergonomically designed backrest provides the optimum support for your back in all positions so that you can fully relax, regardless of whether you are using your CHESTER as a television chair, as a reading chair or as a chair bed. The manually adjustable headrest also provides welcome relief to your cervical spine and can be moved into the desired position with just one hand movement. The luxury CHESTER armchair is available in three different models: with an electrically adjustable backrest and leg rest or additional electric headrest or fully manual

CHESTER – an eye-catcher for any living room

In addition to its extraordinary seating comfort, the CHESTER from himolla has plenty to offer in the looks department: various cover colours and three different base frames ensure that the recliner can be seamlessly integrated into your living room. The base frame is available in a classic wooden plate, a stainless steel finish or a wooden base plate with an elegant stainless steel ring.


  • Recliner with an integrated leg rest and an adjustable backrest
  • Optional: with external battery
  • 2 seat widths
  • 3 different bases (wooden plate A, stainless steel look N, wooden plate with a stainless steel ring D)
  • 3 versions: manual or electric (electric adjustment with or without electric headrest)
  • Tilt angle adjustment of headrest
  • Separate adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • 360° swivel
  • Seat height adjustment by gas spring: 17.5 – 19.5 inch
  • Seat depth: 21 inch
  • Seat width: 20 or 215 inch


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