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In our efforts to offer our customers the highest quality furniture and styles from around the world, we’re excited to bring you Fjords Hjellegjerde Norwegian furniture! Learn more about why Fjords Hjellegjerde furniture is special, including their unique focus on style and innovation.

About Fjords Hjellegjerde Furniture

Since 1941, Fjords furniture has been inspired by Norwegian nature. Over 70 years ago, brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde launched the furniture company in the fjord village of Sykkylven in Norway. Their third brother, Ingvar, joined the business in 1946.

Together, the brothers harnessed their fierce dedication and skills to build one of the largest furniture companies in Norway. Now, their small family business has reached four continents.

Fjords Hjellegjerde – Inspired by Nature

What makes Fjords furniture different than other manufacturers is the source of their inspiration. Envision nearby landscapes where the endless motion of the ocean meets the strength of the mountains. Or consider the contrast between darkness and light in Norway constantly changing – one cannot exist without the other.

While surrounded by robust nature, they make their furniture solid. As nature daily expresses generosity, their furniture is designed for generous comfort.

Tradition Meets Innovation

While Fjords is inspired by nature, their focus is on finding the balance between tradition and innovation. The place where the knowledge of yesterday meets today’s modern technology. Fjords puts great emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship and Norwegian design with the same dedication and skill as when the company first began.

Built-in Ergonomic Comforts Designed to Improve Your Health & General Well-Being

Fjords believes in constantly innovating and improving their furniture for continuous comfort and health. Ergonomic furniture helps your body relax and enables your blood to circulate freely.

Fjords ergonomic chairs feature:

  • Active Release System™ provides better support for your neck. It can be adjusted with a single movement to optimize your sitting experience.
  • High-quality steel is used to construct the back and seat.
  • Springs in the back and seat enhance comfort.
  • Cold cure molded foam is shaped in casts with the exact shape of the product. This method retains the suppleness of a chair for longer use than other foam methods.
  • Dacron fibers are inserted between the upholstery or leather and foam. This provides extra softness for the back and seat for improved comfort.
  • Built-in gliding steel mountings offer individuals the best resting position as your body weight glides you into the desired position.

Discover the Beauty and Comfort of Fjords Hjellegjerde Furniture at European Leather Gallery

Come relax on a Fjords gliding chair and see for yourself the dedication, innovation, and design put into this Norwegian nature-inspired furniture. At European Leather Gallery, we offer an array of high-quality leather and upholstered furniture. Search your favorite styles and buy Stressless recliners online (and all the other top brands we carry) or come see us in our showroom today.

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