Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, is a Danish design concept from the 18th century. It can’t be easily translated into one word but encompasses feelings of coziness, contentment, and well-being through simple things. If you’ve ever lit candles and curled up with a cup of cocoa and a fuzzy blanket on a rainy Sunday, you’ve experienced hygge.

Hygge is an important part of Danish design and lifestyle. “What freedom is to Americans…hygge is to Danes,” says Meik Wiking, the CEO of Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of The Little Book of Hygge. Hygge traverses winter and summer by bringing feelings of peace and contentment when embracing the cold season in Scandinavia.

Denmark’s obsession with all things cozy is one of the reasons why they top the world’s list of happiest countries. Here’s how you too can achieve hygge in your home.

Stock Up on Candles

Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are rumored to be the largest consumers of candles in the world per capita. To escape the winter’s chill, flickering scented or unscented candles are one of the most fundamental principles of hygge. To achieve peace and comfort in your home, light a candle or two and enjoy the soft light and your favorite scents.

Fall in Love with Texture

When you think of cozy, your mind may instantly go to soft textures which add dimension to any interior. Faux fur throws, knit cushions, and fluffy rugs add textured accessories for layering different textiles and surfaces. Add a roaring fire, knit socks, and soft candlelight and your room couldn’t get more hygge.

Less Is Much More

Hygge finds peace and fulfillment in the simple things. That means banishing clutter for a mess-free home. To embrace hygge, invest in clever storage solutions to hide visual clutter from view. The Danes believe a clean, serene space makes it easier to enjoy more continuous moments of hygge.

Display Your Memories

Hygge encourages creating an environment of happiness. Freely display your favorite paintings, family photos, and travel adventures. Surround yourself with the simple things that make you happy.

Embrace a Spa-Like Style

Start your spa-like style in the bathroom with a soaking tub, candles, soft bath robes, good lighting, and clever storage. Instead of rushing your morning routine, create space for rest and rejuvenation by making your bathroom feel like a daily trip to the spa.

Enjoy Soft Tunes

What could make candles, a cozy blanket, and a warm cup of tea any better? Relaxing music. Music is an important element of hygge to lift the mood and relax the mind and body. Invest in sleek Bluetooth speaker and play soft instrumental music or your favorite tunes in the background while you get ready in the morning or relax in the evening.

Enjoy the Sentimentality of Things Past

The Danes don’t like to waste, so they recycle and reuse old objects such as antiques and furniture in creative ways. With hygge, nothing needs to be perfect. It’s more about the sentimentality of a family antique or pieces of the past with history and memories.

At European Leather Gallery, we carry high-quality low back loveseats and sofas and recliners with sleek designs to achieve ultimate relaxation. Is it time to freshen up your space? View our selections online or visit our showroom to test our Scandinavian-inspired furniture and styles.

At European Leather Gallery, we scour the market looking for the top furniture providers who value quality over quantity. We’re thrilled to partner with Flexsteel furniture to offer you more great options for high-quality furniture made in the U.S.A.

Get to know what makes Flexsteel sofas a stylish and durable addition to your home.

People, Not Machines, Make the Best Furniture

Flexsteel’s commitment to quality craftsmanship continues to be as strong as ever. For over 100 years, Flexsteel has embraced technology and innovation, but still holds true to their belief that handcrafted furniture is better than anything you can get from a machine.

Flexsteel Specialty – The Blue Steel Spring

At the core of their upholstered seating is their Blue Steel Spring. Flexsteel believes strongly in their design that they guarantee its durability for a lifetime.

For over 75 years, the design itself has remained very similar. Unlike typical eight-way hand-tight springs, it never needs to be retied or replaced. This means you’ll never get that sinking feeling in your seat ever again. Flexsteel design and construction go hand in hand to create comfortable and long-lasting furniture.

Your Features – Your Choice

Flexsteel furniture is made to order. Choose the fabric, wood finish, cushion style, and trim options at European Leather Gallery. The Flexsteel system tracks your order and their delivery staff ensures your piece arrives quickly and safely.

Guaranteed to Last

Flexsteel takes their job of testing the durability of their furniture seriously. All of their products are tested to ensure you receive the highest quality, durability, and safety standards before they leave the factory. Their products and materials are backed by warranties, including a lifetime limited warranty for internal structures:

In addition, their 5-year and 1-year warranties cover even more features. You’re guaranteed to enjoy your Flexsteel furniture for many years to come.

Where It All Began

In 1893, the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company began manufacturing furniture in Minneapolis. By 1901, they sold the company to four former tradesmen from the nearby McCloud & Smith Furniture Company. After a few name changes and surviving the stock market crash in 1929, the name was changed to the Flexsteel Spring Corporation and moved to Iowa in 1936.

In the 1950s, new plants sprung up in several states to serve other areas. In 1958, The company was formerly named Flexsteel Industries after their famous spring. From the 1960s to the 1980s, the company continued to grow and add new products with advanced technology for the time.

In 1993, the company celebrated 100 years of success. Later in 2003, the company purchased DMI Furniture, Inc. with a line of kitchen, dining, bedroom, home office, and outdoor products under the brand name Home Styles.

Flexsteel is an American success story with a proud history and a bright future.

Flexsteel Furniture – Now Available at European Leather Gallery

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With so many great design styles to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? And are they really that different?

If you’re confused about where to begin, we’ve done the research for you and are explaining three popular design styles: Scandinavian design, mid-century modern, and contemporary.

Scandinavian Design Style

What is it?

Scandinavian design can be explained in three words: simplicity, utility, and beauty. It emerged as early as the 1930s from the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden before peaking in the 1950s. A range of designers who started the movement inspired the tangible values of durability, reliability, and functionality, including those less tangible values such as simplicity, joy, and courage through simple forms.

Scandinavian design believes beauty, functionality, and comfort should be available to all. A strong relationship between nature and abstract, natural shapes exist. Natural materials such as wood, leather, hemp, and more are used to create nature-inspired pieces. Scandinavian design styles seek to improve daily life through the unique design of furniture, textiles, lighting, dishes, etc.

Design Tips

Mid-Century Modern Design Style

What is it?

Mid-century modern describes design styles from the mid-20th century, roughly 1933 to 1965. The term often refers to mid-1950s architecture and design. These designs were born during the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 19th century and included the post-World War I period.

Mid-century modern made its debut in 1984 when author Cara Greenberg titled her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. According to Greenberg, she just “made that up as the book’s title.” Lucky for her, the title stuck.

Design Tips

Contemporary Design Style

What is it?

Contemporary design is defined as current or present designs. Many people use the words “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably, but modern design actually refers to the mid-1990s.

Contemporary designs change with each passing year. Designs once considered contemporary in the year 2000 could now be considered vintage. Those created a decade from now will also be referred to as contemporary designs. Therefore, contemporary designs are ever changing due to new ideas, materials, and availability of resources.

Design Tips (2017)

So, What’s the Difference?

All styles have a few similarities with unique differences inspired by their era and cultural background. At the core of each style is your comfort, with alternating focuses on simplicity, splashes of color and pattern, and the ever-evolving contemporary styles which can change with each passing year.

At European Leather Gallery, we specialize in Scandinavian-inspired furniture designed with your comfort in mind. Preview our gallery online to find your new home interiors.

The man cave has long been heralded as a sanctuary for men and a necessity for the hard-working male. It’s where they go to relax, unwind, and escape the stress of their daily routine. While the concept isn’t new, it’s time to expand on this idea for the ladies.

Women master many roles – wife, mother, entertainer, artist, employee, business owner – and she too deserves a place of her own to unwind and relax after a long day. A place where comfort meets design and the to-do list is non-existent.

The lady lair is the new man cave. A place in the home for women to enjoy what they love and relax in pure comfort. So, find a space in your home, an unused guest room or a sectioned off corner of a living space, and get to work creating your own lady lair sanctuary in your home.

1. Surround Yourself with What Inspires You

As you develop the concept for your lady lair, make space for the things you love. A lady lair can be based on your passions – what inspires you and invokes relaxation.

For some, their lady lair may become a private yoga studio with the right level of simplicity or comforts to clear your head. For others, it may become a reading or writing room with comfy chairs, a table or desk, and soft lighting in a peaceful setting. For those who enjoy crafts or sewing, a lady lair can become a space for their hobbies with supplies organized and easily accessible.

2. Good Lighting Is Important

Contrary to a dark man cave, take full advantage of the natural light available in your lady lair. Keep the curtains or shades open to allow light to stream in. During morning or evening hours, or when natural light is limited, use decorative table or floor lamps to give the space the light it needs.

3. Focus on Atmosphere

The little touches are essential to the purpose of the lady lair. Choose a few of your favorite colors then look for accessories in a similar hue which inspire a sense of calm. Include art elements that reflect your personality and personal items that offer positive reinforcement.

Fresh flowers, essential oil diffusers, pictures, lamps, throws, pillows, and soft music are just a few ways you can transform an ordinary space into a spa-like retreat.

4. Include Lots of Pillows and Comfy Seating

A cozy corner chair is a necessity to relax and curl up with a book, Kindle, or enjoy your morning coffee in a peaceful setting. If you have room, include a plush sofa for additional seating to invite people over to get comfy. Add large patterned or colored pillows for warmth and coziness. When you need extra space, stash pillows away in an ottoman with easy storage.

5. Keep the Space Organized and Clutter-Free

Clutter and disorganization are the enemies of relaxation. Make sure this space is well-organized and clutter-free. As you consider the design, get creative with storage solutions such as bookshelves, wicker baskets, and fabric covered boxes.

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In our efforts to offer our customers the highest quality furniture and styles from around the world, we’re excited to bring you Fjords Hjellegjerde Norwegian furniture! Learn more about why Fjords Hjellegjerde furniture is special, including their unique focus on style and innovation.

About Fjords Hjellegjerde Furniture

Since 1941, Fjords furniture has been inspired by Norwegian nature. Over 70 years ago, brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde launched the furniture company in the fjord village of Sykkylven in Norway. Their third brother, Ingvar, joined the business in 1946.

Together, the brothers harnessed their fierce dedication and skills to build one of the largest furniture companies in Norway. Now, their small family business has reached four continents.

Fjords Hjellegjerde – Inspired by Nature

What makes Fjords furniture different than other manufacturers is the source of their inspiration. Envision nearby landscapes where the endless motion of the ocean meets the strength of the mountains. Or consider the contrast between darkness and light in Norway constantly changing – one cannot exist without the other.

While surrounded by robust nature, they make their furniture solid. As nature daily expresses generosity, their furniture is designed for generous comfort.

Tradition Meets Innovation

While Fjords is inspired by nature, their focus is on finding the balance between tradition and innovation. The place where the knowledge of yesterday meets today’s modern technology. Fjords puts great emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship and Norwegian design with the same dedication and skill as when the company first began.

Built-in Ergonomic Comforts Designed to Improve Your Health & General Well-Being

Fjords believes in constantly innovating and improving their furniture for continuous comfort and health. Ergonomic furniture helps your body relax and enables your blood to circulate freely.

Fjords ergonomic chairs feature:

Discover the Beauty and Comfort of Fjords Hjellegjerde Furniture at European Leather Gallery

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At European Leather Gallery, our goal is to offer our customers the highest-quality furniture made in the U.S. and around the world. We’re thrilled to offer Elite Leather Company furniture handmade locally by craftsmen and women in California.

About Elite Leather Company Furniture – Handcrafted in the U.S.A

Elite Leather Company was founded in 1959 and is a family-owned furniture company based in Chino, California. Each sofa, sectional, sleeper, and chair are made by hand using local American craftsmen. Elite Leather is passionate about custom furniture and takes extraordinary steps to make sure you’ll love their product as much as they do.

Elite Leather offers over 80 furniture styles to choose from and custom builds each piece to make it exactly how you want it. With 25 distinctive patterns of leather in over 200 colors and 96 colors of Ultrasuede®, your task is simply to choose the style, color, and seating, and Elite Leather Company will handle the rest. New custom furniture is shipped fast and covered with a comprehensive warranty.

Find Your Style

Whether you enjoy traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs, Elite Leather offers the perfect piece to enhance your space. Elite Leather furniture isn’t only built for style, they’re built to last.

Elite Leather Craftsmen Care About the Details

Each piece of Elite Leather furniture is handcrafted and not mass produced. Craftsmen spend considerable time examining each tanned hide and selecting the best parts of the leather to be showcased.

Unlike many furniture manufacturers, Elite Leather builds their own frames. Time and effort are spent gluing, stapling and using corner blocks in the frame to strengthen the joints. Each of these steps is given special attention to detail.

Elite Leather adheres to specific guidelines for sit and comfort tests based on their belief that furniture should be stylish and comfortable. Because each product is handmade, each piece may have their own unique variations.

Quality Furniture – Guaranteed

Because Elite Leather excels at offering high-quality furniture, they extend the most comprehensive warranty in the leather furniture industry. Each piece comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the construction and a 5-year warranty on the leather and seating. The leather is guaranteed to not crack, peel, tear, become hard, or transfer color with normal use. The frame and springs are guaranteed against defects in materials or craftsmanship for the life of the furniture with normal use.

Check out Elite Leather Company at European Leather Gallery!

We’re proud to add Elite Leather Company to our line of high-quality furniture offered at European Leather Gallery. Check out the sofa options online or come see us at our showroom to learn more about customizing handcrafted Elite Leather furniture today.

Do you ever browse design magazines or Pinterest and wonder how to make your living room as cozy and inviting as the images? It may not be as difficult as you think. With a little planning, you can achieve the cozy, inviting living space you’ve always wanted.

Choose Plush, Upholstered Furniture

Furniture is one of the main ingredients to set the tone in your living room. Plush, upholstered furniture that’s comfortable and inviting is sure to make your home cozy for all to enjoy.

Decorate in Layers

Layers invite an element of coziness by mixing and matching pieces. Layer throws and pillows to add warmth to your living room. Rugs can be layered under a coffee table with a few pillows placed neatly underneath for guests to relax wherever they please.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Lighting

We’re talking all forms of lighting. Natural light, overhead light, and the ambiance of lamps.

While overhead lighting sometimes gets a bad reputation, it may be because it’s the wrong fixture. Replace stale or outdated overhead lighting with a stunning fixture that spreads light at all angles. Add soft or LED lighting and ambiance with decorative lamps on side tables or floor lamps near reading chairs.

Add a Touch of Leather

Genuine leather brings a touch of earthy, natural tones which can warm up an entire space. Accent with an ergonomic leather recliner or go big with a leather sofa or sectional.

Tap into Textures

Too much of one thing is never a good thing. The key to cozy is playing with textures. Expand your horizons with soft throw blankets, woven textures, baskets, metals, fabrics, and glass. The variety can bring warmth to a cool place.

Mix Rustic and Glam

Natural wood furniture and antler accents won’t turn your space into a cabin when it’s accented by neutral gray tones, glass, and other glamorous pieces. Create the right mix of rustic and glam for an inviting place for friends and family to gather.

Knits and Cozy Blankets

Is there anything cozier than knits? As you layer textures, include a knit blanket over a chair or soft, furry throws at arm’s reach for those cool, brisk mornings. Curl up with a cup of coffee and a book and you won’t want to leave your cozy corner anytime soon.

Add Natural Elements

Keep your living room vibrant with fresh, green plants. Do you find it difficult to keep plants alive? Decorate with succulents for natural greenery and less watering.

Show Off the Family

Nothing makes a home more appealing than the lives lived by the people inside. Showcase photos of fun family times and special memories with friends.

Keep It Functional

Cozy can also be functional. Make sure guests have a convenient place to set their drinks. Hide magazines, toys, or extra blankets in functional ottomans. If space feels tight, reduce the feeling of clutter with open-aired chairs and coffee tables.

Need more cozy furniture ideas? European Leather Gallery has exactly what you need for sofas, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and more.

Working at home has its benefits, but also its challenges. A comfortable home office which allows you to be productive in your work is key. Consider these important tips to create an organized and productive home office setting.

Get the Right Equipment

Speed and efficiency are critical in home office equipment. Only invest in equipment you’ll use daily. If you print a document once a month, save yourself the money and space by running down to the nearest copying/printing shop.

Don’t constrain yourself to the limits of only working at your desk. Keep your options open to work from a laptop at a table, desk, or chair. Give yourself options to work at both sitting and standing heights.

Embrace Natural Light – Supplement with Lamps

In a home office, you’re not limited to the dim lighting of a cubicle, so avoid hiding your desk in a dark corner.

Take full advantage of your window and natural light by moving your desk near the window and parallel to the panes. This gives you energizing natural light and a view to enjoy. Supplement lighting with lamps where needed.

Photo by Stressless – Courtesy of Houzz.com

Be Creative with Storage/Organization

Clutter and disorganization can induce stress and make it difficult to focus. Follow the rule “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Limit your desktop to items you use daily and organize your laptop, papers, and supplies to promote productivity and fewer distractions. Visit Ikea, Target, or The Container Store for office storage organizers and storage ideas.

Keep it Private

Pets, noise and other distractions can keep you from being productive in a home office setting. Make sure you home office has doors to close and reduce noise.

If you deal with personal and private information, keep your workplace secure. The office door should have a lock with additional locks on important file cabinets with documents. Keep the door secured when you’re not working to keep guests, children, or pets from gaining access to your office.

Create a Comfy Space

Not all your time will be spent behind a desk. Use any additional space to create a reading corner with a comfy chair, lamp, and side table. Make your office space inviting to encourage productivity, critical thinking, and comfort.

comfy productive home office setup ideas

Add Fresh Greenery

Keep your home office from becoming stale with fresh, green plants. If you struggle to keep plants alive, choose succulent plants which need less water and are an inspiring green addition to any office.

Ergonomics Are Important

Taking care of your body and your posture is important at work and at home. Choose ergonomic office furniture to make sure your back, neck, and spine are fully supported while you work.

Ekornes Stressless office chairs offer customized support to reduce lower-back and neck pain. Modern designs and innovative technologies make Stressless chairs the best investment you can make to improve your health while you work.

ekornes office chair

Use these tips to design and organize your office for maximum productivity. Start by visiting European Leather Gallery for a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs, recliners, and sofas to improve your back and neck health.

Scandinavian design has mastered the art of being simple without being austere. For holiday décor, you’ll find neutral colors with small touches of holiday cheer in place of traditional Christmas clutter.

Decorating your Scandinavian-themed living room is a matter of selecting the touches you want to emphasize.

Choose a Neutral Holiday Color Palette

Photo by FRONTGATELook for traditional living room pictures

Your staple colors will be white, silver, and some gold. White lights, simple ornaments, and neutral throw pillows will create a tasteful holiday feel. From there, you can add occasional reds, greens, and even blues that evoke the azure tones of snowy landscapes.

Stressless furniture is the perfect backdrop for holiday decoration. With simple lines and neutral colors, it provides the framework of simplicity that you can embellish as needed.

Mix in Splashes of Color

67 Adorable Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Photo by ComfyDwelling.comDiscover home design design ideas

Mixed in with neutrals, splashes of bright colors add interest without overwhelming you with holiday fervor.

A red, wool blanket, green wreaths, brightly colored bulbs for the tree, and candles add holiday cheer while remaining relaxed. Complete the feel with a few throw pillows that have simple, natural designs (snowflakes, trees, rain deer, and the like).

Adding candles to glass surfaces that reflect the light is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of one simple embellishment. Red candles on one of our Jazz glass tables will glow warmly on dark evenings.

Make Good Use of Light

Light plays an important role in Scandinavian design. First and foremost, natural light is a striking element. You don’t have to remodel your home if you have small windows. Using lightweight curtains instead of heavy drapes will give the light, airy feel of Nordic design.

Candles and accent lamps are another way to invite good lighting in your home. For Christmas especially, the glow of flickering candles and strings of light creates festive cheer without requiring tons of decorating.

Use Natural Themes for Decoration

Scandinavian design celebrates nature. Sprinkle your home with greenery and pine cones to create the feel (and smell) of winter. This may be in the form of a few simple, natural wreaths or a centerpiece on the mantel or coffee table.

Natural materials are popular: wool blankets, wicker baskets, wooden figurines. A red wool blanket folded in a wicker basket next to your Stressless Manhattan 3-Seater adds the perfect holiday touch for a cozy evening.

Fur has also been popular in Scandinavian design although faux fur is replacing authentic pieces for ethical and environmental reasons.

The Underlying Theme: Simple and Stylish

A perfectly pale interior with Nordic influences
Photo by Louise de MirandaSearch Scandinavian living room pictures

As you search out inspiration for Scandinavian decorating, you’ll see a theme emerge – simplicity. Whether you’re going after traditional or modern Scandinavian designs, the simple lines, neutral colors, and stylish appeal remain the same. Keep holiday decorating simple by adding a few, well-chosen accessories to celebrate the season.

You’ll find the beauty and simplicity you’re looking for in Stressless furniture. Instead of busy patterns, you’ll discover the clean lines and solid neutrals you’ve come to love in Scandinavian home décor.

If you’re interested in a mid-century design and beautiful minimalistic, Scandinavian styled furniture for your living room, come visit our showroom. Our ergonomically designed furniture will create a welcoming center in your home.

When I’m looking for inspiration, one of the first things I do is go straight to the internet. Whether I’m looking for DIY projects, interior design ideas, or just looking to understand current trends there are tons of great websites created by professionals and amateurs that I look to.

While Pinterest is a good resource to see what other people are ‘pinning’ I’m partial to blogs and designer websites.

You might be wondering “why should I care about what designers or bloggers think?”—well, that’s a good question, and the answer is simply: these site owners and bloggers are some of the most passionate about design, decoration, renovation, and virtually any other aspect of home decor you can think of. Who better to look to for inspiration than professional designers and highly passionate bloggers?

Without further ado—here’s our favorite interior design and home decor blogs. Get ready to bookmark these great blogs.

Scandinavian Design Blogs

We’re starting off here, well, because first and foremost we absolutely love Scandinavian design. Ekornes Stressless is an iconic Norwegian brand and that’s where my heart and mind go when I initially think of design.

Scandinavia Standard

A very Scandinavia-centric site, it is a great one-stop destination for Scandinavian lifestyle (not just design) in English. If you’re a “Scandiphile” (their word) this is where you can get a feel for Scandinavia wherever you are.

One of my favorites from the site: The White Rooms — this is a photographic tour of apartments and office spaces.

Also look for their Scandi-Six” pieces—six item blogs on some aspect of Scandinavia.

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Dos Family

“Dos Family is about good looking sofas, fleamarket findings, TV, how to build a diner with toys, country living, everyday life, food, felt pen-tattoos and home tours. It’s all about the strange and beautiful thing called inspiration, really.” The Dos Family site has been around since 2009 and is run by Jenny Brandt, a Swedish interior design photographer. If you’re not sure where to begin on the site, check out their New Reader Intro page — you’ll be able to find some of the most popular posts there.

One of my favorites from the site: Irma’s Playhouse

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EMS Designblogg

This is one of Sweden’s oldest design sites (it might actually be the oldest)—it was started in 2005 and focuses on the minimalism and functional styling of Scandinavian design.

One of my favorites from the site: Dream Summer House — I love the large wall of windows in this house and the simple concrete and wood materials.

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Stylizimo is a design blog by Nina Holst, a Norwegian blogger. Her photos are beautiful and that’s what drew me to her site. There is a lot here, especially for the DIYers

One of my favorites from the site: Workspace Inspirations — I love the design ideas for office spaces here. This might be my favorite office set (but it definitely needs one of our amazing Ekornes Stressless home office chairs).

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Bungalow5 is a Danish blog for people who are passionate about design and anyone seeking inspiration and unique ways to decorate a modern, comfortable and stylish home. The site is owned by Allan Torp, a fashion industry and PR professional. Instead of sticking with the tried and true “project based and DIY blogs” Allan wanted a more design-inspired site that put the spotlight on simple and fresh Scandinavian inspired design.

One of my favorites from the site: This is My Favourite Spot — the first time I came across this post I expected to see pictures of one area of a house. Click through to be pleasantly surprised by the “favourite spot” in the post. It gave me the idea to do something similar in my own home!

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My Scandinavian Home

This is a London blogger’s Swedish design site. I love how simplistic the site is to match it’s focus on Norwegian/mid-century minimalist design.

One of my favorites from the site: The Lovely, Light-filled Workspace of a Blogger and Nutritionist

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Interior Design Blogs

In no particular order—here are some of my favorite general interior design/home decor blogs

Amber Interior Design

There are some beautiful and amazing interior design shots on this site. You can easily get lost for hours here if you’re in the ‘research’ phase of a project or renovation. I really enjoy the before and after posts she does.

One of my favorites from the site: Before + After: Client Z to the E to the N — it goes from a dark, uninviting (in my opinion) space to a bright, open kitchen and I can honestly say, I would love to prep a big family meal in there.

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Paper & Stitch

This is a great blog for the DIY interior designers, this is a quintessential lifestyles blog—with a little of everything, including recipes and travel inspiration. Personally that’s not my cup of tea, I much prefer the interiors section with all of its organic materials and modern looks.

One of my favorites from the site: Office Makeover Reveal

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Brittany Makes

Brittany is an accountant by trade and decorator by passion, and it comes through in her posts. There’s a logical order to her inspirations. This is much more of a DIY-type site, and less ‘professional’ than others, but what she posts is no less beautiful.

One of my favorites from the site: Ikea Hack: Mid Century Bar Cabinet — this would look great paired in an open concept living area with one of our Stressless sofas and recliners for a true mid-century modern look.

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It would be kind of silly to leave Design*Sponge off any list of great design blogs. I like that Grace, the site owner, doesn’t shy away from color. Looking at her interiors sections gives a reader ideas to combine color and simplicity into lovely living spaces.

One of my favorites from the site: Beachy “Treehouse” in Melbourne, Florida

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Seeking Lavender Lane

Ok, so we’ve been featured on this site before, but that’s not why I love it. Deb posts beautiful shots of her DIY updates to her home. I like the simplicity of many of her designs and the way she tries to stretch a little into a lot!

One of my favorites from the site: Design Boards — this is a bit of unique spin on ideas. I like how she sets up design boards for different rooms and it’s great if you’re not sure what style you’re looking for.

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This blog is by a freelance web designer and the themes around the site are about designing small spaces effectively.

One of my favorites from the site: Gifts Ideas for New Homeowners

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Even Cleveland

This is not your typical design blog. The site is sort of a cross between storytelling and design history with home and lifestyle design added in.

One of my favorites from the site: Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments

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Little Green Notebook

Jenny is a Phoenix area blogger and designer—her stuff has been featured in some really big publications like Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV. She’s been sharing her insights and favorite projects on the blog since 2007.

One of my favorites from the site: Bavarian Forest Walls — I’m not usually a fan of dark colors in rooms, but for some reason this just works. I especially love the idea of “nightstands” (which are really wall mounted shelves).

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A Beautiful Mess

There’s a little of everything here—this lifestyle blog is run by two sisters and they share home decor, food recipes, and crafty projects. Like I said, you can find a bit of everything on this blog.

One of my favorites from the site: Ikea Credenza Restyle

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Decor8 is owned by Holly Baker, a journalist and interior design stylist. On her blog she likes to “share decorating ideas, trends and beautiful objects and places – those extra special finds, often made by hand, things that tell a story.”

One of my favorites from the site: Gotland Sweden Travel Tips — I dream of going to Sweden but haven’t been, scroll down to the comments section to read some great travel ideas.

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Design Seeds

In Jessica’s own words: “I am particularly obsessed with flowers, crops, produce, and the countryside which surround me here in Wisconsin. I also find endless inspiration at our local farmers’ markets and farm stands.” This blog is all about color—she creates color palettes inspired by nature and produce. Just a cool, very different type of design blog!

One of my favorites from the site: Heavenly Hues

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San Fran Girl By the Bay

A leading interior design blogger from San Francisco (but now living in LA), this site is about ‘Bohemian style’ and showcasing designers, trends, and products. Victoria Smith (the owner) also focuses on thrifty/affordable finds for creating your style. Just a great, unique style blog.

One of my favorites from the site: Dining Rooms that Double as Workspace

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Old Brand New

Old Brand New is pretty much summed up in it’s name: “it’s all about mixing the old and the new. Turning something old and making it brand new! For interiors, I am an eclectic bohemian at heart where I blend different periods of design.”

One of my favorites from the site: DIY Mid Century Desk Wall Unit — I really love multi use projects, and this ‘bookshelf’ and work desk setup is a great example of that.

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Apt. 34

Apartment 34 offers inspiring ways to add sophisticated style to your life. On the blog, they share modern décor, classic style, must-make food, wanderlust-worthy travel – all the good stuff that makes day-to-day life a little bit better.

One of my favorites from the site: Coconut Chocolate Pistachio Tart

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The Jungalow

L.A. based designer and blogger Justina Blakeney loves “boho aesthetic.” Her blog highlights her passion for color, pattern and plants, and TheJungalow.com, has quickly become a go-to source for bohemian design inspiration.

One of my favorites from the site: Tour the Jungalow — I really love home tours, to get an inside look at other people just gives you a little bit better understanding of the person behind the blog/home. I love the amount of color throughout Justina’s jungalow!

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Happy Interior Blog

Igor Josifovic started Happy Interior Blog in 2011 with the intention of bringing more happiness to our homes and lives. His blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, showcases the beauty of the world and inspirations he has brought home through his travels. Something a little unique to HIB is that Igor loves to highlight the beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

One of my favorites from the site: Scandinavian Home in Germany

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The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room is a decorating blog designed to help you love the home you have. For two years in a row (2014 and 2015) it was voted the Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger at Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The site is aimed at budget conscious homeowners that appreciate good design and a well-kept home.

One of my favorites from the site: 10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms

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Eclectically Vintage

Kelly Elko uses her blog to mix old and new. Her blog displays collections and highlights decorating tips. She also uses flea markets finds, estate sales, and unique items to create here ‘eclectic’ style.

One of my favorites from the site: Summer Curb Appeal Houses

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Hunted Interior

Designer and blogger, Kristin Jackson created Hunted Interior to inspire readers to “hunt for their own style” and teach them how to accomplish it on any budget. She has had years of experience as an International Hotel Designer and knows the importance of creating a luxurious space & making every dollar count.

One of my favorites from the site: My Favorite Design Books — I love book roundups and if you’re interested in interior design and decorating, this is a great booklist.

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