You made a great choice when choosing Ekornes Stressless furniture. Now it’s important to learn how to care for the leather and wood accents so your beautiful recliners, chairs, and sofas look great for years to come. Use these tips to take great care of your new Ekornes furniture.

Caring For Leather Furniture

Wipe leather chairs or couches with a dry cloth at least once a week to remove dust. Use water or leather cleaning product to remove dirt and body oils. Apply a protective leather cream every six months to keep the leather healthy and avoid cracking. Be careful with scissors, knives or sharp objects around your leather furniture to avoid cuts or damage to the leather.

Caring For Textile Furnitures

Vacuum textile furniture once a week and treat stains immediately to avoid lasting stain damage. Even when vacuuming regularly, your furniture can become dirty over time from everyday use. Clean the fabric with a fabric care cleaning product and focus on areas where your skin or hair come in contact with the material. If needed, professionally dry clean the fabrics for a deeper clean.

Products For Cleaning and Extra Protection

Ekornes has taken out the guessing by developing a unique selection of leather and textile furniture care products. The Stressless Leather Care Kit contains leather cleaner, protection cream, and handy wipes. The Fabric Care Kit contains fabric cleaner, stain remover, and ‘Ox cleaner.’ Each of these kits offers exactly what you need to keep your furniture stain-free and looking brand new.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Just as your furniture needs cleaning and protection, hardwood floors in your home need a protective barrier to stay in great condition. Use the Stressless Hardwood Floor Protector underneath ring-based recliners. This self-adhesive protective layer will help protect your tile or wood floors from dings or scratches.

Keep your Ekornes stressless furniture looking brand new with regular cleaning. Don’t forget to apply an extra layer of protection on leather chairs or sofas every six months and deep clean fabrics when they begin to appear dirty.

Shop online or visit our store for Ekornes furniture cleaning kits.

Since being introduced to Ekornes Stressless products in 2001, the owners & management staff behind ELG have had a passion to spread the word about this genuinely unique furniture line.  ELG considers it a privilege to represent a manufacturer who reaches and exceeds the expectations of the ever growing cautious consumer.

Ekornes, being the only furniture maker to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Associationhas built a solid reputation for being the answer for those who simply have a difficult time being comfortable on conventional furniture.

The Stressless line provides more than comfort as it offers a wide variety of styles, from casual to formal, in over 500 color & wood accent combinations. The Ekornes Stressless brand has seen amazing growth over the past 30 years and continues to be the leader in contemporary furniture innovations.



Ekornes, Inc. is pleased to announce that the first new Stressless Zone program has been installed at European Leather Gallery’s new Beach Blvd store in Jacksonville, Florida.

“This first install of the new Stressless Zone represents a real milestone for Ekornes, Inc.” says Peter Bjerregaard, President, Ekornes, Inc. “After many years of global planning of the new merchandising program it is truly exciting to see it come to life. ELG is a great Stressless partner, and we are proud to have the first new zone in North America in their beautiful new store.”

The goals of the new Stressless Zone program are to reinforce the Stressless brand’s comfort position, enhance the Stressless store experience with updated messaging and increase Stressless sales for each location.

“We could not be more thrilled to be the very first retailer with the new Stressless Zone,” says Nancy Kulm, owner, ELG. “After 2 weeks of having it in our new location we are extremely pleased with the sales results.”

Ekornes, Inc. will continue to rollout the new Stressless Zone Program to all North American retailers for the next several years.

Stressless® unveiled today at High Point Market six 2015 recliner and sofa styles, some equipped with the new BalanceAdapt® comfort technology, along with fresh options for color and coverings.

“Stressless is entering an exciting era of Nordic design, while engineering new ways to deliver the most comfortable seating in the world,” said Beverly Kastel, Ekornes marketing manager. “2015 will be a landmark year in shaping the future of the Stressless brand.”

Stressless Product introductions

Product introductions for 2015 include Stressless Skyline, a recliner featuring a Signature Base combining chrome with wood accents. The coordinating Stressless Metropolitan sofa mimics Skyline’s tufted cushions and slightly flared arms, creating a cohesive paired look. Another recliner and sofa pair, Stressless View and Stressless Panorama, feature clean silhouettes and a streamlined look.

Each of these pieces are equipped with new BalanceAdapt comfort technology, which rocks and reclines smoothly by balancing the user’s body weight. Sofas with BalanceAdapt feature independently mobile seats, allowing multiple users to relax to their own levels of comfort.

Two additional recliner options include Stressless Nordic and Stressless Crown, which deliver a fresh take on a more traditional style. Both feature the classic hourglass base for a striking silhouette from any angle.

To complement the new products, a new line of luxury leathers, new high-quality textiles and Ultrasuede® coverings were announced. The Cori leather collection features high durability, a supple feel and many updated colors. Meeting rigorous testing standards for color fastness and durability, the Ultrasuede cover retains its original beauty throughout years of use. Its suede-like surface results in a luxurious soft hand, enhancing comfort and beauty for the Stressless customer. The new program will feature a selection of seven top-selling and on-trend colors.

image courtesy: Ekornes US