Himolla Mosel 8533 Recliners

The Himolla Mosel 8533 Recliner: Your Relaxation Destination

The Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner with wooden swivel base is how luxury recliners were meant to be designed. With ultra-comfortable cushioning, seamless reclining, and integrated footrest, this luxury recliner is the perfect place to sit in front of the television for the big game, finally start writing that novel, or simply enjoy a well-deserved afternoon nap. The Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner is the ideal luxury recliner to have in your living space for a truly relaxing and comfortable seating experience. Himolla has crafted this luxury recliner to be incredibly comfortable and stunningly beautiful in a perfect combination of quality design and expert craftsmanship. 


The Himolla Mosel 8533 Recliner: Crafted for Comfort

Himolla has intricately designed this luxurious armchair with the finest materials, magnificent comfort, appealing style and breathtaking functionality. From the wooden swivel base to the perfectly supportive headrest, the Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner is expertly engineered to be a monument to luxury and comfort. With the classic look of the wooden handles, the supple cushion and support of the bank and seat, and the 360° swivel of the wooden base, this beautiful recliner is truly a wonder to behold. 

You will be warmly welcomed into the comfort of the Mosel recliner from the instant that you see the smooth curvature of the stylish wooden armrests, the soft, yet supportive cushions, and the inviting relaxation of the integrated footrest. Let yourself unwind and take a respite from the woes of life in the Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner. 

Designed to Your Personal Preference

While comfort is the most important aspect of any luxury recliner, closely following is the all-important style. The Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner is offered in a variety of colors for both fabric and leather, so you can get the perfect match to go with your home decor. The highly unique options allow you to have your luxury recliner be the center of attention in your living space. With numerous choices of fabric, leather and colors, you can easily find the perfect luxury recliner for your home.

Keep it Simple

With the brilliant design and effortless integration of simple functionality, the Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner is astonishingly simple to operate and reposition. The wooden swivel base glides in a smooth 360° motion so that you can get a perfect view of your entire living space all from the comfort of your luxurious armchair. In addition to the range of the swivel, this incredible recliner seamlessly reclines into a resting position with adjustable positions for the footrest and headrest so that you can have it sit just right for peak relaxation.

Luxury and Comfort Right in You Own Home

The ultimate luxury recliner is gently inviting you to a perfect relaxation experience in the best place possible, your own living space. The Himolla Mosel 8533 recliner makes a fantastic addition to any seating arrangement and will be the object of desire for any that have the privilege of beholding one. Contact us today and see what the combination of luxury and comfort can do for your relaxation. 

Shipping Made Easy

With fast and easy shipping in the United states, you can get ready to experience the luxury and comfort of your new luxury recliner. We offer the convenience of home delivery within the United States and can make special arrangements for Canadian deliveries, just reach out to our team for more details. 

Do not sweat the stress of delivery because your luxury recliner will be fully insured during the delivery process to cover damages, accidents, and loss. We will also send you tracking information as soon as it is headed your way. So, you can watch its shipping progress and plan to receive it. Please have an adult ready to sign for the delivery upon arrival to ensure safe and secure delivery to your home. 

We’ve Got You Covered With the Himolla Warranty

With your new luxury recliner, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered by the limited 5-year warranty. This means that nothing can stand in the way of your relaxation.

Himolla: a History of Expert Furniture Crafters

In the mid 1940’s in southern Germany, the small, family-run furniture makers, Himolla, sold their very first piece of luxury furniture. Through the years, the small business became known for quality craftsmanship and ultra-comfortable designer furniture. Himolla is now a world-wide phenomenon and has become a giant in the furniture industry. Himolla is still known for stunning designs and luxurious comfort. European Leather Gallery is proud to be known as the largest distributor of Himolla recliners and armchairs within the United States. It is our pleasure to offer this incredible line of furniture. 


  • CUMULY chair with a wooden ring and a wooden arm
  • Separate manual or electric adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Manual adjustment of headrest and angle
  • Backrest adjustment using a loop
  • 360° swivel
  • External battery
  • Electric versions with a remote control
  • Seat depth: 20.5 inch
  • Seat width: 20 inch
  • Seat height: 17.5 inch
  • Increase seat height with a 1 inch height ring – optional extra
  • Visible wooden elements in beech
  • Seat in: Superlastic soft
  • Workmanship: highly casual look


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